Bow: He passed the Qin Dynasty when he came to Shancheng Road. He is no stranger to another prop, Fang Yin, and he also played with him. It is a little similar to sending something. It seems that two black and white chess pieces are placed where they passed, and then the white chess can be carried with him at a certain time without being limited by sending it to the black chess position.

However, sometimes after 24 hours, the failure of black chess will automatically appear when white chess enters three days of cooling.
That is to say, this prop can make it cool once in a dreamland, which has exceeded the longest period that they can stay in the dreamland.
"I’m sorry I forgot," said Qin Xu, who was a little upset when he pinched his eyebrows. "I didn’t go in the dark according to the props either."
Fang Yin grabbed him and said, "Er, wait a minute. I have another detection card. The cooling-off period has just passed. I’ll see if I can."
Fang Yin took the little eye-shaped decoration from his collar and opened it. The back seal quickly got feedback, and it was still dark and invisible.
"What’s the matter?" Qin Xugui noticed that he stayed there for half a ring and nothing happened. Some people were worried and asked.
Fang Yinnai waved and said, "No, I still can’t see it."
"That’s no way out." Qin Xugui held his hand and tightened it a little. "Let’s go and be careful. She may have followed this dreamland."
Who does she mean by this? They know each other well and can pray for several people on the same team not to be cheated again. The appearance of delicate and touching Xiaobaihua is so deceptive.
The stairs are very long.
Maybe they walked a little slowly by touching the dark, feeling that they had been walking for a long time, and the stairs were endless and seemed to be hovering all the time.
In the dark, the Chinese side issued a tired sigh.
Qin Xun returned to immediately capture this little sound and asked
"It’s not that I’m tired. When will it end? We’ve walked 353 steps from the beginning. It’s not the way to walk, is it?" Fang printed with strength said that after walking for so long, slightly breathing was abnormal in the dark.
Qin Xugui’s smell speech also stopped, and their sight was blocked, and they couldn’t see the surrounding situation. It’s really a matter of years and years to walk around.
"Take a break for a few minutes and I’ll think about it."
Two people in situ stopped to Fang Yin sat to finger groping ground grain bit by bit some helpless.
Without a light source and a ladder that seems to never reach the end, the two major problems are like insurmountable mountains. Even if they are Kong Zaishi, they can’t do anything earth-shattering under limited conditions.
Symbiosis and the eye in the body seem to be in a dormant state, and they are completely silent. With the seal, there is no response at all.
Fang Yin palm consciousness took the lower abdomen and slowly rubbed his trance.
Vaguely, he seems to see a little light and chatter.
"Xiao Sang, are we going in the wrong direction?"
"There is no clue that this direction is wrong."
"But we’ve been walking for so long, and nothing has changed around us."
"Do you want to fold it back?"
"But it’s gone a long way."
"Then shut up and make noise."
It is Zhong Yan and Qin Sangyin that gradually show up as the light approaches.
In the dark, they saw the fire, but the actual spark was still a long way from them. Qin Yougui and Fang Yin did not move rashly, fearing that this Qin Sang was as problematic as the one who came in.
The fire is approaching.
They have been able to clearly see the light of Qin Sang’s face. Theoretically, Qin Sang and Zhong Yan should have seen them, but they didn’t respond at all. They were still talking about one build and one build.
Even two people passed by from Fang Yin and Qin Xu’s side, but they didn’t even give them a look. Otherwise, they walked forward.
"She … can’t seem to see us?" Fang Yin’s eyes followed Qin Sang’s head from left to right and said after being completely ignored
He didn’t deliberately converge. At that time, Qin Sang was only three or four steps away from him, but he still didn’t respond
Qin Yougui said, "I can’t hear you either."
The two men looked at each other and kept three steps away from Qin Sang and Zhong Yan.
Now I don’t know whether the problem is in the two of them or in Qin Sang.
However, Fang Yin and Qin Xu have been in the dark for so long, and I don’t know how long they will wander in the dark if they miss it.
Fang Yin is not sure about the authenticity of the two people and tentatively asks, "This mulberry is …"