Lu Chen nodded and didn’t stop the unsealing journey. There are also strong monsters in the Sakyamuni seal, and the Emperor Wudi Palace wants him to be strong enough so that he won’t dare to mess again.

He went to a star field again, and this time he unsealed two creatures, a silver snake and a hundred-legged worm.
These are two big killers who made moves as soon as they got out of trouble. As a result, when they were glanced at by Lu Chen, they trembled and were crushed, and they dared not be fierce again.
Summer Dragonfinch has some regrets. "This was also the No.2 amazing figure in those days. If it were not suppressed by Sakyamuni, most of them would step into the quasi-emperor’s territory, but now they are crushed by your eyes."
When he said this, he also gloated a little. It seems that he is not such a "bird" himself.
"If you don’t let the birds fly, who knows that you were a big murderer in those days, but now you have become a good bird!"
The family of worms sneered, but when Lu Chen saw it, he suddenly shivered. Shut up.
In this way, Lu Chen released a total of 12 ancient demons in order to break the seven stars, all of which were extremely large.
But with one exception, I didn’t dare to scamper in front of Lu Chen, and now Lu Chen has already looked at his charm attributes.
Anyway, it can’t be turned into a positive number, so it’s good to have a higher negative number, and it can also shock some murderers, which is similar to the domineering effect in One Piece comics.
Well, it’s not domineering deterrence, but scaring people to death.
When I came to the last star, nothing happened. This is the only person who came out very quiet.
Because this is a quasi-emperor and the most powerful and terrible person of the year. This person has been cut off, and through two thousand years of penance, he has just restored his magical power, which is almost a step forward. He is a quasi-emperor and a three-layer strong man, but Nai has never got out of trouble.
It is because of the profound way that he can see at a glance that Lu Chen is unfathomable and very respectful
You know, in those days, he was the quasi-emperor, but now he can’t get out of trouble for three days. Before the powerful ban, Lu Chen collapsed at a glance. Where is the general quasi-emperor? Is it already a great figure?
This is an ancient bird with flaming feathers and bright robes. It is respectful to Lu Chen.
"The husband chicken was so-called mountain burn blood recovery day demon race met a bald hand unbeaten before life …"
His demon whispered that some people recognized that the old pheasant had suffered from him in the past, and it was even more terrible to see him so respectful to Lu Chen at this time.
"Dare to ask this Taoist friend if he should be called Emperor?"
The old pheasant emperor respectfully asked very cautiously.
Lu Chen shook his head. "I haven’t proved that my name is Lu Chen, who is patronized by the world and called a Emperor Wu."
His creatures were shocked to hear that he was really an emperor.
They know that the old pheasant is powerful, and even he is so awed by Lu Chen, wondering if the emperor is afraid that the truth will not go far.
Because Lu Chen himself said that when he was called Emperor Wu, his tone was dull, but it was indeed an invisible self-confidence. Even if it was not yet a road, they thought that Lu Chen was definitely fast.
"I don’t know if Sakyamuni suppressed you for two thousand years. If you have repented, you can leave, but if you still kill, you will be chaotic. I won’t do it."
Lu Chen insipid way
In the end, it was the old pheasant who first said, "I would like to follow Emperor Wu to see this golden age!"
His demon hesitated, and several spirits saw that the old pheasant was so angry. Lu Chen didn’t seem so unreasonable. Maybe people followed him, but they didn’t necessarily express their willingness to follow him.
There are still some big demons who haven’t made up their minds yet, so they can’t leave because Liu Chen hasn’t finished yet, and they won’t be allowed to leave at will.
He took the big demons back to Yingying and used their memory and experience to explore magic eye.
Lu Lao pheasant revealed his own origin. He is indeed a cock essence. He has become a magical power in a fairy house. He hates people calling him pheasant, and the cock essence is named Mountain Phoenix.
He is also the one who knows the most and knows the most about magic eye. With the old pheasant leading the way, Liu Chen found out the mystery.
All kinds of ancient battlefield scenes in front of him passed like a dream, and he broke through the powerful means one by one, which made all the big demons lose their minds after watching them.
Even the old pheasant feels puzzled. Did Lu Chen really never preach? But he feels that the strength of Sakyamuni is far from that of Lu Chen, even though the realm may seem like it, but the combat power is far from it.
In the end, they came to the end of the trip, not to mention that without these old demons’ knowledge and understanding of magic eye, Lu Chen would have to take a lot of detours if he came all the way.
"What is that! ?”
There is a big demon trembling.
There is a bloody meatball in the temple, and it looks like a big cocoon. It will disappear from this world at any time when it is pulled into a virtual door.
There is a chaotic clock behind that door, which has a suction force. It is it that pulls the meat ball in, and the two sides are deadlocked, which should remain for more than 200 years.