The Zhong family case has something to do with the new emperor. Is this what the ear said before Mo Li died?

Everyone was frightened by their own conclusion.
But seeing the performance of this young couple makes people have to think deeply in this respect.
After a long silence, Feng Ying Mo finally said, "Everyone is discussing things. Go out first and talk to you later."
Phoenix shadow ink lets the night leave
Night departure depends on Feng Ying Mo to give an accurate statement.
Forced by Naifeng Shadow Ink, he had to tell the truth. "Although there is no big fanfare, he has already been looking into it in private, and Zhang Shuo also went to the kiwi mountain to find the doctor Zhang who saved him that year. There must be some clues."
Leave here at night.
Soon the imperial doctor was picked up by Zhang Shuo.
It’s true that the imperial doctor does have clues, as Feng Ying Mo said.
The imperial doctor said that saving Zhang Shuo was entrusted by Zhong Yan.
After returning the medicine to Zhang Shuo, Zhang Shuo lost his memory and gave Zhang Shuo a new face.
However, when Zhang Shuo woke up and asked him, he lied to Zhang Shuo that he found him in a bridge opening, and his face was bitten by insects and ants, so he changed his face.
The imperial doctor also said that the killer’s information was in the calligraphy and painting with the secret message written on it.
I met the doctor Zhang at night in Weiyang Palace.
He is a middle-aged man with sage like type who looks like a real master.
Besides him, there is a room full of palace ladies.
Because I can’t see the mystery in calligraphy and painting, I called all the officials, including the Queen Mother and Princess Xiang. Some old people in the palace gathered together in Weiyang Palace to see if Si Guangyi could discover the mystery.
Night departure and neon spirit are the descendants of the Zhong family, and naturally they are among them.
Zhang Shuo, of course, was there.
Doctor Zhang first told you about the situation in that year.
"I have a deep friendship with Lingfa Sect. Zhong Yan’s wife, Mrs. Zhong, is a brother of Lingfa Sect. Therefore, Zhong Yan and I met each other and made a deal. One day, I suddenly received Zhong Yan’s flying pigeon saying’ Come to the capital to rescue the dog’. At that time, I was shocked. Although I didn’t know what happened, a word’ speed’ and a word’ save’ already said the seriousness of the problem. I dare not delay the mountain overnight."
The doctor’s voice is clear and clear, like the wind.
The night leaves, the eyes are light, and everyone in the room walks by.
"But after all, kiwi mountain is a long way from the capital, but I rushed slowly, but I was still a step late. By the time I got there, something had happened to Zhong’s family. The bloody scene was tragic. I found Zhong Yan, who had been caesarean section, and I acupuncture his heart pulse to wake him up. I asked him who did it. He couldn’t speak. Seeing that his shaking lips seemed to be’ calligraphy and painting’ and then he said’ Save your dust’, and he lost his breath."
Field sparrow, everyone listen.
"I was surprised that I had seen the body of Zhong Qingchen (that is, Zhang Shuo). Even if I was called an imperial doctor, it was not a god. At most, I was like a silver needle to restore my last breath, but it was only the last breath. This gas pharynx was completely dead. I saved Zhang Shuo. But when I heard the footsteps hiding, I suddenly saw another living Zhang Shuo coming back. It turned out that Zhong Yan had someone take the place of Zhang Shuo. At that time, he was in a critical situation and did not dare to stay long, so he directly stunned Zhang Shuo and took him away. "
"I thought about it. How dare ordinary people treat Zhong Yan with a high position? Besides, he should have many friends in the DPRK for many years. Instead of asking for help, he is close and convenient to his colleagues or others. Instead, he wants flying pigeons to ask for help. I said that this matter must be safe with the court. He can’t believe that those people are behind it. In addition, the people behind it must not be an idle generation. Zhong Yan will go further and further."
Everyone nodded and felt unreasonable.
Phoenix shadow ink a yellow dragon Zhang Fengzi sitting in front of the dragon chair with deep eyes.
Night away gently sipping his lips.
The queen mother quietly listened to the princess’s eyebrows drooping.
The king’s face is as heavy as water, and the officials are absorbed.
The sound of the imperial doctor continued. "Because of these fears that the murderer was too powerful and exterminated, I made Zhang Shuo lose his memory and changed his face, turning him into a blank piece of paper, giving him medical skills and naming him Zhang Shuo, which implied that he hoped to become strong slowly."
"Zhang Shuo’s understanding is extremely high. When he was two years old, his medical skills were already superb. Considering that he is a person with a bloody feud, living in the mountains for a long time is not a long-term solution. Anyway, I let him experience the mountains. Anyway, he has no memory and changed his face. He can’t remember the past. Others can’t recognize him. It’s also very reassuring."
"I didn’t expect him to recover his memory, and I didn’t expect to be involved in the imperial struggle. Fortunately, these problems have been solved. Today, I mainly talk about the killing of the Zhong family."
The imperial doctor shook off the calligraphy and painting that he found in Shen Meng’s home and took over.
"When Zhong Yan died, I asked him who he was, and he told me that calligraphy and painting were not at ease and I didn’t know what calligraphy and painting were at that time. Zhang Shuo lost his memory and never talked about these things. It was this time that Zhang Shuo went to kiwi mountain to talk to me about things, and I didn’t think of it."
"Everyone thought that since Zhong Yanneng’s former flying pigeon gave me help, he said that he had realized that there was going to be a disaster. If he knew that there was a disaster, he would definitely know who was going to be bad for him. He made various responses to the flying pigeon, which was one of them. He also asked Zhang Shuo to send calligraphy and painting out of Mo Xiang’s house. First, he moved the imperial edict. Second, he helped Zhang Shuo avoid the danger. What’s more, he also asked Li Daitao to be stiff. Zhang Shuo concealed the murderer’s eyes and ears. Imagine how could he not disclose who the murderer was? How could he let the Zhong family die with a grievance? I asked him who he was, and he said that calligraphy and painting said that he had written the murderer in the picture. "
The original quiet field was a little sigh.
"But we didn’t see anything famous in this calligraphy and painting when we looked left and right, and we baked it again on the same day with the method of revealing the secret message, and we also failed to find any new information and clues on the same day with the method of revealing the jade seal to take blood and sprinkle it on the surface."
This time, the speaker was a new emperor, Feng Ying Mo, and his sharp eyes swept away. He went on to say, "I just called everyone to come and see if I can solve this mystery."
The imperial doctor took a look at everyone’s reaction and suggested, "The emperor can’t see anything from such a distance. It’s better for everyone to see who is sharp-eyed but cautious and give a clue."
Phoenix shadow ink nature is allowed.