Is Jiangchuan Conan a very important friend? Have photos? "

The mountain village police officer "has only childhood photos, but Xiaojing’s eyes are very distinctive, just like cats."
A small scene in the heart of the valley? Cat?
"This is him." Mountain village Jingguang took out the photo and smiled. "Isn’t it cute?"
Jiangchuan Conan consciously looked down at the valley, but after seeing the photos of Zhu Fu’s scenery, he didn’t know how to express his feelings.
Mountain village police officer "Mr. Yasushi?"
Descending the valley and smiling, "What’s the matter?"
The mountain village police officer "just suddenly felt that you were sad, Mr. Yasushi. What happened?"
Jianggu smiled. "Nothing. I was moved by the nostalgia of the mountain village police officer."
"Really? I didn’t expect Mr. Yasushi to be an emotional man. I have something to do at the police station." Yamamura Misao waved and left.
After seeing the mountain village police officer leave, Jiangchuan Conan said, "Mr. Yasushi, are you okay?"
"There’s nothing I can accept," said Descending Valley. "Do you have something to ask me?"
"This is a passionate murder case, and many places are crude. You can know by careful observation that" Jiangchuan Conan "Mr. Yasushi came to Miss Asai for three transgressions and four times because you had plans for her, right?"
Descending the valley and sighing, "Sure enough, I still can’t hide it. Give me one of your com and I’ll tell you slowly."
Chapter 69 Chapter 69
The setting sun dyed the sky red, and the orange light fell into the room and watched around the rental house by the window.
After connecting with Jiangchuan Conan, Descending Valley simply said that he and Wakasa Rumi.
On the com, Jiangchuan Conan said, "Brandy, is she a high-ranking person in the organization?"
"It can be said that she has mastered the core secret of the organization," Noguchi replied while typing. "Because of this core secret, she can look down on everyone in the organization. Of course, she also made many enemies."
Jiangchuan Conan thought for a moment and asked, "Miss Asai shouldn’t have a relationship with her, should she?"
"I haven’t found out yet," said Descending Valley. "Maybe she discovered something on purpose to be silenced."
Jiangchuan Conan thought for a moment and said, "Mr. Yasushi, can you please the public security for taking Miss Asai away? The organization should not have penetrated into the public security?"
Descending Valley "This requires a careful planning. Are you Wakasa Rumi a junior? If I take it away rashly, I will be suspected first. "
Jiangchuan Conan "What should I do? You can’t watch Miss Asai die. "
Descending the valley "needs your cooperation"
Jiangchuan Conan "I know I’ll keep an eye on Mr. Ruoxia’s movements."
"Don’t need you to cooperate with two things to let Maori teacher give a message to the mountain village police officer, and also please let Mrs. Kudo tell Asai about her current situation," said Noguchi. "She will trust her acquaintances more at this moment."
Jiangchuan Conan frowned. "In this case, my mother and uncle will be exposed."
"I’ll send you an encrypted communication channel. If you look for Xiao Ai, she will make this encrypted channel. You tell her, and she will help you fuck." Descending Valley said, "Forget it, I’m going to send a message to Hennessy now, detective. You should pay attention to yourself."
Jiangchuan Conan "I know, so does Mr. Yasushi."
The text message of valley drop has also been edited.
There is no police near Asai’s house, so we can start work tonight.
After the successful transmission, I picked up the telescope and began to observe the situation around Asai’s home.
About ten minutes later, Asai, who was enjoying the cool in the camera, suddenly changed her face after receiving the words, and then she regained her calm expression. According to the lip language, she saw that she was saying "Don’t make jokes casually."
Suddenly, a shot interrupted the conversation, and I was busy looking for it along the gun. I saw Wakasa Rumi holding a pistol and preparing to shoot the shallow well for the second time
Don’t you think it’s too late to go into the valley? Is Wakasa Rumi not afraid of exposing himself at the peak of duty?
"Mr. Yasushi, did you hear that?" On the com came Jiangchuan Conan’s voice, and he eagerly said, "If the teacher is false in the dormitory, we will be cheated."
Valley frown, Hennessy who is this on guard? Is this brandy a test for him? Valley down touched his waist pistol heart, I may have to get rid of Hennessy, although risky, but now there is a way to go.
Just then Asai quietly hid in the car parked in the yard and then drove away from the valley, patting the rental window. Damn, it’s unrealistic to drive away. Hennessy will catch her soon.
Besides, if Conan pretends to be Mr. Maori, the call to Gunma police will be gone
Jiangchuan Conan Yin came from the com. "Mr. Yasushi, my mother said that the shallow well was weak and couldn’t make it to Gunma County where the police came. I suggested that she drive at high speed and get out of the high-speed card to attract the local police."
It’s already possible to make things worse and worse. Hennessy will have to give up hunting because of hiding his identity, but he has to go with him to rescue him in case of an emergency.
He drove a humble car and quietly followed it to his ear. Jiangchuan Conan also became Haibara Ai.
"Now the shallow well has passed the Chunxin-Yueyue Expressway," Haibara Ai said. "I suggest you take a detour to avoid Hennessy’s suspicion."
The detour means that he has observed that shallow wells can be described by Jiangchuan Conan and Haibara Ai for a while, but he can rest assured that shallow wells can get out of trouble quietly with Jiangchuan Conan’s command.
A continuous stream of high-speed performance of a speed passion Asai Jing is a wise person who knows that her driving skills can’t compete with those who kill her, so she can stop Hennessy’s pursuit by increasing the number of cars.
When the valley was lowered and the status map sent to him by Haibara Ai was opened, it was seen that Asai Shizuma was about to reach the border of Nagano.
"What is the situation now?" Descending the valley, he said, "Can the shallow well still hold up?"