Lotus flower emerged a bucket big head was cut to qi qi!

Six-pulse Tsukiki meteorite!
The blood crow palace is in chaos here, and many monks look a little different.
How come…
How can the same extremely clever device be directly smashed by the other extremely flying sword?
Unless …
Many monks looked up in consciousness.
The semi-Sino-Soviet ink blue shirt hides and flashes a series of spiritual veins, which are dazzling like a chain of order gods.
One, two, three.
Nine spiritual veins!
Many monks mercilessly rubbed their eyes and looked at them again. They couldn’t help but gasp in air conditioning.
Nine spiritual veins!
Don’t say it’s a nine-vein foundation, even if it’s a vein foundation, it’s unreasonable to crush the brothers on the battlefield!
Su Mo stepped up and stood in the abdomen, and the sea of spirits was boiling, and the nine spiritual veins were roaring, and the whole person was like the gods of heaven and earth!
Many monks changed color with horror.
Not only the Godsworn Tsukiji, but also the real person Yuan Ying Zhenjun, who saw this scene, was violently shocked!
Even the territory of Maizhuji Zhou Dynasty has not appeared for thousands of years.
Building a foundation in Jiumai …
Since ancient times, the queen has cultivated to this state by the second person!
"It is said that someone can really get through the ninth spiritual pulse!"
"The extreme condition is the second in Ren Huang!"
Canglang’s eyes flashed with deep fear and a burst of terror in my heart.
Fortunately, the dimly discernible peak has fallen, that is, this Sumo born to die. Otherwise, who else can curb him in the big Zhou territory?
The first refiner in Zhou Dynasty has now reached the extreme foundation.
When you step into the elixir, there will be a vision!
Patriarch lingyun long give a sigh in my heart
When life also
Can blame the decline of Zongmen’s fortune? Without such a big robbery, the misty peaks of Ji Chengtian, Lengrou and others will inevitably rise to become the first door of the Zhou Dynasty!
Yu Sumo’s future achievements are even more limitless.
It is very likely to lead the top forces in the mainland to waste all day!
Unfortunately …
The Lord of Blood Crow Palace narrowed his eyes, and his heart was filled with murder.
Not to mention his personal vendetta against Su Mo, he must kill it just because of the extreme condition!
The wild mainland will never allow a second emperor to be born!
No friar Tsukiji can resist the vertical and horizontal roots in the crowd with ten extremely flying swords.
This is a massacre!
The torrent composed of more than 20,000 monks of Tsukiji was hit by Su Mo alone and went back!
Dimly discernible peak all spirits.
At a time when Su Mo flapped her wings and rose slowly, she came to the battlefield of ten-foot-high then!
"Mo, go!"
Bad old man and others saw this scene and hurriedly spoke to stop it.
Brother Tsukiji’s killing will be carried out on the ground, and no one will make it to Shizhang High School.
The battlefield is so chaotic, then flying swords and spirituality are absolutely devastating for Godsworn Tsukiji!
Su Mo’s move seems to be the end of death.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Sima Zhi calmed his mind and laughed. "Extreme preconditions or preconditions! If you don’t step into Dan Dao, everything will be in vain. You will always realize that then Dan Jing is powerful! "
"it’s been a long time since I realized the feeling of killing genius."
Canglang real person smiled faintly and said, "Sumo would also like to thank you for being me today!"
Chapter four hundred and seventy-nine Ancient dragon tactic
Many monks of Tsukiji then attacked the semi-neutral Sumo.
In an instant, hundreds of spiritual devices and spiritual techniques swarmed and trembled, and the world was eclipsed!