Three people smile at one another very happy.

"On the other hand, that Ji Yaoxue may not keep Cang Lang City. If she retreats all the way, our brothers will have to chase for a while." The Great Summer Emperor sank.
Big Shang Emperor looked calm and said, "How could this woman give up so much territory easily if she was not injured and fainted before?"
"Now I hear that this woman has come to her senses, and she will definitely defend Cang Lang city!"
"So good!" Big deep and remote emperor clap your hands and say with smile
The Great Xia Emperor said with a smile, "If you want me to see that the Great Zhou Dynasty is in chaos, even if Ji Yaoxue wakes up, the Great Zhou Emperor will not let it go easily!"
"Hey hey, they won’t fight. When the time comes, I’ll wait for a bloodless fish to reap the benefits! It’ s just the way to Huanglong on Sunday! "
"Great goodness!"
On the moon, the stars are rare, and the three emperors sit on the deck of the Lingzhou to point out the mountains and rivers.
Just then the front team gradually slowed down.
Big deep and remote emperor frowned slightly.
After a while, a real person broke in and just landed on the deck, then he knelt on the ground and sank to the ground.
"Report to me three imperial army has arrived in Cang Lang mountains! At this time, there are wild animals or dangers in the mountains in the middle of the night. Ask the three emperors whether to cross the past or detour? "
Big deep and remote emperor himself directly and big drink a way "across the past, of course! Our three dynasties allied forces are invincible, and the momentum is like a rainbow. How can a Cang Lang Mountain stop us? "
"Go ahead"
The Great Summer Emperor gave a hand and said, "This mountain range is not an ancient barren forest. At most, there are some demons in the then realm. What are you afraid of?"
The big business emperor also smiled. "General Sun, you are a little too careful."
"If you cross this mountain alone in the middle of the night, you may be ambushed by the demon family, and we are so powerful that the monster beast can’t avoid anything dangerous."
"got it"
The general surnamed Sun nodded and turned away. He was still in the middle of his body and shouted "Keep going!"
The army’s concerted action is shocking!
Although there are hundreds of thousands of allied forces in the three dynasties, they are nothing compared with the Cang Lang Mountains, which spread thousands of miles.
Not far behind the three emperors, a thin old man opened his eyes and looked at the dark jungle ahead.
It’s like there’s an ancient fierce beast lying in front, waiting for everyone to send it to the door!
This feeling is like a whim that passes by.
The thin old man frowned and shook his head and continued to close his eyes and meditate.
In the mountains, the roads are rugged, the ancient trees are densely covered, the visibility is extremely low, and the army moves slowly.
But this line all the way to the allied forces of the three dynasties did not encounter danger!
It’s quiet around
All is silent!
It wasn’t long before the allied forces of the Three Dynasties had traveled halfway into the Cang Lang Mountains.