Lin Huaiyuan looked at Ning Caichen Tang Renjing and Sun Fu in high school, and their faces became serious.

"Yes" and "Be sure to succeed" and "Husband! ……”
On the other side, Ning’s family’s heart also got up and looked at Zhongning’s minister figure. He pinched his sweat.
"Whoosh-whoosh! ….. ""boomed! ……”
The wind blew, the wind roared and swept the heavens and the earth, the sky suddenly changed color and the bright moon disappeared, and the dark clouds suddenly gathered from all sides to cover Chenxian County. The dark clouds rolled very low and exploded like a crack in the sky and the earth. In the end, the dark clouds completely turned into Lei Yun white flashes …
"LeiJie is LeiJie! ……”
Lin Huaiyuan exclaimed that his face turned into seibel, and Chen Gong, Tang Renjing and others’ faces also changed. More people in Chenxian county saw this scene and were scared by this scene. The whole Chenxian county was covered with dark clouds, and the flash was intertwined with a piercing night of thunder, and some flashes were deafening. Some of them had been split to the ground. This day was haunted by thunder, and it was as violent and destructive as the end of the world, which made people change color!
Ning Caichen’s face in high school has also changed, because at this moment he feels his spirit is trembling and his will is turbulent. He has a feeling that he is still short of something. If he forcibly breaks through, he may die.
"Still no? Almost!"
His words fell on his head, and the mighty river burst like a thousand fireworks at the same time, blooming brilliantly, like the milky way exploding in the sky, and the sky flashed like Lei Yun was pulled by something. The dark clouds slowly dissipated until finally the calm and heroic river disappeared here, and Lei Yun dissipated and the bright moon appeared, and the figure of Zhongning mining minister also fell on the roof of Ningjia!
Haoyue reappears everything and restores calm, as if nothing had happened just now. Many people are startled.
"He gave up the breakthrough!"
Lin Huaiyuan’s eyes are complicated and he looks across the river at Ning Caichen, the roof of Ningjia.
"male! ….. you! "
Ningshan, Seibel and Chen Gong came to Ning Caichen for the first time.
Ning Caichen shook his head, and finally he gave up every breakthrough. When Lei Jie appeared, he felt that his soul and will were in turmoil. At that moment, he suddenly realized that he seemed to be a little short of what was not the best time to break through. If he forced a breakthrough, he might die. This feeling could not be said, but it might be a sign of danger, but it was very strong.
There is a trace of regret in my heart that I failed to break through the great scholar and enter that realm in one fell swoop. It is a pity after all, but for a moment, he felt the strength of body inflation and screamed-
"forgive! ….. Hum … "
A momentum suddenly spread in Ning Caichen Center. Not far away, Chen Gong, Ningshan and Seibel were directly thrown out. The momentum of terror spread around like the tide. Finally, a mighty white river emerged behind Ning Caichen-the mighty river!
"This … this … this! ……”
Lin Huaiyuan felt a huge pressure coming like a one thousand-kilo boulder pressing his body. He sat down and pointed to Ning Caichen speechless. The fact is that at this moment, not only he was in Fiona Fang, but everyone felt a huge pressure and could not help but lie prone!
"Male … you broke through! ……”
Seibel and others eyes wide open looking at Ning Caichen head emerge heroic river can’t help but exclaim heroic river Confucian logo!
"This feeling should be regarded as a half-step scholar."
Ning Caichen shook his fist and put away the mighty river and disappeared. He knew that he had not broken through the realm of Confucian scholars, had not experienced the disaster of heaven and earth, and had not completed the ultimate leap. However, his literary spirit had made great progress and his strength soared. He felt that he could hit himself hard and the mighty river was condensed by him with one move.
This realm is beyond the realm of literary achievement, but it has not set foot on the realm of great scholar. He met Yan Chixia and Tree Demon in Lanre Temple at the beginning, which is far beyond the current realm, but has he set foot on a realm? It is more appropriate to say that he has stepped into it half a step.
"I just don’t know what it’s like to face Elham now."
Although there is no breakthrough, Ning Caichen is confident that he will be able to fight back again when he sets foot on a half-step scholar to condense the mighty river. He has a desire to test his realistic strength. How much is worse than the level of budo avatar? Can he compete?
Next to Chen Gong and Seibel, several people looked at each other and saw each other’s eyes brighten. Although Ning Caichen didn’t break through, Ning Caichen’s strength is absolutely unfathomable from the coercion just given off by Ning Caichen!
Chapter 165 outreach
The next day, the south gate of Chenxian County, the rising sun, the rising sun, and the glowing rays came out from the eastern hills, taking photos of the earth, roads and people overnight. Last night, the movement caused by Ning Caichen’s breakthrough has not faded, but Ning Caichen is ready to leave for the army!
When Sun Yan left, he urged him to go to the army to report to me as soon as possible. Now things in Ning’s family have come to an end, and Bai Susu’s body has recovered steadily. In the middle of Seibel training, Ning’s intelligence organization Wang Sheng and Li Ran are also preparing to further expand everything in an orderly way, but all this stability is temporary. Ning Caichen smells a bigger storm and he needs to be stronger until he fears …
Now that the Yellow Scarf Army is approaching Baiyun City, there may be no news about the specific situation in Baiyun City. However, Ning Caichen doesn’t intend to stay at home. The Yellow Scarf Chaos is an opportunity for soldiers to be promoted by the military. The Yellow Scarf Chaos is the best opportunity for Ning Caichen to show his ambition, and last night’s strength breakthrough greatly increased his confidence. He is confident that he can quickly gain a foothold in the army with his own strength!
Today, Ning Caichen’s silvery armor is very handsome and tall and straight. He is holding a white horse with a long sword. The whole person looks heroic. This is Bai Susu. He is going to prepare armor. Ning Caichen doesn’t know when she will prepare it. Although the bigger the army is, the more imposing it is. But Ning Caichen has a different style that makes people afraid to peek at Chen Gong. He is still wearing a blue Confucian shirt, next to the literati holding a dark horse …
"NingXiong battlefield crisis ahead this cup of benevolence respect you wish NingXiong triumph! ….. Please! "
Tang Renjing raised his glass to Ning Caichen.