Looking at the crane flying away, I feel relieved, and I dare not expect it to give me a ride any more. It’s good that it is a flat-haired animal, which would not be so easy to send if it were a human being.

Finally, I sent away this hoodoo who robbed the fish in troubled waters. Where dare I delay and jump directly and fly south?
It was already past two o’clock in the afternoon when I was swept out of Sanyang pine forest. Looking at the sun gradually going west, I was really worried and didn’t take a breath. Even when I smoked, I saved it. In the evening, I just missed arriving at Dong Fangshuo to seal the knife. I glanced at Longtan and found that the breath of Ming Hong Dao was also reassuring. This day, the first magic knife is the weapon that King Kong Guns dreamed of. If it was taken away by others, I really couldn’t explain it to him.
Gathering gas tactic to gather the aura of heaven and earth is a far-reaching supplement. I use the popular tactic to consume the aura, and it gradually weakened from ten miles to five miles. When I was plundered to Li Zicheng to bury my salary and tamper with the dragon’s aura, it was completely dark, and I couldn’t move it. Naide fell to the ground for a short rest. It seems that lavender aura is still limited to adjust the aura of heaven and earth. Previously, my traditional protector made the aura lose a lot, but now it is even more costly to rush for thousands of miles. Although I have been holding the gas tactic all the way, the aura has been unable to make ends meet.
After smoking a cigarette, I raised my wrist and saw that it was almost seven o’clock. There are still more than two hours before HaiShi, and there are more than 500 miles to catch up with.
Thought of here, where do you dare to rest? I quickly rubbed my sore knees and pinched my tactic again. I leaped madly and flew south. Unfortunately, the house leaked, and even the night rain caught the boat late and the wind headed. At night, it even started to wind. It was still the south wind. I shook my head with a wry smile and the speed was even slower.
Barely swept out of more than two hundred miles, there has been no situation since breaking through the purple gas Xuan, and the aura of the body has completely dried up.
Reiki exhaustion makes me secretly frown and grind my teeth. As the saying goes, "people are entrusted with loyalty." Men and men promise that things are debts. If I can’t break my word, I have to get there even if I run out of life!
Try my best to leap out of the hundred miles again. I feel that the wind direction in the sky has changed and blew slightly. I don’t know that the aura in the wind is very full.
I raised my hand and looked at the wrist pointer, which had reached the nine o’clock position.
With the help of the slight north wind, the flying speed has been slightly accelerated, and there are still more than 200 miles to go along with the wind, and we will soon arrive. The only hope now is that Bai Jiuyu said that the sea time is eleven o’clock instead of nine o’clock. Because of the difficulty of putting in the lion’s den, the lightning is one hour late, so I hope that Bai Jiuyu can also arrive later.
Unfortunately, this is not the case. When I barely swept away from the village where Bai Jiuyu lived for less than 100 miles, the wind stopped and the sky gathered in Lei Yun ahead. It turned out that the north wind that I had felt before was a sign of the aura of doom.
Looking at the rapid gathering of clouds in front of me, I tried my best to extract the life that had already changed, and I ran in the direction of thundercloud gathering. Just how far away I was swept away, there was a thunder in front of me.
Looking at the roar and the thunder, my heart is twisted with a knife. My legs were paralyzed 400 years ago. My aura is not working well. If you want to resist the thunder, you are a gladiator.
"I want to see people die and see the body" I said to myself, and I jumped to the ground again.
Thunder is endless, and it sounds like a cone-shaped hammer to me, which makes my life more unstable and scattered. It took me more than an hour to make it to the end, and my life was almost exhausted. At last, I was able to run in the forest.
When I stumbled to the stone platform in the middle of the village, a large group of foxes were crawling around the stone, and a petite white fox was lying motionless in the middle of the stone platform, and blood was faintly visible on the stone platform.
I quickly looked up to the sky and found that Lei Yun had not dispersed, but had thickened sharply. This was a sign of the last blow of the lightning bolt, which said that Bai Jiuyu had no cause of death, and the lightning bolt would not bombard the body.
Looking at the thunderbolt that has faintly struck, I quickly pinched my formula and tried to sweep the stone stage, only to find that not only the aura has been exhausted, but even the life has been extracted. Naide stepped forward and ran to the stone stage, and then he crossed the stone stage for a moment. The thunderbolt roared and there was a huge Lei Guang chopping, but I didn’t want to think much about it. I hurriedly took out the nine-sun dust to meet the flashing Lei Guang, and then I thought about my own aura buffer, only to find myself a little aura. I could also transfer my heart and watch the huge Lei Guang chop the nine-sun dust in his hand into powder, and then I felt
Forced to hold his body steady and shake, looked down at Shitai White Fox and found that he was dragging two paralyzed hind legs and crawling towards me. His lips trembled as if to say something, but I couldn’t hear it.
I just wanted to squeeze out a smile at it, but I felt that my throat was full of sweet blood and I couldn’t stand it anymore.
Chapter 135 Stay awake.
The first thing I felt when I regained consciousness was that my forehead was a little cold, and I slowly opened my eyes to see that Bai Jiuyu was swallowing a purple pearl back into her mouth. She had survived the apocalypse, and the Taoist beast could have the purple Dan. Maybe now she is more appropriate.
What did Bai Jiuyu say when he saw me open my eyes with joy?
I was just about to open my mouth to make her feel a splitting headache, and then I passed out.
When I woke up again, it was a late night. Bai Jiuyu was lying on the bed and dozing off. The room was filled with a refreshing fragrance. When I opened my eyes, she immediately woke up and looked at my lips in surprise.
"What did you say?" I tried to open my mouth. I don’t know if I was too weak to make a sound. I couldn’t hear myself clearly.
Bai Jiuyu opened his mouth and added, I still can’t hear what she said.
It was not until this moment that I found that I was as silent as death, and I couldn’t even hear my own cough and wheezing. I vaguely felt a strong sense of foreboding in my heart.
"Can you hear me?" I struggled to sit up, and Bai Jiuyu quickly reached out to help my lips micro-move.
"Why can’t I hear you?" I completely panicked, resisted the pain, rolled over the bed, staggered to the middle of the room, grabbed the table, raised my hand and broke it. I couldn’t hear the broken sound. I was deaf!
Thought of here, I couldn’t help JiHuo heart blacked out again at the moment.
This time, I didn’t have a coma for long, and I didn’t open my eyes and feel her breath at the bedside. It proves that I haven’t lost my Tao, and I feel much better when I think about it.
It is after more than five years of hard practice that I can become a peerless master when I meet an adventure, as described in some novels. Naturally, I cherish it especially when I get it hard. Once I lose my spell, it is really a wish to die.
Observing the running breath, Lingfu found that the eardrums of the five senses have all broken. Neither the thunder that robbed the sky nor the thunder that removed the magic will take the initiative to crack the monks who broke through the Purple Qi Xuan, but if you forcibly interfere with them, they will not show mercy to you. Now it seems that my eardrums will break because the aura is exhausted and the lightning is still connected, which is caused by the bombardment of the lightning.
Slowly open your eyes and see Bai Jiuyu’s tearful eyes. She has passed the apocalypse. I am at the same level, so I can’t run the aura to see the spirit house. She can’t feel it.
"Big brother is injured?" Previously, the wooden table in the room had been moved by her to the bedside with Four Treasures of the Study Bai Jiuyu. Seeing that I opened my eyes, I quickly wrote in small letters and elegant.
"It’s nothing serious, but I can’t hear the sound." I saw that the handwriting on the piece of ephedra paper in her hand barely forced me to squeeze out a smile. As far as I know, there is no country in the world that can repair the broken eardrum, but I still tried to comfort her when I looked at her sad face.
Bai Jiuyu hurried to write a few more "smaller" strokes when he heard my words.
I nodded with a wry smile. The direct consequence of my inability to hear the sound is that I can’t control the size of my voice, which is also the reason why I lose my hearing and deaf voice the day after tomorrow.
"It’s not enough to cherish the death of the big brother who has lost his hearing." Bai Jiuyu’s pen writes again with his eyes weeping and sad expression.
"I can’t hear the sound, or my ears are clean." I grinned. Although I became deaf, I couldn’t count this account to Bai Jiuyou. I promised myself that I would try my best to realize it. If I had to choose again, I would still come.
Bai Jiuyu couldn’t help crying at the bedside when she heard my words. I stretched out my hand to comfort her, thought about it and put it back.
Bai Jiuyi’s dress is very Tang Zhou’s legacy. At that time, women’s clothes were very bold and loose-minded. Bai Jiuyi’s snow-white shoulders were half exposed, so I quickly turned my head and dared not look straight.
A moment later, I felt Bai Jiuyu touch my left hand and turned to look at the piece of ephedra paper in her hand that said, "Is Big Brother hungry?"