"What is this?" The commentator was also surprised and puzzled. "Didn’t Fa Erkao take a penalty? This is his b chance to tie that Ruud van Nistelrooy record! How did he give up this opportunity? "

"Plug Passareira to take the penalty? What does Fa Erkao think? Doesn’t he know that Sai Passareira has missed a penalty kick? "
"This is to evade responsibility! But at this time, the penalty is very important and the pressure is huge, but if a player can’t bear such pressure, he will never become a superstar! I think the representative of Barcelona may regret spending so much money on such a coward when he sees this scene! " It’s not a Spanish commentator or Catalonia, it’s Italy.
He seems to be more anxious than Barcelona.
Because he wants Lazio to win, no matter what the winning is, Lazio is really an Italian team, and Lazio can really get more benefits by winning Italian football.
However, Fa Erkao gave such a penalty as a joke to a man who missed the penalty at the crucial moment, that is to evade responsibility! Is to ruin Lazio’s victory!
Lazio lost the game and the benefits of Italian football were gone.
That’s why he’s so angry
Lazio coach’s seat is also puzzled.
Why did Fa Erkao suddenly give the penalty to Sai Passareira?
"Heck … what is Fa Erkao doing? !” Some people in the coaching staff complained so much and then came to Changsheng. "You should always stop this kind of child’s play!"
But to their surprise, the constant victory did not stop but expressed support.
"I believe that Fa Erkao did this after careful consideration and naturally has his reasons, but the most important thing is … I believe in it."
Changsheng said so.
"There is no need to change people, so let the plug kick."
"But if one thousand … I mean eleven thousand he kicked the ball again? You must know that the quality of turf today is worse than that of Allianz Stadium a year ago! "
Changsheng shrugged. "It’s a big deal to play overtime."
"But we may lose the championship …"
I like winning the championship better than anyone else, but sometimes I think winning the championship is nothing compared with letting a good player get out of the psychological shadow … and if he can get out of the psychological shadow, we will win the championship.
The other party seemed to want to say "Constant Victory" but waved and interrupted him. "Okay, let’s watch the game now."
Then he turned to look at the stadium.
Plug Passareira has entered the restricted area.
He walked through a group of stunned players from both sides, looking as usual.
He went to the penalty spot and picked up the football again. After turning the football a few times, he found the Adidas logo and put the logo side back on the penalty spot.
Then he stood up and stepped back. This time it was really a run-up. He retreated to the restricted area line and stopped. He turned to look at the referee and waited until the whistle sounded.
Manchester United were all relieved when they found that it was not Fa Erkao but Passareira who took the penalty.
Fa Erkao is in a hot state today. It’s hard to say if he is allowed to take the penalty.
But with plug Passareira, everyone relaxed instead.
Everyone knows that it was Passareira who kicked the most important penalty in the Champions League quarter-final last season, which caused Lazio to lose to Bayern Munich.
Since then, he hasn’t played a penalty in either the club or the national team.
It is generally acknowledged that he has fallen into the phobia of penalty kicks, so he simply won’t play penalty kicks.
Once, he slipped because of his feet. This time, the venue is worse than last time, so the chance of his feet slipping is higher …
If it were plug Passareira, we Manchester United would really have survived!
Even if Evra made a mistake, he kept a close eye on Cesc Passareira. It seemed that he wanted his eyes to interfere with the opponent and let him finally miss the penalty.
Journalists in the media gallery also talked about this sudden situation.
Fa Erkao arranged all the penalties, but suddenly changed his mind. What did he think about letting Sese Passareira take the penalty?