"I didn’t see any flaw. My intuition told me that there was something wrong with the road, so I cheated him. As soon as he did, he showed more clues." Yu Yilie said with a smile and humility.

Then a series of things will happen in the fire room, and she will simply tell her that the night charm can’t help but envy after listening.
"The younger brother you are fatter than my sister now. No, you have to invite me to Baizhen Building for a big meal! I haven’t been there for a long time. It’s pathetic, "said the night charm with a sad look."
Yu Yilie couldn’t help looking funny. Who would have thought that this delicate beauty in front of him could instantly kill the monster beast in the late first order?
"How dare the younger brother not follow the charm sister’s words? But the younger brother partner is still drinking the northwest wind outside the mountain. Why don’t we pick it up and go together?" Yu Yilie wanted to think so.
"Of course no problem. Let’s go!" Night incarnate see he promised not to smile happily said.
Then they left the center of Fang and went straight to the outside of Fang. After a wick of incense, they came to the entrance Qingshi Square.
Yu Yilie looked at the stall again, but they still didn’t see Han Yuyang’s two brothers and sisters. They couldn’t help worrying about whether they had an accident.
Although he got a windfall unexpectedly, he will become poor again sooner or later without a way to make money.
He wants Han Yuyang’s brother and sister to get together and earn a steady stream of Lingshi to maintain cultivation.
But I didn’t see two people. He might as well go to Fang City as the night charm.
Come to the canyon, where Lao Lei is still shouting and selling ofuda, say hello to Yu Yilie and then continue to walk away.
Unexpectedly, he saw a scene that made him very angry near the exit of the canyon. Yu Yilie stepped forward quickly in three steps and two steps.
"Stop it! You’re catching my pet to sell! It’ s really hateful! " Yu Yilie angrily stared at the big fellow with heavy eyebrows.
This person is just practicing seven layers in Yilie, so it’s not polite to go with him. It’s just a furious rage.
"Small! Watch your mouth! At the beginning of this stage, the monster beast was captured in the mountains! What makes you say it’s your pet? !” Heavy eyebrows big fellow eyebrows a twist disdain retorted.
"My horse will take you away when the dream comes!" Yu Yilie reached out to the golden eagle in the cage and said in a soft tone
Seeing that the dream of heaven was in a mess, the supple wings became messy, but fortunately, they were not injured. When the familiar figure appeared, it suddenly jumped in front of his hand and pecked at his palm, giving out two moans from time to time.
"You see? ! Open the cage soon? " Yu Yilie dissatisfaction roared again
"Hum! So what if it’s you? This Taoist friend has paid 300 lingshi for it! If you want to go back, you can ask this Taoist friend if he will agree! " Heavy eyebrows big fellow road said
At this time, the middle-aged monk who looked on coldly just said lightly, "Don’t waste your energy on this golden eagle!" No one in my blood wolf regiment has ever dared to rob you. If you are stubborn, you should consider the consequences clearly! "
"oh? ! Is it? I don’t know if my Tigers are qualified to grab it! " At this time, the party slowly walked to the last night, and the charm light said
"Incarnate her I blood Wolf group things you stay out! If you don’t have a flying tiger to protect you, you will get carried away! " Middle-aged monk eyes a clot low said
"Blood Wolf, it seems that our boss hasn’t cleaned you up enough. My brother is a red man in front of our boss. If you offend someone, you will be blocked at the door sometime!" Night incarnate a face of so-called said.
The middle-aged man named Blood Wolf suddenly looked sluggish and then said, "With this practice, the middle period is small?" Do you believe that I can abolish him with my hands? I want to see what the Flying Tigers can do with me! "
"Don’t you dare!"
"Ha ha! What am I afraid of! "
See middle-aged monk immediately body movement one hand into a claw to Yu Yilie scapula Yu Yilie eyes a clot also did not see the slightest movement, but just quietly watching.
Middle-aged monks see him motionless but just stand in situ corners of the mouth is not a cold smile is to waste his hand.
Only to find that his paw was a hole in Yu Yilie’s shoulder. The middle-aged monk was not surprised by one leng.
I was thinking about turning around to defend myself, but my back came to me. The middle-aged monk suddenly threw himself down and ate a mouthful of mud.
Then Yu Yilie’s figure reappeared, and the night spirit’s side was calm and looked at the grim face and climbed up the middle-aged monk.
Seeing this, the onlookers gasped in succession. However, in the middle of practice, the young man actually put down the leader of the blood wolf team at the end of practice. No wonder the leader of the tiger team is so valued.
"Smelly little! I will kill you! " The middle-aged monk who was so insulted couldn’t help roaring.
At the same time, a hand stretched out and took out a machete with a red handle from the bag, and the mana urged it to hit Yu Yilie quickly.
However, the night charm will make him feel like an opinion. She looks at the blood wolf coldly with her arms in her arms, but a purple whip suddenly winds out along her body and draws it hard to the machete.
Machete was immediately shocked to fly, but the blood wolf refused to give up, but continued to play the tactic to fuel the machete to cut to Yu Yilie again.
"Blood Wolf! You have to think about the consequences here! " Night spirit’s charming drinking at the sight of this immediately said
Smell speech blood Wolf suddenly a tingle wake up at the same time, a quick play tactic abruptly will soon be cut in Yu Yilie machete back.
"You are malicious! Charming Ji and you little brat! Wait for me! " Blood Wolf sullenly said
Then he strode to Fang City without looking back, leaving everyone with a sigh of relief.
The onlookers obviously looked down on the blood, and the werewolves lost their mood to watch the play and scattered away.
Yu Yilie just looked at the heavy eyebrows slightly wrinkled and said, "Why don’t you open the cage? !”
Chapter 19 fenglei auction
On the second floor of a luxurious restaurant in Yanyufang City, near the window, there are three strange combinations of golden eagles, a man and a woman.
The table is full of all kinds of delicious food, and there is even a whole roast wolf, and before that big meal, there is a golden eagle standing, and the whole head has got into the wolf’s stomach and kept eating.
And his delicacy is not made of all kinds of monster beasts, but a few of them are made of elixir and soup, and all kinds of smells are spread all over them, but they both have an appetite and fight at the same table regardless of the image.
"Little brother really have you! I didn’t expect your martial arts practice to be inferior. It’s delicious to practice and cultivate grace! " Night incarnate praised the way as he picked up a small spiritual fish and sent it to his mouth.
Although this spiritual fish is small, it contains aura and no thorns. Although it has not even reached the initial stage of the first order, it is more delicious than many monks.
"Incarnate elder sister laughed, but it’s just a secular practice. If it weren’t for relying on the posture to surprise the younger brother, where would the blood wolf opponent be?" Yu Yilie stopped chopsticks and said with a light smile.
"It’s good that you know that the blood wolf is also practicing the ten-story monk. This time, you just got away with it by underestimating your carelessness, but your younger brother’s hand was too hard, but it offended him miserably, fearing that he wouldn’t let it go and try not to go out alone," said the night charm.
At this time, both of them have eaten almost, but they are all waiting for chopsticks and still working hard.