If I wait for help here, I’m afraid I’ll die at the hands of the other side soon … absolutely desperate, there is absolutely no future battle …
The shorter the knife in your hand, the tighter it is!
Father, what would you do if you were me?
Kakashi’s eyes are still fixed on his opponent’s body, and the white teeth that have long since passed away are naturally helping and showing him … or maybe Shuo Mao has already put the answer in front of him.
At this moment, the dagger that has been with Kakashi for many years seems to be warm … It is the residual temperature of the hands that once held the dagger … It is the boiling blood that left a mark!
He still remembers the day when Lord Zhenyong gave him the short knife … This short knife with white teeth, which was originally lost in Pingdingshan World War I, became Yunren Zhanli, but it was requested to be returned by Konoha in the post-war negotiations …
This is a murder weapon, a fierce soldier who once made the whole allied forces change color and dare to be peerless!
But for real white teeth, this short knife is never to give up faith …
Knowing that the hero has passed away, the blood knife is still in his hand!

The enemy is strange and powerful?
Chakra is running out?
You have been seriously injured?
No, these are no excuses! Ninja is not qualified to retreat!

And the holder of the white-toothed dagger is even more difficult to retreat!
A few chakra boiling up again!
Just like Shuomao, what Kakashi can do is to consider how to destroy the enemy in front of him!
-Lei Guangda bright!
For many years, Kakashi, who has mastered Leidun, has gone a different way from White Tooth-just as that terrible rapidity comes from every activated cell in the body instead of chakra, who is rolling in the meridians, Kakashi is better than White Tooth in ninja!
But this time, it’s different from the nature change of thunderbolt …
Or, compared with a thousand birds emphasizing explosive power and destructive power, this move pays more attention to speed and penetration …

Do you know that thunder has always been feared by human beings?
Of course, not only because it has more destructive power than you can imagine …
Short knife and lying on the side.
The shark’s eyes are also attracted by this completely different manual work-can you tell him that this may be the biggest threat so far!

Be sure to avoid it at the moment of the knife!
It’s a pity that such an idea has just appeared, but I don’t know when the short knife is pointing in the direction of the shark.

Thunder is frightening because human beings can almost capture its shape. Before the fruit happens, people can be anxious to guess its shape from the dark clouds, and after the dust settles, people can hear its arrogance and roar …
The pain comes before everything else …
It was only after that that terrible shock and low roar swept through Shui Bo!
"Oh …"
Lei Ming has been from the battlefield to the Watergate with the help of gas. From the third party’s point of view, a straight white mountain runs through the whole water polo before that, just like a letter from heaven … and it is this terrible stroke that makes the whole water polo burst and dissipate in shape at once …

One knife, dragon Chapter two hundred and thirteen, rescue!
One knife, Long Yin! !
Beyond imagination, the trick gave the shark a heavy blow at the first time! Even the fusion form has been preserved by law …
The only lucky thing for him is probably that Kakashi also lost his ability to continue chasing after exhausting chakra …
"poof! !”
Blood overflowed from the nose and mouth!
The narrow incision in the abdomen almost cut off his spine! Finally … in this situation, even if you go reluctantly, you can’t get anything.
"Water escape … water shark play!"
Trying to squeeze the last bit out of his body, chakra wrapped himself in a dungeon and grabbed the summoned shark back with one hand, so that he could escape from here as soon as possible by this last resort …