The physical examination result is perfect.

The Valencia team doctor told the winning Gabriel Milito that there was nothing wrong with his body. Real Madrid recognized his right knee as a potential injury, and they also made a detailed and detailed examination.
Don’t worry about winning.
Winning smile nodded his head.
Of course he’s not worried, but he’s traveled here. He knows Gabriel Milito’s development track.
Gabrielle Milito played in Zaragoza for four seasons, and played 35 games, 35 games, 34 games and 35 games respectively.
How can such high attendance be an injured player?
After Milito’s transfer to Barcelona, he suffered a serious injury, which does not prove that Real Madrid was right in the initial medical examination.
Because Real Madrid said there were hidden dangers of injuries, but didn’t say how long it took, it was just perfunctory and blind.
Just like earthquake prediction, when there is an earthquake, many "civilian scientists" jump out and say that their people can predict the earthquake, but the seismological bureau, a state institution, can’t. The seismological bureau should not believe them. These people can actually predict it, just like the physical examination report of Real Madrid. They usually say how long it will be in the future that an earthquake may occur in a certain place and a certain area.
What’s the difference between saying it and not saying it?
The civil affairs department is so irresponsible, but if the seismological bureau, a state institution, makes an earthquake prediction, it is responsible, and they must be accurate to the hour.
It must be said that a magnitude earthquake will occur somewhere on a certain day in a certain year.
Only such a forecast is valuable.
The government can evacuate people to avoid people’s lives and property losses.
If the people’s science department makes a forecast and draws a time range, if the people’s science department says that there may be an earthquake in the next year, will everyone in the area run away from home and live in tents in the open area for a year? And you can’t learn that factories don’t work, factories don’t open-you can’t get by for a week, let alone a year.
If the people’s science department says that an earthquake will happen in an earthquake-prone area in the next ten years, and then it really happens in the next ten years, it is not the credit of the people’s science department, because it will happen in the future.
Like I said, there will be a magnitude 9 earthquake between now and the day of the destruction of the earth, and then a magnitude 9 earthquake will happen a few years later. Is this my prediction? If this is earthquake prediction, even a three-year-old can predict it.
Real Madrid medical examination means the same thing.
Real Madrid said Gabriel Milito was at risk of injury, but they didn’t say when. After that, Milito was injured five years later, so it really wasn’t their prediction …
Are professional players not injured? Is it not normal that the knee comes with a high incidence of injuries?
Chang Sheng is not worried about Milito’s injury at all.
Don’t want Milito now because Milito will be injured in five seasons? Isn’t that a brain problem?
After the physical examination, Gabriel Milito met his coach Chang Sheng.
A word from Chang Sheng’s meeting is "I think we will have a lot in common on the Real Madrid issue!"
Gabriel Milito knew about the team he was going to join after he decided to join Valencia.
In particular, Valencia coach Chang Sheng is the soul of Valencia and naturally knows more.
After some understanding, he knew that Changsheng and Real Madrid even had a grudge. At first Changsheng was swept out of the house by Real Madrid, and later Changsheng became the enemy of Real Madrid. Every time he played Real Madrid, he was particularly energetic.
If you meet Gabriel Milito in front of the medical examination, you will feel incredible when you hear about it-is there so much hatred? Isn’t this common in football?
But now Gabriel Milito is particularly touched.
He felt that he could particularly understand the feelings of the head coach at the beginning.
If he meets Real Madrid in the game, he will definitely be very excited and will try his best to beat Real Madrid.
Changsheng held out his hand.
Milito took his hand.
"The next time I see Real Madrid, say hello to them and prove to them how stupid they were when they chose to give up you! Welcome to Valencia, Gaby. "
In this way, Gabriel Milito became a member of the "The Avengers" in Valencia.
When Real Madrid heard that Gabriel Milito had changed hands and was recruited by Changsheng, they suddenly felt a little uneasy.
When they gave up Gabriel Milito, they still said so, even if they gave up, they had nothing to regret.
Gabriel Milito is not a very good central defender, and each is short, with a height of 1.74 meters.
When the tide is always turning, I can’t wait to put Milito in my pocket and pick up a cheap pair. After that, there is some doubt here in Real Madrid whether they let a very good central defender go, which may strengthen their defense strength, but now they have gone to Valencia.
No matter how you look at Chang Sheng, you have to admit that Chang Sheng’s eyes on players are very accurate. Since he debuted from Hertha, the success rate of all signings has been 100%. Whenever he looks at players and introduces them, he eventually becomes an independent player.
Cambiaso, who didn’t play at Real Madrid and was loaned back to Argentina, became the second only midfielder to Deco in Valencia and proved his ability in La Liga.
A young player like Alvaro Arbeloa can also get many chances to play in Valencia, and he has made rapid progress because of the chance to play in the first team.
Not to mention Ibrahimovic, Villa, Deco, Carvalho, Paulo Leila … these players are all cultivated by him.
Few first-team coaches are so good at training young players, and it is better to train them in top-level league games than to throw them into youth training camps and gradually hone their skills.
So when they found out that Changsheng had seen Gabriel Milito, they wondered if there was something wrong with their vision.
Maybe this Milito will be a top central defender in the world?
With this kind of anxiety, they can not be dragged too far by Valencia in the transfer market, and they have restarted the central defender transfer workers.
This time they saw Leeds United woodgate.
If we have to compare, Leeds United central defender woodgate is definitely more famous than Gabriel Milito.
So when Real Madrid successfully signed woodgate, the Real Madrid people finally felt proud when they looked at Valencia-you can pick us out, our fame is bigger than yours and our strength is stronger than yours!
There are also media articles in Madrid that swear that woodgate will become a world-class central defender, so Real Madrid is definitely better than keeping Gabriel Milito. Even if Changsheng finds a Milito, there is nothing to worry about. He is not alone.
It will prove that woodgate has a broader future than the Argentines.
At that time, we can laugh at Valencia for eating shit without getting hot …
You should spit yourself out and lick your saliva when you say something!
What is woodgate’s virtue? He is a traveler.
Although woodgate was a season before he joined Real Madrid, the result was that he would not change the physique of woodgate Glass Man, and at this time, the clue had already appeared.
When the time comes, I believe that Real Madrid will cry.