With Chuan Ying and Xiao Jinlong sitting in Emperor Wudi’s Palace, he is not worried about it even if they attack him.

"Are you really sure? There is no Wu Shen body to break this spell in all ages, is there? "
Chuan Ying said suspiciously, "I once heard that two Wu Shen bodies were born before the myth era. What do you think?"
Lu Chen is also a little curious. Chuan Ying is a real figure in the mythical era. Naturally, the ancient books he has read are much earlier than modern people.
It can be said that most of those statues in the restricted area are not as old as Sichuan English.
"What was that age? Are the two Wu Shen bodies male or female? "
Lu Chen has some hearts. There is a mysterious blood owner in this world. Naturally, it can’t be like the Eucharist. The first generation may be descendants with mysterious blood lineage.
Perhaps in the future, he may also be a secret blood fighter of Lu styles, but it is still a relative because of how many relatives and friends the atavistes in the secret blood fighters trace back.
Chuan Ying shook his head and said, "Who can tell the old story clearly? It may be that men and women are not the key ancient books, but the two Wu Shen-style endings."
He went on to say, "Wu Shen style, the first one to appear, soon reached a strong level of cultivation in that era. It is speculated that maybe our current quasi-Emperor Nine realm seems to be different because of chaotic ancient laws, but I am not sure, but it is suspected that it will fall in the apocalypse when it takes the step of proving the truth."
He took a meaningful look at Liu Chen’s eyes. "In ancient books, there were also people who flashed the sky at that time. The Wu Shen was so strong that he killed many immortals, but he was finally killed by a black man with a black knife and failed to break through."
He was born a few years ago and naturally saw the nine-day robbery of Lu Chen’s quasi-emperor. When he saw the black knife humanoid flash out, he thought of the coincidence in the ancient books.
Therefore, he is very optimistic that Lu Chen died because of the chaotic ancient times. Lu Chen took a knife in black but did not die.
Liu Chen also frowned when he heard this. Maybe Wu Shen’s body method proves that the curse is because of himself?
"What about the second Wu Shen style?"
Liu Chen curious way
"The second Wu Shen body also practiced extremely fast, and in just two hundred years, he became a strong man of that era. But he didn’t try to take the last step until he sat down. Perhaps it was because he learned from the past that he didn’t recognize that he could survive the fate."
Chuan Ying said, "When he sat down, he should not be over 50,000 years old in ancient books."
"Isn’t that a long life?"
Lu Chen said
Chuan Ying shook his head. "The chaotic ancient times were different from today. According to the Emperor Zun, the immortal material in that era was very rich. Even if you don’t go to the celestial world, people can live forever. It is possible to live an era."
It’s a hundred million years in an era recorded in ancient books, so it’s too short-lived to compare with the present emperor.
Chuan Ying continued, "If you want to infer this, the Wu Shen body will live for one or two thousand years if you put it in the present world environment."
Lu Chen knows in his heart that I’m afraid the secret blood fighter has also built the peak, but he is still a long way from getting the mark of heavenly heart. He dare not Du Jie and did not break the Shou Yuan curse.
The law of the perfect world is complete, and the material of immortality is richer than that of one’s hometown. Many people, such as Xue Defeated Heaven, may live 70,000 years later because of her.
Of course, Lu Chen’s hometown has discovered many secrets, as it is now covering the world. In those days, the world was absolutely complete. Going back to 6 million years, there was a fairy king level. In the older years, I am afraid that the immortal material is more abundant than the perfect world.
"I’m not like them. I’m confident that I can live to my predecessors without worrying."
Lu Chen knew whether Chuan Ying meant to make himself uncertain or to absorb these immortal treasures.
But Lu Chen knew that perhaps the only person among all the secret blood fighters who had a chance to survive the Armageddon was himself.
As the saying goes, it is best for magic to defeat magic, which is vividly reflected in Du Jie.
In the same territory, there are also "past bodies" in the apocalypse that can crush themselves, and there is also hope that they can bear the attack and cut.
Is it that Lu Chen feels "too bad" or that Heaven really hates mysterious blood veins and insists on carving the strongest trace to cut off all subsequent secret blood fighters?
In this situation, it is necessary to be strong in the same situation, but it is impossible for Lu Chen to survive the final catastrophe in the future.
Or it doesn’t need to be better than being able to take over and not die, but there are also few secret blood fighters who can achieve this achievement.
Liu Chen doesn’t look down upon the Du Jie’s failed secret blood fighters, because even he was hacked to death by a knife. Du Jie, who has courage, is definitely the strongest of the secret blood fighters.
After listening to Chuan Ying’s words, Liu Chen was worried about his future robbery, because even if he didn’t ask himself to overcome the future, he would have to fight for a while.
Judging from the results of the second confrontation, this is unrealistic.
Lu Chen was puzzled that the future body could not represent himself as emperor, but it was too strong. How should I spend it?
Is it really necessary to allow Jiufeng Card to temper its skills to another level slowly in order to challenge it?