"Ding-dong! Your level 1 experience value has risen to level 1, and your current level 2! "

"Ding-dong! Your level 2 experience has risen to level 1, and your current level 3. "
Haha, it’s not bad to get promoted to two levels in a row, but if you have the time to kill monsters, how can you get promoted to ten levels? It’s really dark when you don’t spend money. Probably not many players are willing to spend as long as thirty gold coins, right? In order to kill monsters more safely, players have to learn comprehension, which costs 30 yuan per person. There are tens of millions of players online in this game now, and it is estimated that there will be hundreds of millions of players in the future. How much will it cost? The game company just made so much money, and then there will be more, right? It really is the game company that makes the most money.
No matter how much, the village chief promised the "unexpected reward", Sun Sheng. Look at the village chief and the old man hopes that he will give him Sun Sheng as soon as possible, but Mom, the old man actually fell asleep there. Although there is cicada singing, Sun Sheng can still clearly hear how the old man snores and say something. Are you going to go back on your word? Don’t look at who I am. Can I agree? Sun Sheng, looking at the old man who is sleeping, won’t fight.
Literati want literary methods, which an old man can’t beat him, but Sun Sheng has more powerful ways to deal with him.
"Stare at you and stare at you!" Sun Sheng stared at the old man’s face and cursed as if he were still. Sun Sheng bent over and stared at the old man in the village head. The old man was snoring and cicadas were not singing, as if he were watching the two men.
"ah? Why haven’t you left yet? What can I do for you? " Perhaps Sun Sheng’s psychological tactics played a role. The old man finally gave in and opened his eyes again after ten minutes.
Sure enough, I don’t admit it, but can I send Sun Sheng away without admitting it? It’s naive.
"Grandpa, you seem to have forgotten something. Didn’t you say that if I finished what you gave me, I would get something unexpected?"
"Is there?" The old man put his hand on his forehead to think. "Yes, yes, I remember. Look at you. If you don’t tell me, I will really forget that I promised you this." And he said that his thin right hand took out a small black round card in the shape of a shield in his arms.
"This? What is it? " Look at him taking it so solemnly. Sun Sheng also carefully picked it up with his hands.
"To say this, it has a history of hundreds of years." Haha, it will be a good thing to earn so much. "This is the most precious gift prepared for our most distinguished guests in our village, that is, the certificate of the elders!" The village chief said proudly while he ignored his beard.
"What does it have? Seems to be very severe, "asked Sun Sheng some not white.
"What do you mean, it seems to be very powerful? It’s very powerful. With it, you can enjoy some things in this village, including borrowing a family property from the village, but you have to return it in fifteen days; If the villagers want, they can also make you some things, such as pills, medicine clothes and other equipment that are broken, and you can repair the foundation. What would be good if you didn’t take things from the village for free? " Said also happy to laugh.
Sun Sheng looked at his smiling face and really had an impulse to throw this little black card in his face. What good thing could Sun Sheng still be? Although this thing is still disappointing, Sun Sheng’s level is high. Where is there? This small place where blacksmiths and tailors have low levels of everything, they can’t be expected to return home. What are the dowry scissors?
The sixth chapter says
"So I want to thank you? !” Sun Sheng didn’t have the spirit to say that the old man didn’t recognize Sun Sheng’s bad tone, but he was still deep. "Yes, yes, you can’t thank me too much. Although I’m fine, if you always take this matter to heart later, it will affect your practice. Hahahaha …" What do you think of the old man?
"Young man, I think you are still very nice. You know how to respect the old and respect the young. It’s very rare for young people like this now. I have been holding something in my heart for several years. It’s really uncomfortable. It depends on you and me. I just want to tell you. Do you want to hear it?"
"At this time, they are divided into two factions. First, they yearn for pure power in an attempt to establish a profit center to dominate the world by force and distinguish the size of profit by force. You said that they are already at the top of the world when they come. What else do you want? I think they are just full. "The old man is suspected of taking the opportunity to complain. Sun Sheng doesn’t want to listen to something without nutrition and quickly interrupted," Yes, yes, what about the other faction? "
"Want to dominate nature and yearn for freedom. In fact, at that time, other lofty beasts didn’t care about the holy mountain. They could go their own ways, but those guys in the holy mountain were too arrogant to divide those beasts that didn’t belong to the newborn mountain. Once again, a nine-tailed fox in the holy mountain met a hidden silver moon demon wolf who was backed by someone behind him and even bossed the wolf around with higher strength than himself. However, the proud animal condition was that he was a silver moon demon wolf, and the beast was angry at that time. However, I naturally taught the nine-tailed fox a lesson, but I didn’t kill it. The silvermoon demon wolf may be disdainful of killing the nine-tailed fox for a while. After returning to Gangsheng Mountain, the nine-tailed fox complained to it that the snake spirit had lost its reputation for a long time. When it came, I called a group of brothers to take revenge on Silvermoon demon wolf. Although the strength of Silvermoon demon wolf was high, it was almost killed by the snake spirit. Naturally, Silvermoon demon wolf would not let it go, so he called himself some good friends to Gangsheng Mountain.
"As time goes on, the number of battles between the two is getting more and more, and the scale is getting bigger and bigger. In the end, the world has almost become a mess. In that environment, human beings can only protect themselves if they choose to become stronger. At that time, in addition to Gangsheng Mountain, there were those silvermoon magic wolves who fought against injustice and came to help boxing beasts. At that time, those beasts were friends and called friends to find a lot of powerful guys. They didn’t end up revenging Silvermoon magic wolves, but they suppressed the arrogance of Gangsheng Mountain. Otherwise, they didn’t push their asses to the sky after Gangsheng Mountain Now we often say that the four sacred beasts are among them. At this time, the silvermoon magic wolf is not the protagonist, so it is convenient to act with some god beasts, and it is the alliance of heaven and earth.
"At that time, the most powerful thing in the holy mountain was that magic dragon said that he had a body nearly 30 meters high and scales harder than steel. Its claws were sharper than even Xuan Bing iron in the North Sea. It also had a pair of wide wings. It was said that when it stretched its wings, it was hundreds of meters wide. He was good at a special skill called magic. He used the power of nature to kill the enemy and protect himself. Because there was no way to remember what magic was like, none of my ancestors could tell. According to my speculation, it might be a very lethal spell. When magic dragon cast magic, the world would change color.
"I’m afraid that the most fighting capacity in the alliance of heaven and earth is what we are talking about now. They each have their own advantages. Although the fighting capacity is a little lower than that in magic dragon, it is also very high. Otherwise, it will not become our patron saint now. Their best is not strength, but their combination law. With the combination law of four beasts, the beasts of the alliance of heaven and earth have repelled magic dragon’s attack more than once.
"However, when they are excited and cheering for victory again and again, they are becoming more and more proud and underestimating their enemies. Finally, they have been attacked by magic dragon for a long time, and the alliance between heaven and earth has been defeated. The alliance between heaven and earth is about to suffer an unprecedented massacre, but perhaps it is God’s mercy. At this time, a couple who are about to make a war appeared. They are the Emperor of Birds, the Flame Phoenix and the Flame Phoenix.
"They couldn’t bear to see the world being destroyed by the spirit of the same heaven and earth beast, so they came to stop the war from continuing. However, their love was benefited by the youthful Four Holy Beasts, who came to stop the war. They unconsciously got deeper and deeper in the mire of war and finally had to fight in magic dragon.
"magic dragon although severe, but relative to the flame phoenix couple just sent some positive killing root is not two god beast opponent finally defeated and left, magic dragon is a very strong god beast unexpectedly can’t bear his failure, the result of depravity has always been straightforward, it actually set a trick to steal the flame phoenix couple children.
"Flame couple love desperate to catch up with the results into the magic dragon painstakingly designed large array of heaven and earth. Although they are very powerful, they still can’t fight against the forces of nature, but the large array can’t take off the array at last. The life of the flame phoenix couple is to seal them both into the cracks.
"It’s evil to wake up when I reached magic dragon. Although I regret it very much, everything has been saved. The Phoenix couple and their children were still in the egg at that time. magic dragon gave it a very vicious curse at the beginning of the theft. Even magic dragon himself could not lift the curse. magic dragon secretly left the egg to Four Holy Beasts and then went west.
"Four Holy Beasts also feel very guilty, if it weren’t for their calculation, the Phoenix couple wouldn’t be sealed, and the koo child wouldn’t be so vicious as that, cursing the heart with guilt, and they decided to inherit the legacy of the Phoenix couple to protect the world.
"For hundreds of thousands of years, the wild beasts have disappeared. It is said that they are afraid that they will cause too much damage to this world and go to another world. Only Four Holy Beasts has occasionally shown signs that the sea has changed!" With that, he shook his head and sighed as if he were crying.
After listening to his words, Sun Sheng was shocked and his blood was boiling, not only because of the great war in ancient times, but also because of such an outrageous story. What kind of plot or hidden story will it lead to? Sun Sheng’s heart beat drums unconsciously.
Chapter VII Hiding
"what you said is true?" Sun Sheng looked incredulous. "It’s unbelievable that there was such a thing in ancient times!" The village head old man seemed to be very satisfied with Sun Sheng’s reaction. He walked over and continued to comb his hand. "Is that fake?" This is the unique semicolon of Sun Sheng’s family! "
"Are you? You shouldn’t. You have everything. Do you know that other people won’t listen to their ancestors’ stories like you? " The fact that Sun Sheng is not fake is indeed flawed. Sun Sheng can not doubt it.
"To tell you the truth, my ancestors knew these things or others told him to say them. You may not believe that telling my ancestors these things is still an old man’s house in Four Holy Beasts." He saw that Sun Shengzhen didn’t believe it. He explained quickly that he was probably afraid that Sun Sheng would look down on him. He was bragging. "Otherwise, would you be known by every human being?" After that, you closed your eyes. You don’t believe it. It’s because you don’t know what it’s like.
"I see, but can you give me a certificate? It’s not that I don’t believe you, but it’s a little too wide of the mark. "
"You’ve got a point. That’s what I’m going to tell you. It’s okay to tell or tell stories to children, but it’s not an important secret. Do you remember the egg that magic dragon left to the Four Holy Beasts Flame Phoenix couple just now?"
"Remember, remember, how can you not remember that it was the one who was killed by magic dragon and could never get rid of the curse? The little guy is really poor. He was born miserable before he came. Isn’t it in Four Holy Beasts’s place?" When you say that, Sun Sheng’s heart is really raging. He said that he didn’t have the egg, did he?
"Yes, it was when magic dragon handed it over to Four Holy Beasts because he had already solved his own curse, but his skill was profound. He used his life to cast a prophecy and predicted that a predestined friend would come to this world to lift the curse ten thousand years later, but it was not easy to let a phoenix who had been cursed the most and was not born live ten thousand years later. Therefore, magic dragon found Four Holy Beasts and wanted Four Holy Beasts to help extend the life inside. If it was successful, it would be considered as alleviating some of its sins. Four Holy Beasts also tried to lift the curse of the egg at that time, but the curse was too severe and Four Holy Beasts’s force only reduced the power of the curse. After the root method was lifted and the curse restricted the egg from absorbing the external aura, it was difficult for the little guy in the egg to have another chance to become a god beast, and Four Holy Beasts could not completely restore its power. Otherwise, it should be an easy thing for Four Holy Beasts to sleep for tens of thousands of years without dying. What he can do is to delay the birth of the little guy as much as possible. The most effective way to delay is to extend the vitality of the egg by aura, so it was the only way at that time to put it in a place with abundant spiritual power and let it absorb the external aura as much as possible. Let me ask you here. Do you know the name of our village? " The old man was very godlike and asked.
"Of course, do you know the bamboo forest is hidden?" Sun Sheng still has this memory.
The old man continued, "Correct! The hidden place of this famous bamboo forest where you are staying is inconspicuous in appearance, but the land is in the longest and widest vein in a day, and a mountain far away from here is this vein. A white tiger in Four Holy Beasts visited this place that day and told the other three sacred beasts. After observation, they unanimously decided to put the eggs of the flame phoenix on that mountain. At that time, my ancestors lived here. Four of them gave my ancestors several kung fu to let him guard the eggs of that mountain for him. When the enemy invades, they call my ancestors for information tools, but on one condition, my ancestors will promise not to let outsiders know about it until someone comes to rescue the poor little guy. At that time, my ancestors agreed to come because of Four Holy Beasts’s art. Later, they were worried that others would talk about it and make a family rule. Every generation of family leaders can’t get out of the bamboo forest and only then can they know this matter effectively. So far, my old man has not been outside this village. "Speaking of this, he shook his head and sighed bitterly.
"It’s just that I don’t know what’s going on when a generation comes over like this. It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?"
"Of course! This beautiful place is just right for your old man to live in seclusion. The outside world is too chaotic. "Sun Sheng really has some sympathy for an old guy. If he stays in a palm-sized place for a generation, he will probably go crazy, right?
"So you mean I deserve to stay in the same place for a generation?" Seeing Sun Sheng’s explanation, he waved at Sun Sheng and said, "I know you mean no harm. It’s just a joke. Seriously speaking, our family has been waiting in this place for tens of thousands of years, and the predestined relationship has never appeared until I met you today."
"Me?" Sun Sheng pointed to his nose and asked with amazement that he had become a predestined friend. Why do you listen to such a magic stick?
"Yes, you told my ancestors that a white tiger sacred beast in Four Holy Beasts that they could keep the little things in the egg alive, but if they were to hatch, they needed a predestined relationship, so they opened an underground passage leading to Lingyan in the mountain, put the egg in Lingyan Lingshi and protected it by array method, and then left the array spirit sword to the predestined relationship person to enlighten their array method, and gave my ancestors a spell to let his blood perceive the predestined relationship person, although I don’t know what the predestined relationship person is like, but I stayed with my ancestors. I didn’t react normally when I saw you this morning. I felt that the right person should be you, and I didn’t make any mistakes. Later, I went home to see the spirit sword, which was really shining, so I am sure that you are the right person and I think you are really good. After a day of trial, I have more recognized your people and patience. I actually want you to help me by telling you this secret. "
"Help you? How to help? "