Ten-door Lingzhou warships break and the horn blares to shock the mind!

Tuoba Feng, Yuwen Wujia and Mu Shuang are three chariots.
Rows of Lingzhou warships stand tall and elegant with their brothers in their hands, showing a trace of heat and excitement from the depths of their eyes!
After the three main gates and the ten gates, there are also tsunamis from all over the world.
On the ground, there is a swordsman in black, whose expression and eyes are wandering, and it seems that he can’t find the focus, and he moves forward step by step silently.
It is strange that there is no one around him!
Although the crowd is turbulent, when they meet the black swordsman, they all divide their consciousness to both sides.
Bypassing the black swordsman, the crowd closed again.
The ghostly wind is howling!
Millions of Yin soldiers and horses gather here to form an insoluble cloud that covers the emperor’s palace and blocks the sun!
Although the Yin soldiers and Yin horses in the Imperial Palace are not living things, they still maintain their living habits.
Now that the Imperial Palace is confronted with foreign enemies, all the Yin soldiers and horses gather here to guard the Imperial Palace!
"kill! Kill! Kill! "
Millions of Yin soldiers and horses were dark, and a roar was deafening, forming a monstrous trend rolling in!
Two torrents collided with each other, and the heavens and the earth trembled together. The ruins left by the emperor’s palace were shattered and fell.
On the one hand, Beijiao Tianjiao.
On the one hand, it was the guard of the Imperial Palace, the largest imperial palace in the northern region of ancient times.
The two sides collided with each other, and some real people then fell on the spot. Several Yin soldiers and horses collapsed, and the yin Shaqi drifted away in the void.
Millions of Yin army although terror.
But almost all the tianjiao in the northern region are gathered outside, which is a frightening force enough to destroy everything!
The four gates, Tianjiao, and the ten gates, the true brothers, each fought their way to the depths of the Emperor’s Palace by means of means, and smashed several Yin soldiers and horses in the past!
Mu Dongqing and Bai Yuhan looked at each other in the crowd and could see the shock in each other’s eyes.
These arrogant people are terrible!
If the two of them break into the emperor’s palace and encounter these Yin soldiers and Yin horses, it is absolutely ten dead and alive!
At present, even if the most horrible heavy cavalry in the emperor’s palace charged over, it would stop the ancient chariot of the gate family and the ten-gate lingzhou warship.
Chariots and warships crushed the past, and the roots of heavy armored cavalry could not stop the direct pulverization!
TaBaFeng holding spurge Yuwen Wujia carrying gold boring force poor melee combat driving a chariot invincible!
Wang Yan of Huoyungu reprimanded angrily to a robe sleeve shaking with a crimson flame. generate burned the Yin soldiers and Yin horses in front to ashes.
"kill! Kill! Kill! "
Seven kills Zong Tianjiao’s mouth, every time he shouts a word, his breath will increase, and he will be upset!
Blood Fog View Tianjiao is surrounded by a layer of blood fog, and no one can see the figure.
However, if there are Yin soldiers and Yin horses approaching, they will be swallowed up by blood fog and disappear completely.
It is even more terrible for Yin ghosts to live in Tianjiao.
This man is going forward, squeezing the law in his hand, and his face is coming from a Yin soldier and a Yin horse, but it seems to be influenced by some mysterious force.
The red light in the eyes of these Yin soldiers and Yin horses gradually faded, and they listened to the command around Yin Ghost Zong Tianjiao to protect him!
Before long, there were more and more yin soldiers and yin horses around this person, but instead, an army was formed to advance toward the depths of the emperor’s palace
The major tianjiao means powerful and radiant.
Soon the tianjiao came to the entrance of the underground palace.
TaBaFeng without pause into the chariot directly rushed in.
Yuwen Wujia and Mu Shuang’s Ten Doors Tianjiao naturally refused to lag behind, such as crossing the river and rushing into the palace.
Fortunately, the palace is wide enough, even if the tianjiao rides the chariot and rushes in, it still doesn’t seem crowded.
The crimson haze in the underground palace is fading away.
This means that Zhu Guo will mature!
The lux fruit has no green, crystal clear and bright red.
Even at a distance, you can still feel the rich and majestic energy in this fruit!
A friar walked around the side, his eyes wandered around, and he looked around carefully for fear of accidentally attracting pitfalls.
The monks in the underground palace gather more and more, and the Zhu Guo centers are scattered separately, keeping a certain distance from each other, and their eyes are flickering and alert.
There are more than a hundred monks at the forefront who are closest to Zhu Guo.
In addition to the four gates, Tianjiao and the ten true brothers, there are Tianjiao from all over the world.
Seeing Zhu Guo was born, people naturally refused to show weakness!
Mu Dongqing and Bai Yuhan are going to stay out of it.
In their hearts, they are also really curious about the birth of Zhu Guo, and the Tianjiao in the northern domain gathered in the crowd to compete for the championship. Who can win Zhu Guo in the northern domain and who is the first real person in the northern domain!
Now the palace is calm, but it is full of cold air everywhere.
Even if they stay out of it, they all feel palpitations.
Everyone didn’t start work, but it was because Zhu Guo was not really mature.
When the crimson haze around the Zhu Guo dissipates and the Zhu Guo matures, there will be a great war in the northern region!