Although Su Mo is an understatement and flicking his fingers, only Yanling can feel this terrorist force in generate!

The tiger’s mouth is torn and bleeding profusely.
Yanling couldn’t hold the sword and flew away.
Just want to get out and retreat, Su Mo has stepped in first and posted it in front of him.
Yanling feels like a towering mountain slamming into herself.
My bones and muscles are splitting, I’m flying and I’m dizzy with a heavy fall.
Two strokes defeated two tianjiao in a row!
Shua shua shua!
There are five figures darting out again, occupying five different directions and rotating around Su Mo with mysterious steps.
These five are Tianjiao of Five Elements Education!
When I first arrived at Qianhemen, Su Mo had a conflict with his five-element brother.
Now the Five Elements Sect heard that Su Mo wanted to suppress Tianjiao by himself, and they directly offered a large array of five elements!
"I want to see how long you can last in this five-element array!"
Tianjiao, a five-element teacher, said coldly
When the Five Elements array comes into operation, anyone who touches something in this array, whether it is a weapon or a spell, will be limited and weakened.
And with the change of the large array, the power of five-person spells will also rise!
"What five-element array is broken for me!"
Sue ink sneer at a sudden lift foot stamping!
The whole ground broke into a violent vibration!
The five Tianjiao people were shocked and almost fell down, and there was a little stagnation in the operation of the law
This fleeting flaw is hard for others to catch.
But who is Sumo?
Eternal evil!
This flaw in his eyes is that the outcome is life and death!
Tianjiao, a five-element teacher, just steadied himself and wanted to keep running. Unexpectedly, Su Mo had rushed to the crowd and roared!
The man felt as if he had been struck by lightning in his head, and the whole person froze.
This is still Su Mo’s hand.
Otherwise, if this distance Su Mo moves Lei Yin to kill this person, Yuan Shen will be killed by Lei Yin, and the explosion will kill him on the spot!
Sue ink palm gently press the man’s chest.
The man’s chest collapsed deeply into his mouth and vomited blood and fainted on the spot.
When one person is hit hard, the five-element array will never work again.
Su Mo’s body flashes and rushes to the front of these five-element monks, and three punches and two feet will leave four Tianjiao to fly!
Door tianjiao’s hands are as weak as babies!
"This person’s flesh is extremely strong, and he can’t be killed in close combat!"
You Yuan Ying Jing Tian Jiao Da Xing
Followed by more than a dozen tianjiao out but not close to Su Mo is a distant condensation spell manipulator!
Whoosh whoosh!
A series of instruments were broken.
Many tianjiao have stopped leaving their hands and moved their cards directly!
Many spells come to cover the sun, and the situation is terrible!
Su Mo’s look is unchanged, and his hands are constantly changing, squeezing out a mysterious handprint and slightly opening his mouth to drink a "Bai!"
In an instant, the Sanskrit arrival is silent!
Su Mo lowered his eyebrows and lowered his eyes. The whole person was solemn, and a sacred Buddha’s light shone on all beings in generate!
The Dafa Seal and the Great Spell broke out!
This French-Indian power has reached its limit!
And this is the only one of the six great French seals that defends the French seal from moving!
Many spells have just collided with the Buddha’s light when they arrived, and their roots have quietly broken up without making a ripple.