Li Fei looked up and took a breath in the snowy day. Today is the end of the year, and it is New Year’s Day. Should he also make a message to greet the family?

After promised to go abroad, I often linked fruit. In the past six months, I have counted the number of times they linked.
Li Feinai smiled and looked down at Horus. "Horus, do you think I will yell at my eldest brother if I greet him?"
Horus cocked his head and barked a few times. "I think eldest brother will definitely preach. I’d better wait until I get to the place. Horus will stay on the plane. Don’t yell. Be obedient." Li Fei couldn’t help coughing a few times because of the invasion of cold air into his lungs.
Horus immediately nervous and called a few Li Fei rubbed his head "lovely I’m okay, it’s a little cold outside. Let’s go to the advanced hall."
Said, holding the dog rope into the airport lobby.
Horus has always been human, sitting beside Li Fei in the airport lobby or on the plane.
Li Fei finally took off his thick wool hat and scarf. When he closed his eyes and rested comfortably on the plane seat, a girl next to him suddenly surprised, "You! Excuse me, are you Li Zhou? !”
Hearing this long-lost name, Li Fei frowned slightly, opened his eyes and looked at it. The girl looked familiar, but he couldn’t remember who it was.
Li Fei didn’t want to talk to her very much, holding Horus in her arms. "It’s not that you mistook one for another."
But the girl adamant4 "no! I will never mistake you! I’m Long Qianqian! You even signed it for me last May! I always carry the signature board with me! " He got up and found his bag from the luggage rack, took out the signature board from the inside and handed it to Li Fei excitedly.
Li Fei looked at the signature board and was familiar with the handwriting, but he barely remembered it. It seems that there is such a thing, right? But he doesn’t care much. He is no longer Li Zhou.
Long Qianqian continued, "I will never admit you! I like you very much from the moment you shoot your first milk advertisement. Although you were cross-dressing at that time, I will never admit you! I have powdered you for so many years, but it’s not white powder! Even if I look at my back 50 meters away, I can recognize you. I’ve always wanted to ask, but I haven’t dared to ask. "
Li Fei took a deep breath. "Thank you for fanning me for so many years, but I have retired and want to live an ordinary life. Besides, you should also know what happened last year, so it will be unfortunate not to come near me."
Long Qianqian shook his head. "We were on your side from the beginning. We never believed those unwarranted slanders, and I don’t think you are wrong. You are the victim! Although you cancelled Weibo, we have been waiting for you to come back! We still insist on punching in every day. Our 40 million sisters will always be your most solid backing! "
Li Fei suddenly felt that he had underestimated the perseverance of his fans for a long time. He slowly said, "… thank you, but please give up. I won’t go back to the entertainment circle."
Long Qianqian disappointed and finally still looked at Li Fei. "Is it possible to share a normal life?" We hope to have a place to see you. "
Li Fei smiled politely and naively. "I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m going abroad as an escape. If people know where I am, I’ll be in trouble."
Long Qianqian’s eyes suddenly turned red. Li Fei continued, "I still hope not to reveal my photo. If you are my friend, I welcome it. But if you want to continue to be a fan, I advise you to give up as soon as possible, because I will definitely live up to your expectations and let those fans in Chaohua give up quickly. Doing something meaningful is better than waiting for me to return."
Long Qianqian took a deep breath and tried to adjust her mood. Finally, with tears in her eyes, she solemnly said, "I will give them your words."
Li Fei has always been polite. He took out a tissue from his bag. "I’m sorry for making you cry. If you don’t mind, let’s take a picture together as a souvenir, but don’t broadcast it on the Internet."
Long Qianqian was overjoyed. She took the paper and wiped her tears. "Really?" !” The tone is full of excitement.
Li Fei nodded and then took a picture with Horus as a souvenir.
Li Fei took out his trouser pocket and took out a rabbit key chain. "If you don’t dislike it, can I give it to you?" I bought it when I was playing in Italy. "
Long Qianqian was flattered and took it with both hands. "Thank you!"
Li Fei had to say, "There is no need to treat me like an ordinary person."
Chapter 315 Favorite Uncle Afei
Mu Yunjing reached out and helped Li Fei push the suitcase. "Let me help you."
Li Fei is not melodramatic. "Then I’m welcome."
Three people and one dog are walking in the snow.
Li Fei said with emotion, "We haven’t seen each other for two years, haven’t we? I’m glad you can get up again. "
Mu Yunjing’s eyes are gentle. "Thank you for playing that play. I watched it. I appreciate you letting me see myself again."
Li Fei smiled and shook his head. "Why do you think we are here to thank each other? It’s really boring to change the subject. You can’t go out with Xiaoqing in winter, can you?"
Mu Yunjing smiled and explained, "It’s Zeyage’s birthday, and Xiao Qingfei clamored for me to take him out to buy a gift." He said that he would take out a small gift box in his pocket.
Li Fei Zheng big eyes looking at MuYunJing palm incredible small gift box rubbed his eyes "I went to such a small box filled with what? Is it worth running out in winter? "
Mu Yunjing said, "Amber Xiao Qingfei clamored for me to bring him to buy it."
Li Fei tut repeatedly "such a child will know amber? How old is he? "
"Christmas has just turned two years old and this amber was accidentally seen by Zeyage when he was taking him shopping. Then Xiaoqing remembered it until now," Mu Yunjing explained.
Li Fei was surprised to see Xiao Liqing lying on Horus’s back. "This child is too clever …" What was he doing when he was two years old? I think it’s playing with mud in the field.
Li Fei turned his eyes and said, "Birthday … hey, do you think it would be the best birthday present for me to see Zeya?" After all, we have seen each other for a long time. Let’s surprise him ~ "
MuYunJing smiling without a word with Li Fei to Xiao Zeya’s cake shop.
Don’t stay MuYunJing Li Fei can’t wait "ze elder brother! I’m back ~ "
Xiao Zeya’s milk bubble slightly stopped him from hearing voices? !
He looked suspiciously through the window and saw Li Fei’s face. Xiao Zeya couldn’t believe his eyes and handed the stainless steel basin to Lu Se Fen, who was decorating the cake.
Xiao Zeya was delighted to meet her as she untied her apron. "Small not? ! Is it really you? Oh, my God. Why are you here? !”
Li Fei also moved unceasingly two people hug for a while.
Xiao Liqing tearing voice way "dad! You don’t even hug me when you hug your brother! "
Li Fei lost his heart. Is this little guy jealous?
Xiao Zeya Nai pointed to Li Fei and said, "You can’t call your brother to call your uncle, or you’ll be poor, okay?"
Xiao Quercus puffed his cheeks and gave a reluctant "Oh".
Xiao Zeya discovered that Xiao Liqing was riding on the back of a dog. He pinched his eyebrows. "Why are you riding a dog again?"
Li Fei corners of the mouth take a smoke "again"? ! This word is very subtle. Does Xiao Liqing often do such things? ! He cleared his throat. "It’s okay, Zeya. This is my dog named Horus."
Xiao Zeya knew and then asked curiously, "Anyway, why did you come to Paris? Still carrying luggage … just flew? "
Li Fei nodded. "Yes, I was" wandering "on the streets of Paris and was" picked up "by Xiao Qinghe Yun Jing."
Xiao Zeya just wanted to say something when sitting in the hall, the guest began to urge, "Excuse me, why isn’t my cake ready yet?"
Xiao Zeya quickly replied, "I’m sorry to have kept you waiting." Then he looked at Li Fei. "Please sit down for a while. I have to go to work. I still have a lot to say to you. After waiting for my shop, let’s talk slowly. I have a rest. If you don’t have a place to live, you can stay at my house first."
Li Fei waved at him. "Go quickly. I’ll just sit here and try your skills later. I didn’t expect you to become a pastry chef now. It’s really full."
Xiao Zeya stopped chatting and went to work.
Li Fei, who came back to Xiao Zeya’s home late, told the whole story. Xiao Zeya and Mu Yunjing were not surprised, but some regrets, "I didn’t expect this to happen. You have worked so hard for so long …"
Li Fei frowned slightly. "You don’t seem so surprised that your psychological endurance is too great, do you?"
Mu Yunjing lowered his eyes. "Musyan has killed thousands of people, if not thousands. I have long been over these things."