A huge palm print six feet long and three feet wide printed the ground.
Wang Yue’s posture was like magic, and he appeared in front of Mubo several times.
Wang Yueyin was heard by Li Qiushui, Wang Yuyan and Xiao Huan in the Ursa Major Hall.
"Is the village head" small ring eyes a bright happy way
Wang Yuyan nodded. "Well, Yue Lang didn’t think of Yue Lang’s Shaolin Temple."
Li Qiushui eyebrows a wrinkly slightly said "MuBo died thirty years ago, isn’t it? Why did it appear again? Rosa Xiaohuan, let’s go out and have a look. "
Wang Yuyan nodded "good".
Xiaohuan followed Li Qiushui and Wang Yuyan out of Ursa Major and saw Wang Yue at a glance.
Li Qiushui stopped Wang Yuyan and Xiao Huan and said, "Don’t go to the field. It’s all master fighters. If you can’t resist the true qi, the aftermath will be shocked to death. You didn’t expect Shaolin Temple to have so many masters this time. Even if I don’t lose my skill in the face of such a scene, I will die if I’m not careful."? Wang Yue’s little martial arts has improved again, which is stronger than virtual bamboo. "
Li Qiushui’s eyesight is high and he can see at a glance that Wang Yue’s martial arts realm has been a master for a long time.
Mubo’s masked towel was shattered by Wang Yue’s palm force, revealing the truth.
The abbot of Xuan Ci looked at Mubo in shock and said, "Mr. Mu hasn’t seen you for 30 years, but he didn’t expect your style to remain undiminished. Who would have thought that Mubo actually cheated you to death, but he cheated everyone so hard?"
"Hey!" Mu Fu was also very excited in his heart. He didn’t think that his father was still alive. No wonder when Wang Yue was deaf and dumb, his father was still alive.
MuBoXiao said to MuFu, "FuEr, wait for a dad to pin down Wang Yue, and you can try to escape to Da Liao Guo Shifu and wait for me. Wang Yue is too powerful, and you and my father are no match for him."
MuBo resentment in the heart "Wolf god not to say that Wang Yue seriously injured need several years to recover? What is it that Wang Yue is not only fine but also far better than before? "
Wang Yue laughed. "Well, abbot Xuan Ci, now is not the time for you to catch up. Wait till I kill Mubo. If you have something to say, it’s not too late. If Mubo doesn’t come to Shaolin Temple, I still can’t find you. Since you’re here, even the Buddha can’t save you today."
Wang Yue still doesn’t know that Mubo became a great Liao teacher.
Xiao Feng stared at Mubo and said, "Brother Wang Yue, this Yanlongyuan was my enemy who killed the teacher and gave him to me."
Wang Yue took a look at Xiao Feng and said, "If you can’t kill others, you can kill whoever you want and I don’t, but Mubo can’t. I want his life to pay homage to my manager Wang Jiacun and my eldest brother Wang Shan!"
Chapter 72 God monk
Wang Yue and Mubo have a deep hatred. Naturally, it is impossible to give Mubo to Xiao Feng, and Xiao Feng’s current skill may not be Mubo’s opponent.
Mufu said to MuBo, "Dad, let’s go together! I won’t go alone. Although Wang Yue is fierce, we may not be his opponents together. "
Mufu took a look at the Wulin people around him. If he is really no match for Wang Yue, he will absorb the true spirit of these people crazily, and even if Wang Yue increases his skill, he will not be afraid.
"Wang Yue, if you want to kill my dad, you must pass me first." Mufu said to Wang Yue in front of Mubo.
Wang Yue smiled contemptuously. "The defeated Mufu has to say that your life is good. Every time I see you, it will make you escape from the valley of the deaf for various reasons. If it weren’t for Rosa’s intercession, you would have died. Now you dare to speak up and wait for me to kill Mubo before picking you up. Today I will see who can save you!"
Wang Yue said to Xiao Feng and Xu Zhu and others, "Xiao Xiong Xu Zhu superfine product and Duan Gong are even Xiao Yuanshan predecessors. Now you can repay the kindness and get revenge. Haha …"
Xiao Yuanshan was surprised that he didn’t think Wang Yue had recognized his identity.
Xiao Yuanshan pulled a mask. He looks very old, with white hair and beard. He looks exactly like Xiao Feng.
Xiao Feng looked at Xiao Yuanshan in shock and shouted "Dad".
Xiao Yuanshan nods "Fenger"
Wang Yue sneered, "Let’s catch up slowly. I’m going to do it. Mubo, die for me!"
Wang Yue’s body moves like magic, and he steps out with a punch. This speed makes people have an illusion visually, just like Wang Yue can move instantaneously.
"cannon hammer!"