And it’s because of Franco Sensi, the stubborn old man!

This future depends on Rome, and he has pushed the winning streak to the side of Lazio, the arch-enemy in the same city.
As a result, what do you think Lotito’s family does to winning? It’ s just like treating Changsheng as a father!
As a result, Lazio paid off more than 100 million euros in debt, and Rome is now heavily in debt. The Sensi family had to get rid of the burden of the Roma club.
As a result, Lazio won five consecutive league titles, while the number of Roman league titles remained at three.
Therefore, Lazio won two Champions League titles and a UEFA Cup, while Rome was able to qualify for the Champions League every season and fought to the death. In the first four times, Lazio was already a world-class team.
So Lazio has pulled money from China to build a new stadium. What about Rome? I still have to watch the Olympic Games, an old and dilapidated stadium, and watch the seating rate slip day by day.
These realistic contrasts make Roman fans jealous.
But they couldn’t take revenge on Changsheng, because they didn’t shout the slogan of revenge, but they were beaten by Changsheng Lazio.
They thought about it and felt that Franco Sensi was to blame for it.
But what if Franco Sensi is dead?
Well, let the Sensi family bear the blame!
Who caused this situation now?
That’s Sensi! It’s the Sensi family!
It’s time for the family to get out of the Rome club! Maybe it’s a good thing that they are away from the club of Rome!
Moreover, some of them fantasize that when the Sensi family gets out of the Roman club, the constant victory and Roman hatred should be gone.
The post-Roman derby may return to normal, and maybe the Roma club can dig up the winning streak from Lazio.
After ten minutes of talks, the Italian oil company and UniCredit finally reached an agreement, and rosella sensi put pen to paper to sign the contract.
Fiorentino told reporters, "We are very satisfied that we are also a good club in Rome! Ms. Sensi will continue to run the Rome Club for the time being! "
Rosella sensi also told reporters that "we have reached an agreement that is beneficial to the Rome Club, which is an important part of the city …"
When the news was announced, the Roman fans who continued to protest outside the Sensi family cheered. They seemed to see the new life of the Roman club …
However, if they know that the Sensi family will continue to manage the team, they may not cheer too much.
According to the agreement reached by both parties, rosella sensi is in charge of the operation of the club until a new buyer is found in the Rothschild Bank Rome Club, and rosella sensi has the decision to renew the contract. The management of the Rome Club will not change for the time being, and once the buyer is found, the Rome Club will be sold by UniCredit.
The old pattern of Rome football has been broken.
And all this is because of a Rome derby in which a player scored seven goals …
No one, whether Chang Sheng or anyone else at Lazio Club, commented on the change in Rome, as if they didn’t know it had happened at all.
This may reflect the arrogance of Lazio for the Roma club.
However, Lazio is really heartless. They are rivals in the same city.
The design and construction scheme of the club’s new stadium was finally finalized, and then the construction stage came. This project did not adopt the bidding method, but developed a China builder who would complete the whole construction work.
At that time, all the heads of the club will have to attend the groundbreaking ceremony, and Changsheng is no exception.
This is a busy thing at the club level recently.
Changsheng also has things to be busy with.
After watching a historic Rome derby, Dong Qiudi returned to China with satisfaction. This time, he went back and was accompanied by Lazio club officials. They were going to reissue their passports and get Dong Qiudi an Italian work visa.
In addition, Dong Qiudi had to show his parents a showdown-he didn’t tell his parents the truth because his parents didn’t know that he had been removed from his original company and went to Italy alone …
He has a lot of things to do.
Then, when he is busy, he will return to Rome’s Flamelo training base again to officially teach video.
Although this matter always wins, he still has to take a look at it. This Dong Qiudi is really his baby. Can something go wrong?
Then there is the injury of the players.
Cavani was injured in the game against Rome, and everyone was very worried about her injury. As a result, Klose’s seven goals in a single game directly attracted all attention. In the past, no one cared about how long cavani was out if he needed to be injured …
Others don’t care about winning. They can’t help but care.
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Peace of mind
Cavani’s test results have come out. The torn ankle ligament needs surgery and will miss all the games left in the season.
This result made cavani feel depressed, and Klose scored seven goals after he came off the bench, which made cavani feel even more scared.
Klose is in such a good state that he will come back from injury after a season. Can this team still have its own position?
Cavani thought so in his heart.
Changsheng is here to help him solve this problem.
He knew that cavani would think so because it was human nature.
Competition is still fierce in Lazio.
This is a constant victory, and the players keep competitive and create an atmosphere.