After answering some questions, the communication with the scientific research team ended and the new communication was established.

"Is the old man all right?"
Shen Mu is in a better mood when he jumps off the stereo.
"Nothing is good," Shen Mu asked with excitement. "Guess what I found in my imperial armor?"
Emperor Wudi III gave it to Adakang, but it was captured without a shot.
As Adakang was thrown into the final fortress by Ji Xinghe at that time, Ji Xinghe entered the cockpit of the whole city and started the Ares mode. Emperor Jia was really mobile
However, with the successful start of the federal communication jamming device, Imperial Armor stood still. It was judged right before the moon and the moon. If the Imperial Mecha wants to make Ares mode, it must have communication support.
The Imperial Mecha Corps came to meet Ji Xinghe, and Li Han and others didn’t rush to snatch the imperial armor when they dragged it back. It seems that the default is that after Adakang lost, this imperial armor became the same as Ji Xinghe’s battle.
Follow Ji Xinghe to the Shenshen Mountain Theater. Shen Mu and Liu naturally took over the imperial armor for the first time.
At this time, Ji Xinghe heard Shen Mu’s question and asked, "Holy Crystal?"
"How do you know?"
"Then your old guess is quite accurate."
Shen Mu said after a while that he was excited and said, "The old man, we analyzed the sacred crystal before. Since we can give the transition door more energy than the nuclear fusion reactor, we will be able to give the mecha energy. Imperial armor makes the energy drive must be sacred crystal."
"aye? Why is your reaction so dull? More powerful energy means that your new mecha will be more powerful, and there are many high-tech technologies that can consume energy. "
"…" Shen Mu asked with a puzzled frown at Ji Xinghe’s indifference. "You don’t already know that there is no supporting holy crystal in this imperial armor to drive the energy system, do you?"
"Then come on."
"I’m sure I’ll come on. Yes …" Shen Mu suddenly realized, "Is there something wrong with your body? Call the doctor and be lame next to you."
"Nothing, just a little sleepy."
"Then you hurry to rest."
"What are you waiting for? What is there to wait for?"
"communication delay"
Communication delay? Blue star? Ji Rong Xin Yue?
"Then I’ll hang up."
Shen Mu bluntly hangs up the communication and then looks at his front imperial armor in silence.
"What’s the matter?" Lao Liu frowned and asked, "Isn’t Lao Ji all right?"
Shen Mu took a deep breath.
"If Lao Ji has a mecha stronger than this imperial armor today, even if it is not equivalent to this imperial armor, he won’t fight Adakang."
"Yes, although Lao Ji won, it was really dangerous." Liu nodded and said, "And I always thought that Lao Ji’s armor-piercing combat effectiveness was stronger than his armor-removing combat effectiveness."
Shen Mu looked at Liu and said seriously, "This is our fault."
Liu discovered that Shen Mu’s eyes were red