In this case, purple Yan is looking for Xiao Wen more and more frequently, sometimes directly through the soul mark dialogue, and sometimes Xiao Wen is called out

Purple Yan seems to have no change from the original, but she will still ask Xiao for jokes, but she will never break through a boundary, that is, touching Xiao’s skin.
Before, she pinched Xiao’s neck and swayed back and forth, which was a common occurrence. Now she doesn’t do it at all, and she no longer teases Xiao’s body at will, which is very problematic.
Continue a little bit in the past, and half a year has passed unconsciously …
They haven’t had physical contact for a whole year since they touched each other at that wine table.
But after a year of brewing, something has been fermenting between the two.
In recent days, Violet Yan seems to be particularly upset. After asking Xiao to go out, she seldom talks to Xiao, but she frowns and complains to herself.
Xiao Wen also asked Zi Yan that she was under too much pressure and had been guiding her from the side.
After this lasted for half a month, Ziyan’s mood not only didn’t improve at all, but intensified.
She’s at war with heaven!
"Xiao asked me to talk with me." Xiao asked me to meditate in the fairy, and suddenly I heard the purple Yan shout.
When Xiao Wencai appeared, he found that Ziyan had changed his hiding place again. At this time, they were sitting on a hill halfway up the mountain. When they looked up, they could see that the hill was lush with flowers and didn’t even have a tall tree.
Xiao Wen landed on the hillside slightly higher than Zi Yan and looked at Zi Yan, who was frowning. "Are you in a bad mood again?"
"Can you be in a good mood?" Purple Yan grumpily said, and then don’t look at Xiao asked and turned to look into the distance.
At this time, you can see the purple Yan side face from Xiao Wen’s position, but the purple Yan figure is also more concave and convex
Purple Yan’s position is lower than Xiao Wen’s, but from Xiao Wen’s direction, you can still feel the purple Yan’s stature and stature. Today, Purple Yan is wearing a uniform costume of Ma, which is just exposed because of the unification, but it is just right. Now Purple Yan looks like a matriarch of a certain tribe or a goddess of war …
At this time, she is frowning slightly and looking at the distant world, and I don’t know what I am thinking.
But Xiao Wen has to admit that ZiYan is really beautiful at this time, and it gives people a feeling that she is about to levy this world. It will be very fulfilling to levy her, but no one in this world can do it …
Xiao asked didn’t know purple Yan at this time, although looking at the distance, I thought it was him.
She is far from loving him, but she doesn’t hate him. On the contrary, she appreciates him a little. She can’t look at men, but under the pressure of reality, she seems unable to wait any longer …
That’s it! Throwing caution to the wind!
When such thoughts flashed through purple Yan’s mind, she suddenly turned to look at Xiao Q.
Xiao asked by purple Yan suddenly startled to see purple Yan expression is not zheng.
What’s that look?
Seems to have a grudge against me?
Xiao asked still thinking about the purple Yan is a step towards Xiao asked a few steps to Xiao asked.
"What’s the matter?"
Purple Yan root didn’t stop raising her arm and put her arms around Xiao Wen’s neck. She was almost as tall as Xiao Wen’s arm. She put her arms around Xiao Wen and put her head forward.
"What are you doing …"
The word "Yao" didn’t come out, and Xiao Wen’s mouth was sealed with purple Yan’s cool lips!
Warm and cool. That’s the unique physique of the inferno, but this time it’s warmer than cool …
Purple Yan doesn’t kiss and touch with his mouth closed after posting Xiao Wen’s lips …
But because two people touch each other, there will be great stimulation, and the feeling of comfort is still wonderful.
Maybe it’s because the stimulation is too strong, Xiao Wenmeng finally reacted after a while, and the kiss of Purple Yan can be regarded as an arch …