"Be careful!"

Yuan Linger looked at the monkey and told him to kill the other high-order demon in one place.
Half-medium-high-order demons fight together
The plain is also a mess.
Many demons take advantage of the chaos to rob monkeys and others to get together and have lonely clouds around them to protect themselves.
"divine power!"
In the middle school, many high-ranking demons conjured up the body, and generate showed a series of extremely strong horizontal forces and magical powers.
The whole world is shaking!
The fix true person can initially understand the magical power after different demon families become high-order demons.
As the realm deepens, the avatar becomes stronger and stronger!
Most demons can inherit an avatar.
Very few demons can bear two kinds of magical powers.
Can bear three kinds of magical powers, almost all of them are the most powerful and terrifying creatures in heaven and earth, such as Taikoo Jiuzu!
The magical power broke out in the middle of the war, which means that the two sides have played a real fire without temptation!
Misty Ze, a high-ranking demon, rushed to the crowd with divine power and magical power to shake the old ape hard.
"Give me death!"
The old ape roared, swung up the stone lock, and smashed it down with all his might, directly smashing the demon to the bone!
Although the old ape is white-haired and white-browed, his gestures still burst into amazing power!
Overlord dignity is not provocative!
Although the realm is the same, a high-ranking demon will retreat if he dares to shake the old ape hard.
Light injuries and vomiting blood.
It is normal for those who are heavy to die!
This time, nearly ten high-order demons have broken into the hands of old apes!
Bloody blue sky!
Only four overlords, namely, Hanging Sheep Peak, Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island and Misty Ze, can the old ape fight for the first time.
"Ha ha ha happy!"
The overlord of Jinyanshan waved a huge black trident and laughed, "Dude, you are really there!"
Hanging Sheep Peak, Silvermoon Valley, Thousand Snake Island and Misty Ze look at each other.
They finally realized one thing.
Everyone underestimated the strength of the old ape!
This old ape, who seems to have entered the twilight, is still the scariest of the seven overlords!
Watching the high-order demons fall, the four overlords are also a little worried.
The loss is too great!
Is it worth killing a low-ranking demon and hurting yourself?
Hanging sheep peak overlord glanced over Fang Xuehai’s eyes with a cold light.
The purpose of this war is not to fight to the death.
This world war I mainly killed the demon in the sea of blood!
"You guys go to the sea of blood and capture that little beast alive for me!"
The overlord of Hangyangfeng immediately changed his strategy and ordered seven high-ranking demons to enter the sea of blood and seize Sumo!
"I’ll see who can get through!"
The hair of the old ape has been dyed blood-red, and he is carrying a pair of bloody stone locks in front of the sea of blood.
"Old monkey, I don’t need to defeat you. It’s enough to trap you for a moment!"
Hanging sheep peak overlord idea suddenly flew out of an animal bag and a palm-sized cage rose in the wind and enveloped the old ape!
This cage is gray all over, and I don’t know what demon bones are made of, and it smells gloomy and cold!