She said to Zheng Chenggong, "It’s very kind of Zheng Zhu. The chef’s duty is to let the guests eat well. If you think it’s delicious, we will do it."

I’m really sorry for what happened today. My friends and I meant to give you trouble, but several salespeople in your unit are really cruel, especially this one-"
Xu Taotao unceremoniously pointed out that the eyes dodged women.
"This shop assistant insulted my appearance every time. I had a few quarrels with her. It’s over. I didn’t expect her to hold a grudge all the time. This time, she even intensified her efforts to frame me and my friends for stealing things from the club.
So many pairs of eyes in such a big marketing agency can I steal if I want to? If I really have such a great ability, wouldn’t the leaders of the marketing agency be unable to escape the crime of negligence?
Zheng Zhu, do you want to give me and my friends a statement about this kind of salesman who arbitrarily frames others for misconduct? "
Chapter 55 L Mi En Dou Mi Qiu
Oh, and Xu Taotao
Aunt Niu got to Xu Taotao and said, "Master Jamlom is also a great person to provoke our aunts and nephews."
Guang Shun, at any rate, has never been so cruel to his apprentice master when you clap your fart/share and leave after you have learned it for so long! "
Xu Taotao thinks Aunt Niu is funny.
"Cow aunts you this words I listen to how so man? I said accept Guang Shun elder brother ACTS words? I can tell him that I have a good heart by pointing out his cooking skills.
It’s said that the dripping water pays me back when Yongquan pays me back. If he doesn’t say he pays me back, do I have to worry about his family? I’m not his mother. I have to take care of him to eat and drink! "
A few words made Aunt Niu speechless.
Xu Taotao looked at Brother Guang Shun who didn’t talk.
When Aunt Niu said those words, he didn’t come out to refute them, but he implicitly recognized them. He also looked at her with resentment.
Xu Taotao sneered, "Brother Guang Shun didn’t talk because he thought Aunt Niu was right. Maybe Brother Guang Shun always regarded me as your master?"
Brother Guang Shun has no such attentive attitude towards Xu Taotao.
He finally showed his ugly face, a face of frustration.
"I have always respected that you are my master, but you never regard me as an apprentice. No matter how good I am, you never want me to take over your class!"
Xu Taotao mocked a smile.
"What is this? Bite the hand that feeds you? Even if I have a dog, I can get used to it. Sun Wenfu is your master. What did he teach you? I didn’t ask you to be my apprentice, but I don’t think I have wronged you.
That’s a beautiful idea. You have to take my class. I’ll give it to you. Do you have the ability to take it? An apprentice who would steal a teacher behind my back and report to the leader wanted to take my place. Fortunately, I was not blind at that time to accept you! "
In Xu Taotao’s direction, the cooking skills have improved a little. Brother Guang Shun went to see Chairman Li and concealed his intention to replace Xu Taotao.
Xu Taotao was a little surprised when Ge Zhu told him.
Reality teaches life.
An honest man on the surface is not necessarily an honest man, but a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
She hasn’t said anything about it, but just because she doesn’t say anything doesn’t mean she doesn’t know.
Niu Auntie and Niu Qingcao looked at Guang Shun in dismay.
Niu Qingcao accepted her angry question, "Brother Guang Shun, how could you do this! Taotao is so kind to you and teaches you to cook. You are simply heartless! "
Brother Guang Shun didn’t expect Xu Taotao to know what he did so secretly.
His face was flustered.
Cow aunts is also a face of disdain.
"There are so many things behind, Guang Shun. Don’t say this. What you did is not authentic. You are ungrateful and will be struck by lightning."
Brother Guang Shun’s face turned blue and white.
After all this trouble, Xu Taotao has no parting mood at all.
It seems that there is no way to get together and break up.
She said, "I don’t want to care about my work in the past. I will give it to whoever I want. The leaders are fine with it. I don’t think everyone here is qualified to make irresponsible remarks."
At least I’ll work with you for a while. Even if we end up having a little unpleasantness, I still want to say thank you for your help during this period.
I won’t come to see you one day. "
Say that finish Xu Taotao head also don’t go back.
Four-person state-run hotel into a palace drama
Xu Taotao shook his head and didn’t know how many cows, ghosts and snakes were in a big unit like the slaughterhouse.
However, that has nothing to do with her
If you don’t stand in her way, she won’t care.
But before going home, Xu Taotao went to Ge’s office again.
Half an hour later, she came home with peanut candy.
At this time, the home is busy.
"Taotao is back. Let’s see if your brother’s body is particularly stylish!"
As soon as Brother Xu saw Xu Taotao coming home, he immediately danced in front of Xu Taotao in a brand-new system.
I turned round and round at the cuffs of my clothes and epaulettes.
Xu Taotao looked at his face and looked at his eyes. His eyes felt very spicy.
"The second brother’s family is magnificent in wearing police. How can you wear police like a bandit? Can you reduce your belly and lose weight?"
Brother Xu ""
The people who came to the old Xu family to watch the fun burst into laughter when they heard Xu Taotao’s words.
Chapter 56 Report of New Units
Is big son Xu Daguang two awkward look at big son Xu Guohua.
All three children have been arranged, leaving only one big one.
Xu Daguang, the three children outside the little girl, has always been treated equally.
I’m afraid big son has a problem.