Anyway, they are getting used to the physical strength in this world, and their resilience has been greatly enhanced. They are about to ask Li Qianru if they can try to challenge. Here, the BOSS mobile phone suddenly receives a message to see that the sender found that it was sent by Ma Ling.

"Do you have Xiaojian now?" There is such a sentence in the letter
Wu Xiaojian considered it. Considering that they are resting now, there is a feeling. Is there something wrong with the International Trade Building? She hopes that they will support them in the past.
However, the news has just been sent, and she immediately replied. It seems that she is still quite free. It should not be an urgent situation. Continue to say, "Yingying is next to you, let her help me check something and check the situation of the magic star."
"Magic star?"
Wu Xiaojian looked at Chen Ying and saw Chen Ying take out the white notebook to play because she was taking a break now.
This Ni is just like a hacker. Now that the Star Wars’ unification’ has gone wrong, she directly broke into it and changed her apple brain into a game prop, which can be carded and carried easily.
"Yes" Ma Ling answered quickly after receiving his reply, affirming that he was not mistaken.
Wu Xiaojian is a little strange. If he doesn’t see it, forget it. He has already seen the magic star with his own eyes. It can be said that he has already slipped away and is not in the international trade building. So Ma Ling asked him to suddenly check what the magic star was doing. It feels like …
"Sister Ling, is there something wrong with you?"
No matter how you think about it, there may be problems over there, so she will have such questions.
"Barely," Ma Ling Ma replied, immediately followed by a friend’s message saying, "I don’t know what monster stuck in the floor, and many people have died. Now everyone is on the first floor to rest and dare not rush again. Someone is considering repairing the ladder and breaking through it directly from the ladder rather than the stairwell."
Wu Xiaojian is not a taste in his heart.
Now, if someone dies, it’s really dead. What the hell is that Yunlong doing? Several level 6 players are still suffering such heavy casualties!
"Yunlong, what about them?"
I feel that they can’t just drop the load.
Even if I didn’t see it, I could still feel that Ma Ling was disdainful and cold when he typed this word. The words continued, "When I saw something wrong, I immediately dropped a sentence and ran away. They were happy to run. At that time, they attracted the monster with them. It was also strange that the monster was directly killed by the monster, and it was impossible for us to judge its strength."
“! ! !” Wu Xiaojian felt that his teeth had clenched involuntarily and his hands were clenched into fists. He could almost imagine the terrible situation at that time. It can be said that these people should not have died because of Yunlong and them. They just couldn’t hold on to attracting a monster a little so that others could escape to Ann’s place first. What is the difficulty?
Or in their eyes, these low-level players are not a’ person’, far less precious than their lives.
"haven’t you given up yet?"
Feeling this kind of situation, no one will give up.
"Yes, but no one really came here. Most people still want to get rid of this game in a relatively safe situation as soon as possible. Anyway, the normal rule is that memory is lost. Here, there is no life without memory. There is nothing to create life …" Ma Ling didn’t say the next words, but the meaning has been clearly expressed.
Wu Xiaojian felt that his biggest mistake was that he chose to believe that Yunlong could handle these things well.
"Brother still want to go?" White Wu Xiaojian Chiyou is like Wu Xiaojian knowing him and asking.
What is evil? What is goodness?
It’s just to protect yourself and recognize important things! It may be money, it may be friends, relatives, homes … life!
"It may be nothing if I go, but if I don’t go, I will become as scum as that guy."
Wu Xiaojian said firmly
He always felt that the sword god could win his grandmother’s victory. What despicable way to win? Whether it was snow feather or getting up at night, he was very unwilling. It was more like grandma giving up voluntarily.
Now this hatred has continued to their generation. He learned from his grandmother that "forgive others and forgive others" may give up this hatred. After all, grandma didn’t really have anything to do, and she still enjoyed her family. But after hearing Yunlong and them, they said that it would not be dangerous. He gave up many lives and he really couldn’t sit here and ignore it!
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"Xiaojian, where are you going?"
Wu Xiaojian just got up and Li Qianru noticed his move and shouted to pay attention to who he had been connecting with just now.
"There’s something wrong with the International Trade Building. I’m going to see it." Wu Xiaojian answered with a smile and didn’t want them to worry.
"Watching the fun?" Li Qianru does not believe that Wu Xiaojian is not such a person.
Mu Jiao Jiao got up and said, "I want to go, too," regardless of the fighting fatigue just now
Firm eyes have proved that she knows what he really thinks through Wu Xiaojian’s heart sound, and that the situation there is definitely not as simple as what he says with a smile now.
"Aren’t you very tired? You go back to rest first. I’ll just go and have a look alone. "
Wu Xiaojian doesn’t want them to drag water.
Compared with the battle just now, they are the main force. He is a side paddling, especially in the middle and late stage. Xueyu is fighting independently. He can even manipulate a Spirit. Now his physical strength is still relatively abundant, and the problem is not big.
"When you can’t come back?"
Li Qianru looked at him with a sharp eye, and he knew what kind of man he was. The more he laughed and said that the more serious the matter was, the less he wanted them to intervene. If his expression was serious, it might not be so serious, but it would be a little more like a lion fighting a rabbit. Even the weaker the enemy was, the more he wanted to fight.
"Really not"
Wu Xiaojian smiled a little dry.
Judging from Ma Ling’s statement that even Yunlong and his level 6 players still can’t cope with the monster, the situation there is critical to a very serious degree.
Moreover, they already know that the magic star root is not in the international trade building, and it seems that the monster who stays on the floor now doesn’t know what it is because of the order of Chiyou. It is likely to be the real magic thing that was summoned out of hell with the magic star.
Night has said that their present place should be called the spirit world, the human world and the netherworld. As they originally suspected, a group of people made it to isolate the two worlds, so that monsters can appear directly in the human world. There is a mechanism to reduce the situation. An isolation zone can also be regarded as a defensive machine-but the principle of this machine transport is completely different from that of machinery.
Their star emissaries and star gods try their best to keep monsters from escaping from the underworld in this area of the spirit world. What’s more, due to the thousand-year evolution and continuous progress, this kind of behavior has become a kind of game, and modern gamers like them are being allowed to "play monsters" and "level up" aboveboard.
Now, because someone deliberately destroyed the fiend seal, the energy released when the seal was lifted destroyed the spiritual world, which also caused this abnormal shock and frequent occurrence. It can be said that the balance has been broken for thousands of years and the spiritual world is about to reach the point of collapse.