To go on the rampage "mom, you got the old man, right? Tell the brothers to copy the guy! "

Loyal bodyguards drew their guns one after another, and Wei Ping laughed and asked, "Whose property is this hotel? Are you insured? " Of course, just because he doesn’t move doesn’t mean that others won’t move Han Jie’s hand. I don’t know when there are two specially modified rapid-fire pistols. The muzzle flame flashes, poop-poop, poop-poop! Like a beer bottle cap, the guns are connected in a line, and the movement is slow for half a beat. The bodyguards feel that all of them are shot between the eyebrows and killed on the spot. This working girl must not let people have a cold sweat and hurricane impulse. Those two pistol magazines must have been tampered with. Otherwise, how can we hit the submachine gun momentum and play more than a dozen rounds in a row without replacing the magazines? However, after all, the amount of pistol magazines is limited. When the bodyguards’ bodies are lying on the floor, she also has to keep changing magazines. Fortunately, the bodyguards rushed over and aimed more than a dozen submachine guns at this side to sweep their lives. Han Jie, the boss, should also be rescued and rolled to the bottom of the table. Two of them hit the magazines and flew out. The warlord bodyguards looked stunned and threw grenades.A second later, this doubt was solved ————— The magazine crashed and exploded with two strong lights, which stung their eyes severely. They couldn’t see anything. The 9-type submachine gun cut them down in clusters like wheat cutting. Less than ten seconds before and after, there was no living warlord bodyguard in Tiantai, and Han Jie and Wei Ping’s bodyguards didn’t know when they had been fighting with the armed men of their second child in the floor. The stray bullets dragged dazzling streamers and rampaged around in the narrow place, choking people with dazzling light frequency. The frequent flashing of steel ball grenades is mixed with the boring and heart-rending roar of extra-large caliber shotguns … In the face of such a sudden and violent blow, those armed men were really beaten and almost fought back, either being blown into a bloody gourd by grenades or being swept into a sieve by submachine guns or being blown out by shotguns! It was not until now that the warlords discovered how fragile and vulnerable they were to pull up the army by grasping able-bodied men! I didn’t feel anything wrong when I fought with a bird-like defense force, but when I touched these battle-hardened special forces, they were like a group of poor little termites who could crush them easily!
There are also dense bullets coming from all directions in the city. Suddenly, the armed men gave out desperate screams. There are swishing bullets everywhere, and there are pieces of grenades flying everywhere. Where do you tell them to hide? Where to hide is a dead end, right? Several warlords turned pale and stared at Wei Ping Wei Ping or laughed and laughed like kangaroos, asking, "Who are you? What do you want?"
Wei Ping said, "We don’t want to do anything.
I just want to borrow some small Qian Qian flowers from several mobile phones. You know, we are broke! "
The fish ball warlord said, "If you want money, just take it. We recognize it! However, I am afraid that you will have a good chance to rob money and spend Kimberly’s site to offend us! "
Wei Ping said, "Well, I really want to try it. Don’t scare me, bosses. I’m timid. I shake my hand when I’m scared, and my gun will go off!"
Several warlords made a statement cursing his mother for touching the black and eating the black. This kind of thing can happen in any transaction, but it is really the first time to dare to be the black five warlords at the same time!
"Don’t put on a dead-eye look, brother. I always pay attention to honesty in business. I will never do such a thing." Wei Ping pointed to the horizon. "Look, I’m going to give you arms."
Several warlords looked in the direction of his fingers and couldn’t help showing a sad expression. In the sky, the navigation lights flashed like a wave of meteor showers flying across the sky, which they were familiar with but hated very much. At present, Belan government forces are also trying to introduce this kind of fighter aircraft with strong ground-to-ship attack capability from China, and negotiations are in full swing. But for now, Belan forces still need MIG-19, not Belan army, but the third squadron of Argentine naval aviation! Last month, three more units rushed to Belan to take part in the war. Sixteen flying wolves roared past the hotel and went straight to the mine where the rebels separated them. Behind them, the helicopter propellers stirred the air. The green navigation lights flickered like fluorescent lights. More than 50 advanced armed helicopters were flying this way. The short wing of the helicopter was 150 tanks and armored vehicles, and 70 self-propelled artillery made up a torrent of steel. This sharp knife, two motorized infantry divisions of Belan Defence Force and a mountain brigade of Pakistani Railway, were sweeping in. After several months of repeated planning, Belan Defence Force finally made a move, and the situation changed color!
The five warlords were stunned for a long time before the kangaroo struggled and asked, "Who are you?"
Wei Ping said, "It’s strange that you didn’t gather together 50 million yuan to buy my head. Now I’m afraid of you one by one. Does this mean that Zhongye Gong is good at dragons?"
The warlords gasped, and the kangaroo even screamed, "Liu Weiping, you are Liu Weiping!"
Liu Weiping said, "Confucianism can be taught."
Chapter 15 Bloody Li (3)
In fact, the Belan government has never given up Kimberly Gold Mine, no matter whether it is a dictator or a democratically elected government, it has never racked its brains to bring this vein into the state control. Naikimberly is too remote and steep, and the armed regime is extremely serious. Those armed factions may have conflicts at ordinary times, but when the government troops come, they will have a firefight from time to time, which is equivalent to breaking into a hornet’s nest. Besides, the military discipline is lax, and the government troops are more ruthless than the rebels. It is strange that Kimberly can fight a fortress! After Liu Weiping took over the command of Belan Defence Force, his first plan was to fight Kimberly. His reason was very simple. Kimberly gold has become the root of Belan unrest. The rebels can export gold at low prices and get a lot of money to buy arms. All previous purges have been palliative. The rebels have killed a batch like wild grass, and another batch has emerged. The whole Ministry of National Defense knows that the problem is that the historical attack on Kimberly will never end unless it is defeated. Everyone has little confidence.
The real support for this plan is President Belan of Nimra. The current situation has reached an unbearable level. On the one hand, the government is as poor as a church mouse, and on the other hand, local warlords and rebels are rich. If this situation cannot be changed, the government will lose its reputation! On the other hand, it needs a lot of hard currency to pay what it owes, and the government is also full of longing for gold. Nimra said that before the dictator owed money, he would not pay back anything, but at this time, he still had to pay for importing so much food and weapons from China and Argentina. Although we are all good brothers and good friends, it is always right to divide the accounts. Besides, these two good friends are also tightening their belts and can’t add any more burden to them. If they are dragged down, Belan will have no friends! Base on these considerations, that president’s rare tough attitude demand that the national defense forces must launch an effective offensive against Kimberly for half a year, so that the country’s wealth can no longer be lost in vain. in the past six months, Liu Weiping presided ov the painful and exciting reform of the Belan national defense forces, and a large number of incompetent officers were dismissed without fighting capacity. A large number of patriotic youths have been laid off from the undisciplined army, and veterans sent by the Republic have been added to the platoon level to shoulder the responsibility of the grass-roots commander. The Belan government has also carried out currency reform, abolished the old currency that is almost like waste paper, and issued a new Belan shield to pay the salaries of soldiers and civil servants. After this series of effective reforms, the Belan Defence Force has finally recovered its original fierce and sharp soul, and its blood is boiling again, and its muscles are flabby and its body is surging. Tonight, the African lion issued its first roar!
The wehrmacht made great efforts in this battle and carefully chose the route to attack the company for thousands of miles until the first two operations.
When I was a child, the commander of the division got the specific orders and battle plans, but even the battalion officers didn’t know that this was another long-distance training or live-fire confrontation exercise that would make them suffer. In the past six months, a large number of parasites in government agencies were sent to the trial bench, and the way of leaking secrets was completely sealed. The security measures for the aviation forces were stricter. For a week before the operation, all pilots were isolated and could not contact with the outside world. Every day, except for training it, even if they were looking for women to have sex, everyone was watching it. It’s all worthy of the rebels’ precautions. Do they think it’s possible for the national defense forces to pass through the swamp area and knot the area? Do they think it’s possible for them to attack when they launch an attack? When the first optical fiber-guided bomb slams into a ground fortification, when the first airborne infantry boots step on the commanding heights of Kimberly, the rebels are still asleep, and the bombardment waves make them never wake up again. Obviously, the government forces are going to cut the gordian knot regardless of a large number of miners. I don’t know how many miners and armed men rushed into the mine hole wrapped in flames and bled down in the dark tunnel. Although it was a bit cruel to do so, they were criticized afterwards, but some people all know that if there is no way to fight so many miners, the rebels can grab a large number of hostages and bargain with the National Defence Force. Can we expect the special forces to successfully rescue every time?Even if the special forces department is exhausted, it can’t be saved. The best way to deal with guys who like to take hostages to blackmail the government is to completely destroy them even if they sacrifice hostages. When they find out the root of this trick, those civilians who may become hostages at any time will really be settled, although cruel but practical.
Of course, the most jaw-dropping thing is that Liu Weiping directed the snake to come out of the hole, and the major general of the Republic and the actual commander of the Belan Defence Force actually risked their lives to lead the five warlords out and then captured them in one fell swoop. I don’t know how many experts will be stunned and fall into the abyss of dizziness! He was drinking coffee with relish when the first squadron of Belan Defence Force Gendarmerie Brigade stepped on the platform with dead bodies all over the floor. The warlords who had made Belan unstable and bloody were tied into zongzi, and their faces were swollen on both sides. Obviously, they made the malefic angry and learned a lesson, so it is not known whether he fought or Han Yajie fought.
Seeing the gendarmes in black coming, these well-packed bastards suddenly came, screaming, "Yellow monkey, you are dead! There are a lot of contacts in our government who will come out in a few days. Just wait! It will not be good to offend us! "
Gendarmerie mid-team leader before a kick down these guys take out a document Bein language big read up and read two sentences that a few guys from.
The arrogance turned into extreme panic, screaming and struggling. The gendarmes were trained by the black devil. They almost couldn’t hold them. Liu Weiping asked Han Yajie, "What are they chanting?"
Han Yajie said, "The captain read out the president’s order and sentenced them in the name of the country. They were sentenced to death for endangering national security and executed immediately."
Liu Weiping shouted, "Damn it, I’m not busy in vain?"
Han Yajie said, "There’s no way too many people don’t want these guys to come to the dock. If their dirty things come out, Belan is likely to lose face and understand. President Nimra also has difficulties."
Liu Weiping wants to talk again. The military police captain has pulled out his pistol and pulled the trigger several times. Several shots have been fired at the heads of the warlords. Blood and brains are splashed all over the place. The highly trained military police carried the body unmoved. The second lieutenant saluted Liu Weiping. Standard Chinese said, "Major General, thank you for everything our country has done. Thank you very much!"
Liu Weiping said, "No, we are good brothers. You’re welcome. On the whole, this operation was quite successful. So many of you ambushed the city for several days, and no one exposed the target until you pulled out your guns. The enemy still didn’t know the situation. It’s hard to give you a very good shot." He sighed. "It’s a pity that I can give you more shots if you shoot slowly or wait for half an hour before shooting."
Several gendarmes have been crying and laughing for months. They have long known this major general deeply. This guy is almost perfect, but he has two shortcomings. First, there is always a little child in his personality, and he often makes some ugly dramas that make people cry and laugh. Second, he is greedy. A miser is swept by him, which is definitely called scraping three feet or three feet high! These precious ghosts still have a lot of oil and water to get, so he is certainly heartbroken when he is shot!
People in downtown Kimberly watched in horror as the rebels guarding the gold convoy were named by machine guns and sniper rifles one by one. They watched a large number of fighter planes flying over their heads. They watched the mines bursting with yellow and white lotus flowers and a large number of tanks and armored vehicles surging in … Everyone couldn’t help but hide in the corner and pray for God’s blessing. You know that the government forces are not much better than the rebels. They are also killing people without blinking an eye. Sometimes they are even more cruel than the rebels! Now, two or three divisions of Kimberly are afraid that they will be razed to the ground. Surprisingly, the huge army did not rush into the city as aggressively as they thought, but horses.
It is a minority of gendarmes to keep order in the mining area. Gendarmerie is the best choice to keep order. I believe that no one will feel that there is no ghost in their heart when they see that black system. Gendarmerie will also panic when they encounter it. They are methodical, and Kimberly’s urban area will soon be calm, but the real nightmare in the mining area has just begun.
When the first bomb fell a kilometer away, Coulloume woke up. Hunters often had to deal with lions and hyenas. He had alertness comparable to that of ordinary people, which made him keenly feel the unusual vibration of the ground. He opened his eyes and ears and heard loud noises one after another, but when the rebel soldiers guarding them panicked and rushed in, he knew that he was wrong. Because the rebel soldiers kept driving them deeper into the mine with whips and bayonets, they whipped their boots and kicked and shouted that government bombers were bombing the mining area and didn’t want to die. Let’s go.
Did the government forces really call?
Coulloume felt unbelievable.
The bombers had dropped their bombs and returned home. The silence was restored outside. An old big plane circled the mountains and the loudspeakers made Coulloume hear the president’s voice for the second time in his life.
"Belan is a disaster-stricken nation. We bear as many disasters as hopes. We are optimistic. We are tenacious. We are fierce and belligerent. Even during the darkest colonial rule of the whole black continent, we did not bow down to the Europa bandits-history will always remember that we were the only nation on the African continent that remained independent in that darkest era!"
"Now the warlords have done far more harm than the Europa robbers. They have gained the wealth left by our ancestors, provoked wars and destroyed villages after villages … Belan youth, can you endure this situation forever? If you still have a little brave ancestors in your blood, get up and fight with me! "
Coulloume listened with bated breath, even if the rebel whip reached him, he didn’t feel his body. The fierce and proud soul revived so hot that he could bend the bayonet and make his blood boil …
Chapter 16 The curse of gold (1)
The detour of Belan Wehrmacht was obviously far from their teacher’s level. When they were still 200 kilometers away from Kimberly, they were discovered by Tianshang Satellite. This doubt surprised many guys who regarded this country as a piece of fat meat. When did these niggers have such a strong fighting capacity? ! ! But even if they find it, it won’t help. It’s only three or four hours’ journey at most. Even if the rebels have wings, they can’t fly away. What’s even more hateful is that they don’t know which link has gone wrong. None of those technical experts can get through the call. They shake their heads and smile, indicating that their ability is stupid. They all know that the Chinese army has done good deeds. Their magnetic interference has always been the world’s leading.
Inform the younger brothers to evacuate, and they will definitely not be able to come here. These bosses will be troubled. What should we do? We can’t let those niggers uproot their forces as soon as they have worked hard to run them, can we? You know how hard they have worked to support these forces! Of course not, but they have no way to stop Belan Wehrmacht from launching a fierce attack on Kimberly.
Just as the bosses behind the scenes were worried about the fate of their younger brothers, the main force of Belan Defence Force had gone to Kimberly mining area to prepare for an attack. Their former Yanlong Army airborne infantry fighting team had gone deep into the mining area and pulled out several shelters, with nearly 40,000 people. The huge troops quickly drew their bayonets, drew their guns and loaded their chests, waiting for the order from the head.
However, there is still a little disagreement about how to fight. I have to say that Belan Defence Forces were no different from guerrillas before they received a large amount of military assistance from the Republic. It is really hard for them to command mechanized and motorized troops to fight a tough battle in the mountains. Take motorized infantry division, which is called the second Belan with the "Salang Eagle". They must seize the 433 highland on the west side of the mining area. The starting point of this attack is that the headquarters with two or three hundred rebels guarding the highland has been arguing for half an hour! Major Wang Ning, the special adviser, has not seen the attack order for a long time, wondering why he returned to HQ from the front line and saw what a guy. A lot of staff officers and teachers are studying the battle plan with their tails on the sand table!
Staff A: "It’s also important not to patronize the 477 highland two kilometers to the left of the 433 highland. We must put a regiment there to prevent the 477 highland rebels from coming to help!"
Staff B: "The terrain of b“433 highland is too steep and it is extremely difficult to attack. We must first weaken the rebels’ fighting spirit through public opinion offensive, otherwise this battle can’t be fought!"
The staff officer "requested to dispatch Luhang to send our two reconnaissance companies directly to the coordinates of the heavy artillery regiment on the top of the mountain!"
Staff officer d "dispatched Lu Hang? Although we are joking, how many helicopters do we have? "
Staff officer g "…"
The teacher frowned and said, "It’s not enough to calculate the strength!"
The staff officers nodded again and again to deduct the logistics unit, the regiment responsible for containing the enemy, a necessary reserve, and the protection artillery regiment. Those two infantry battalions can attack the 433 highland troops … It’s not enough!
Wang Ning was angry and funny and said, "If you trust me, let me direct this battle. Give me a battalion for four hours to ensure that the highland is brought!"
The teacher said, "The major is so enthusiastic. I’ll let you command this battle!"
Wang Ning also you’re welcome by words to command "heavy artillery regiment division belongs to the long-range artillery battalion! The target 433 highland is 5 thousand meters away. Fire volley will give me shells to plow the whole highland once! "
A minute later, the cannon rumbled over five artillery battalions and the fire was spectacular at the same time! Through the telescope, you can see that several groups of black and red fireballs, shrapnel and stone chips suddenly rose from the original calm highland. The explosion waves radiated around layers of smoke, wrapped in flames, and the large groups rose in a volley. A large forest in the highland of 433 disappeared completely. Some charred debris left in the smoke debris stood in the same place and burned like torches. The artillery shouted slogans and tried their best to slam the roots without thinking about what they could hit. Anyway, it is enough to hit the highland. There are always so many artillery shells that can hit the target. In just a few minutes, the whole highland was wrapped in smoke and fire! The staff members were dumbfounded, and their fists were clenched tightly. Grandma had fought a lot of battles, but when have you seen such a spectacular scene? Previously, they had very few artillery guns, not to mention that every shell was a general’s life, which was heavier than the lives of soldiers. How dare you even think about throwing a hundred large-caliber heavy artillery shells at enemy positions for free?
The teacher marveled at the pain in his heart, rubbed his heart and glared at Wang Ning. "Are you a pla?"
Wang Ning "I am the pla!"
Teacher "…"
Napoleon once said that artillery was a self-defense counterattack in southern Xinjiang, the God of War Republic, which once again proved this truth. A large number of artillery units with various calibers became the nightmare of Annan Army, and all tactics were overwhelming. How crazy was the PLA artillery? Crazy to the south of Xinjiang, nine of the ten columns are full of shells! Annan army eats-boom! Annan army sleeps-boom! Annan army toilet-boom! General sentence