She continued to peek outside through the cracks in the car.

Being able to live in the ghost domain is the worst and the middle class can barely turn some people into people who are not as horrible as they look.
However, although their appearance is not ugly, their means are not weak at all. Mortal slaves are taken away after buying them, and most of them are slaughtered and swallowed up on the spot.
"For the evil spirits in the city, rare mortals are rare and delicious. Hunting once a month is allowed by Miyaluo, and only then can they eat humans."
Taotao couldn’t bear to hear mortals scream, but it’s a wild prison rule. Although she wants to save, she also knows that it doesn’t matter if she rushes out at this moment to die because of so many evil things. Hui Jue was forcibly brought in by her and can’t drag him to die.
Besides, Nangong Dust has not been saved yet.
So she was lying in the car watching without making a move.
More than 1000 people suddenly left a few blue bricks and a river of blood, a scene of purgatory.
Hui Jue couldn’t bear to watch him close his eyes and mutter amitabha in his mouth and start reading the sutra of turning over to the past.
After all mortals have been selected, the Nangong dust is left hanging from the tree.
His thin body is like a catkin in the wind, as if it would be blown away at any moment.
At first, Taotao was willing to buy him because he was too strange to be evil. Later, he found out that this was not the case.
Fog demon "300 beads"
Ghost boy "500 beads"
Tree demon "1000 beads"
In the dark alley in the distance, footsteps are clicking, and a sedan chair with a dim light is approaching here.
There is a blue candle on the top of the sedan chair, which is lifted by the evil spirits, and the veil covering of the sedan chair is as beautiful as a dream.
Sedan chair evil spirits carried two bamboo baskets filled with flint.
The "10,000 pearls" were wrapped in green gauze, and there came a gentle and lovely woman "I’ll take this person".
Taotao was frightened. "He is so valuable! ! ! !”
Calculated from flint unit beads
Before that, ordinary people only sold dozens of beads, and those young spiritual masters also sold 500 beads each.
And this seemingly unremarkable child is worth 10 thousand beads? ?
Taotao’s side is still surprised. Huijue’s side has turned to the wild prison record and turned pale. "The green candle lark sedan chair is the concubine of the evil spirit king."
"Is it very powerful?"
Hui Jue’s voice trembled. "Demons, ghosts, demons and evil spirits each have their own kings. The demon king lives in the west, the ghost king lives in the north, the evil spirit king lives in the south, and the devil king is the savage prison owner, Miyanluo, who lives in the Nangong dust in the east. It is doubtful that we will be saved by the evil spirit king’s concubines."
Speaking, Nangong dust was released from the tree, and the evil spirits of sedan chair tied chains on his wrist.
No one dares to bid for the concubine of the evil spirit king.
The evil spirits lifted the green candle and lark sedan chair, and they marched south and left here with the green flame flashing on the top of the sedan chair.
The nangongshan dust hands and feet were chained and walked heavily at the end of the team.
Taotao is going after "He was taken away"
Chueh-hui grabbed her. "Didn’t you hear what I said? The king of evil spirits is the most powerful evil in the ghost domain-even if he waits on concubines, he is also very powerful. You are a weak imp and I am a useless bald donkey. Who can beat her? "
"Don’t fight," Taotao rolled his eyes. "How many repairs can the dead child have if his hair is not long enough to devour him? The evil spirit king’s concubine spent a lot of money to buy him, which is probably to see him. After all, he is tender and tender, so I secretly followed her to find a way to go to the evil spirit king’s site and then complain to him-"
"-just say that his wife brought him a cuckold evil spirit king. If a man listens, he will be angry. Then we will fish in troubled waters and wait for an opportunity to save people!"
"It’s too dangerous for your road ahead. You should be able to get out of town by hiding in the car. Thank you for bringing me here. Please lend me this book first."
Carrying fresh fruit to the alley, Taotaoqiang robbed the Record of Wild Prison Life.
As soon as she lifted the straw mat over her head, she swooshed out like an offline arrow.
Hui-jue "… don’t listen to me first! ! !”
Seeing the peach figure chasing the green candle lark sedan chair, the young monk bit his teeth and jumped out of the car with her.
The south of the ghost domain
Evil spirits belong to ghosts, but compared with ghosts, they are fewer in number, more resentful, more ferocious in appearance and more difficult to deal with.
Therefore, the spiritual division has always kept evil spirits independent of the ghost family.
Taotao looked at the gate of the city and tried to identify the gate with the word "city of evil spirits" hanging high above it.
Other places in the ghost domain are still hung with lanterns in a decent way. If you don’t look closely, it’s a bit like a market.
But at present, the city is dark and silent, and it is not a lantern candle, but a mortal oil ignition, which is filled with cold terror.
Taotao chased the Nangong dust to the door and was brought in by evil spirits.
She can’t break in and look for opportunities in the grass near the gate.
Soon a convoy carrying mortals came slowly.
Taotao has just turned over a few eyes in the Record of Wild Prison Students. She saw in it that there are several evil spirits, among which the king of evil spirits is the most ferocious. Every day, hundreds of mortals will be accompanied by wine, so these mortals should be sent to the king of evil spirits as dining tables.
Although Miyanluo has forbidden evil spirits to devour too many mortals in the wild prison.
But all the mortals given to the evil spirit king are caught by people, so they are not included.
Taotao squeezed into the prison car by the ghost body and mixed in the middle of the mortal.
Evil spirits can see her by rights.