"Cough! So-so! But Duke Li’s Pavilion has given me a lot of letters. Aren’t you afraid that my body has been tampered with? For example … install some’ time worms’ classes? " Yun Nie quickly changed the subject.

Of course, by the way, I also spy on information
Recently, he is studying the "time worm", which is aimed at the mechanical family virus. The deeper he studies it, the more he realizes that it is extraordinary.
Originally, he also hoped to improve his own virus and firewall technology and upgrade the technology tree slightly.
But who ever thought this thing was actually time-sensitive!
This kind of virus data is different from the general virus. From the beginning, it is not a static mass of code, and it can always evolve itself even if it is not infected with a terminal.
With the passage of time, the infectivity and lethality of this "time worm" virus will decrease exponentially, and it will not be long before it directly attenuates a pile of garbled code that harms adults and livestock.
Even the copied virus samples didn’t succeed in the end.
Obviously, this is a secret measure taken by the Woolf Empire to prevent technology leakage.
"When the worm? It seems that the Erhuang Temple attaches great importance to you and has taken out all these things. "
Duke Li didn’t know the details of the previous battle between the two sides. At this time, when he heard it, the worm was not surprised for a moment, but immediately shook his head indifferently.
"Now that you know that it is the Woolf Empire to deal with us, do you think we will be prepared?
Although it is still difficult for the duke-level people to defend, this virus is not fatal to our three dukes. At best, it will cost us a lot of terminals and it will not take long for us to recover. "
"So … but even so, this Woolf Empire virus technology is terrible."
Even if we can’t completely decipher this virus technology, it doesn’t prevent Yun Nie from sighing about this magical virus technology.
"Woolf empire? Hum! Of course they don’t have the ability to send out such things! " Duke Li disdain way
"hmm? What do you mean? "
"No matter what kind of artificial intelligence itself, all the operation lines are always carried out around a variable benchmark … that is time!
The other basic principle of time worm is to interfere with the artificial intelligence’ pulse clock’ and make the statistical time function disorder cause the illusion of’ time pause’ to achieve the effect similar to that of freezing.
For a wise brain, the stop of the timing system is almost equivalent to the real world being pressed by the pause key root method before moving. "
I see. After listening to your words, many previous doubts were instantly solved. Nie Yun’s eyes shone.
These words study viruses as much as the apple that hit Newton’s forehead.
As we all know, time is a variable at the core of computer system, such as the former four-ball satellite positioning system of the United States GPS, the florist BDS (Beidou), the bear GLONASS and Europa GALILEO.
The satellite chip calculates all satellites in orbit, tracking targets and distances around "time". The more accurate the calculation results, the more accurate the satellite positioning system can be.
The "original clock" is the most advanced timing equipment adopted at that time, which can almost reach the error of 20 thousand years and 1 second.
When the florist was kicked out of the GALILEO system in Europa, he went it alone to conquer the high-precision original clock technology and break the western monopoly blockade, but he scratched his scalp.
After entering the interstellar era, Nie Yun and several powerful people around him have already issued more accurate timing equipment, that is, "pulse clock"!
"You mean someone else sent this virus?" Yun Nie curious way
Is it another article? And this article also has a grudge against the mechanical family?
"Of course, the Woolf Empire has no ability to issue this level of virus. In fact, this virus … is sent by Gaia."
"Huh?" Yun Nie was dumbfounded.
This news is even more shocking than Yue’s master wielding a knife from the palace!
Gaia, the leader of the mechanical clan, helped the enemy send out a virus that threatened the mechanical clan greatly …
Master Yue was hurt by his disciple’s self-esteem. I wonder what this is for a moment.
Born antisocial personality?
"Gaia once had a period of academic exchanges with each other when she was studying in Woolf’s Empire, from which she benefited a lot.
At that time, Gaia had a good impression on the Woolf Empire, and she was open-minded and hid her private meaning. This virus project was a gift from Gaia to the Woolf Empire.
Later, Gaia decided that this thing was too harmful to the mechanical family, so he deleted all the data and prohibited our department from studying it.
But I didn’t expect that the Woolf Empire quietly kept the virus data and successfully made it into a weapon against us hundreds of years ago. "
Yun Nie was even more shocked.
Not only did he help the enemy develop a super virus against his own race, but he also deleted all the data, making it impossible for us to even study virus patches.
This ….. What is confusing?
What’s even more impressive is that Duke Li, who is opposite, has a look of "Gaia is great", "Gaia is a true gentleman" and "it’s all the fault of Woolf’s empire", and he doesn’t even recognize what’s wrong with Gaia’s trip!
Are all women in love with this brain circuit? !
No wonder Wang Jiazhi finally spared Tony Leung Chiu Wai …
Chapter seven hundred and seventy-three Black Flag
"Hey!" Damenqi
"I’m ready to rest in the presidential hangar, and I’ve got access to the four-level restricted demilitarized zone of the base. The pavilion can be unblocked as much as possible!"
"Thank you, Lord Pirate, for interrupting this period."
"You’re welcome! Speaking of which, I have a junior who has just been born and is underage. I can introduce him to you another day and be a companion. "
"Are you? I am looking forward to it. "
Nie Yunhe and Duke Li came out talking and laughing, and then he saw a whole line of Ryan fighters who were nervous outside the door.
"Are you all right, my Lord?" Spartak looked at Duke Li with a wary face.
Just two people met in the base and made a noise. It is impossible for such a big guard force not to respond.
"It’s okay, it’s okay. Let’s go, Spartak. From today on, you are the tour guide of Lige. Lige is my VIP. You should try your best to meet any needs."
Spartak looked suspiciously. Isn’t Duke Li an enemy?
However, ordering Spartak from Yun Nie has always been conditional.
"yes! My Lord! "
Duke Li’s arrival in Yun Nie was not announced with great fanfare, but the mysterious woman who claimed to be the "hometown" of the Pirate King still attracted a certain range of attention.
In particular, the action caused by the meeting between two people in Yun Nie just now has also caused a concern. They can definitely dare to pirate Wang’s territory. The newcomers are by no means ordinary people.
Everyone can’t help but extrapolate.
The pirate king’s fairy land? What is the amazing background behind it?
Is this a step to introduce "family" forces in a big way after seeing the potential stock of the Broken Star Pirate Alliance rise well?
Now that the broken star domain is in charge of the supreme handle, the pirate king’s every move is suspicious of the vital interests of all pirates