Su Ling Liu Mei twisted her eyebrows and looked at a group of women and children, sighing and sighing. She looked at it at a glance and it was deserted. If you want to get to a city, this road is the only way.

She’s been out of Nanyang for two hours now, and I don’t know how long it will take if she turns back again. Now that she’s stuck here, it’s okay for her to go and have a look, even if it’s not to help them, even if it’s to help them open up a road!
Such a thought suddenly calmed Su Ling down a lot. After she jumped from the carriage, the eyes of this group of people were even more disappointed. I didn’t expect this man to be so petite. Seeing that he can’t pick his keys or his hands, how can he fight against those mountain thieves!
Think about it or forget it!
"How many people are there in Auntie Mountain Thief?"
Su Ling asked quietly when she walked beside a woman who looked kind and helped her in her arms.
When the woman heard that Su Ling looked like a good person, she shook her head and said, "Hey, there are ten of them!"
Su Ling "…"
What’s the trouble? If there are only ten thieves, then even if these old, weak, women and children are excluded, it seems that there should be no less than ten able-bodied people!
How can this stalemate be like this!
"The most abominable thing about this group of killers is that they hijacked our patriarch’s daughter. Now they insist that our patriarch marry her to their bandit head or they will kill her. What do you think we have done?"
"Auntie, where are you going?"
I heard that the woman was self-pitying about Su Ling, and at the same time, she caught the point. No wonder they were deadlocked. It seems that there is something to be caught by the mountain thief!
The woman didn’t seem to expect Su Ling’s curiosity to be so serious, but she didn’t think much about it. She explained, "We are going to Bianjing City. This morning, just after we were on our way, we encountered such a thing. Those mountain thieves are simply too arrogant! But this road is sparsely populated, and now it’s hard to meet you … Hey, you’d better leave quickly! "
"Little … what’s the matter, young master?"
In hindsight, Bi Rao and Bao Xiaosan poked their heads out of the carriage in a daze. At first sight of so many people, the scenes were stupefied! Then hurriedly walked beside Su Ling low asked 1.
Su Ling shook her head slightly at Bi Rao, suggesting that she should not talk first. Then Su Ling looked at the woman and said, "Don’t worry, auntie! Can you take me to the front? I just took a look at this road around here, whether I can help or not, but there may be a turning point in strength! "
When the woman saw Su Ling’s sincere expression, it was also a clear look. She couldn’t help but feel a little shaken in her heart. She looked around and looked at her eyes, which was close to her fellow villagers. This just nodded to Su Ling, "Be careful! Come with me! "
In fact, the carriage is not too far away from the blocked place in front, but Su Ling is not sure whether it is as simple as a mountain thief robbing a commoner!
After all, how many bandits will haunt this place will arouse people’s doubts!
Although Su Ling is used to being careless at ordinary times, she is still alert when she goes out! Su Lingfeng’s eyes also attentively observed everything around her when she followed the woman to the incident.
And the more you walk in, the more Su Ling feels that some places seem really weird!
Just as she just had this idea, there was a sudden commotion behind her, and then Su Ling heard Bi Rao and Bao Xiaosan exclaim and suddenly looked back. The accident really happened when she was so alert!
Perhaps Su Ling didn’t take too much precautions against those women and children. At the moment, Bi Rao and Bao Xiaosan were being restrained. Two women looked at her with sarcasm and looked at her at the same time. When Su Ling turned around, she felt a strong breeze coming around her.
Fortunately, when her eyes saw Bi Rao’s panic look, she was white, and she was on the way. Su Ling immediately leaned over and dodged her feet and quickly moved aside.
Su Ling looked intently and found that the attacker was the woman who looked more loving!
And after being alert, I carefully looked at the congested front and saw clearly that those people always turned their backs on her. From the beginning to the end, she never saw the thief!
I didn’t expect that as soon as she left Kyoto, someone was so eager to deal with her that they didn’t hesitate to move so much. It looks like a wave of hard work compared with ordinary people.
"Are you all right?"
Brigitte Rao is being gripped by a woman at this time, and there is a man behind her who is holding her arm. Even in this case, she is still scared and looks at Su Ling not far away and shouts.
Su Ling secretly shook her head. This time she was careless! It should have been thought that there would be so many people who look like baggage in a deserted place, which is not normal
"What’s the purpose?"
Su Ling clearly knows that these people won’t do it easily in a short time. If they want their own lives, they won’t waste so much time explaining themselves!
The only thing that can be explained clearly now is that they have ulterior motives or what they value!
And Su Ling’s idea is really right, because just before she asked, the woman talking to Su Ling gave a cheek and said, "Girl, you are really smart! It seems that adults are not wrong about you! "
"My Lord? Who is your adult? "
The woman smell speech chuckle "that you don’t have to know! If you don’t want those people buried here, you’d better come with us! "
"Where to go? If you say leave, who will I cry to if you sell me? " Talking about kung fu, Su Ling has secretly put all the nearby terrain into her eyes. It is also when she is thinking about countermeasures, such as leaving safely, and being able to rescue Bao Xiaosan and Bi Rao, that suddenly there is a hubbub from the front than the quiet road, and everyone asks when they see the carriage. When they see it, everyone instantly retreats to both sides of the road to see the carriage.
Even Su Ling looked askance, but she didn’t forget to protect herself. She had to ensure her safety first to save Bi Rao and Bao Xiaosan in the crisis.
And she carefully watched everything, and the carriage soon stopped at Su Ling’s nearby driver, blazing with anger, looking at Su Ling and wondering if she was too oversensitive to always feel that there was something strange and dark in his eyes.
It was not until Su Ling bowed out of the carriage with a light cough and appeared in front of everyone that she looked at him with a blink of an eye. "Is that you?"
What the hell are the Phoenix Gate and the Phoenix Gate?
"Is it you?"
Su Ling was so harsh that she looked at leaving the carriage, but she saw him in a dark black brocade robe with a white scarf in his hand. Occasionally, the scarf covered her mouth and coughed, and her cheeks were not as rosy as before, as if she were still pale!
When I met Yu Su, Su Ling said it was not surprising! It’s been so long since he was seriously injured by Huang Lao in the battlefield late at night, and he hasn’t appeared again!
I didn’t expect to meet her in this situation before, and it is obvious that all these people dressed as ordinary people should have it with him!
Jade su see Su Ling so surprised suddenly disappointed shook his head "are you so excited? I haven’t seen you for a long time and I don’t want to talk about my old friend! "
Old friends? Don’t be so funny! She knew that his name was Yu Ming, and everything else was a blur to him.
Even she has recently asked about the surname’ Yu’, and people have said that this is the name of the descendants of the previous dynasty, and as today, the surname Yu has never been heard of!
It made her doubt that she would come, let alone treat him kindly!
What are you talking about?
Su Ling looked at Yu Su in the same place with a look of irony, which made the woman on the side unhappy. "Dare to see the public and not salute?"
At this time, where there is love in the woman’s face, it reveals meanness. Seeing this Su Ling’s red lips, she smiles. "Male? It’s generous of you not to salute me when you see me! And let me salute him, aunt. Are you out of your mind? ?”