Hear Shen Qiqi worry jun four is silent for a long time.

Miss Shi Qiqi’s worry is also that he is worried that the young master has been out for so long but has not heard anything back this time, which is really not normal.
Shen Qiqi’s habitual fingers tapped on the desktop mouth one by one, saying, "Although Master’s strength is unlikely to have an accident, I’m not afraid of ten thousand, but I’m afraid of one thousand Junsi. Why don’t we also go to the Jiao Ren family and have a look? If nothing happens, just take Master home."
Shen Qiqi has long wanted to visit the Jiao Ren clan. If Jun Yang hadn’t said that she was unfamiliar and afraid of going with her, it would have made timid Jiao Ren suspicious. She would have followed her.
The so-called "once born, twice familiar, unfamiliar" is nothing but floating clouds. If you touch it a few times more, there will be no such thing as unfamiliar. Master really doesn’t want her to follow and doesn’t make a better excuse.
Where did Shen Qiqi know that Jun Yang actually wanted to protect her?
Jun Si is a little hard to watch Shen Qiqi. Although she is a little disciple, he really dare not take her to Jiao Ren without the little master’s order.
Although the young master didn’t say anything, he could see that the young master was very interested in him, a disciple, or he wouldn’t let himself be around her to protect her. In case something really happened, his 100 heads wouldn’t be enough
Shen Qiqi didn’t know that Jun Si thought so much about it. He hesitated and didn’t talk, so he couldn’t help but despise him.
Knowing that I am despised by Junsi, I am embarrassed to touch my nose and organize my language to free myself. "Miss Qiqi is not that I don’t want you to go to Jiao Ren, but that your reality is afraid that you can’t get in."
Shen Qiqi raised his eyebrows in surprise. "How do you say this?"
"It’s not that simple to enter the Jiao Ren clan. You also know that Jiao Ren is good at illusion. To enter the Jiao Ren clan, you must go through a dreamland. This dreamland is made up of the shark king of Jiao Ren clan and the five elders. It is very powerful to reach the sixth grade through this dreamland. This is also the reason why the young master won’t let you go."
Junsi coolly explained that the subtext was that he couldn’t help it.
Shen Qiqi really didn’t know about it. It seems that this Jiao Ren family is not so easy to enter.
We have to find another way.
Macey Eva next to hear their conversation disdain pie pie. He is a snake clan. If there is water, it is as simple for him as entering his backyard. It is easy to enter the Jiao Ren clan, but it is really difficult to bring a Shen Qiqi.
He concluded a contract with Shen Qiqi, and her strength was also influenced by her.
Shen Qiqi’s realistic power is still relatively weak, and Macey Eva’s strength is just not in phase with Jun Si.
Just as they were trying to find a way, a man came in panting and reported that someone had taken the housekeeper token and said that there was something urgent to say.
Jun Siyi’s face suddenly turned white and hastily seized bearer by the collar. "Where is that man? Take me quickly! "
Shen Qiqi didn’t go in, but when he saw Jun Si’s reaction, he also knew that it was probably a bad thing, so he followed without saying anything.
Shen Qiqi didn’t expect the speaker to be a weak girl.
It surprised her to hear Junsi address her.
The princess turned out to be a princess, but where is she? It’s not Jiao Ren, is it?
Shen Qiqi was "thumped" in his heart. Does it mean that something really happened to Master?
She was just about to ask when she heard Jun Si eagerly say, "I wonder if the princess can take out the token and show it to Chapter 6 to save lives [1]
Mo Mo Rou took the token out of the ring and handed it to Jun Si.
Seeing the token, your face turned whiter and your trembling hands picked it up.
At the first sight, he knew that this was indeed a housekeeper’s token suspicion.
Your family regards this token as important as life, not only because it is a symbol of their identity and status, but also because they are your family.
Because they were orphans when they were young, their parents relied on your family to take them in and give them food and clothing.
Not only that, but also ask someone to teach them to give them royal family status
If it weren’t for your family, maybe they would have died in the streets.
So they swear to be loyal to your family and never betray it.
Now the housekeeper has given the token of life to outsiders, which proves that they are in great danger and life-threatening
Mo Mo Rou was also very sad to see you four, but it was not sad in the Spring and Autumn Period. She quickly told several people what she had come for.
"Please tell the princess what happened in detail."
Jun Si has resumed his calm thinking countermeasures.
"Here’s what happened."
The ink is soft and will be told to the people again after a detailed account.
Hearing that Jun Yang was trapped and the housekeeper died, Jun Si clenched his fist tightly, and the veins stood out suddenly and violently, and he hated that he could not immediately appear. The Jiao Ren family rescued his master and brother for revenge.
Shen Qiqi, a pair of beautiful eyebrows, also frowned tightly and showed indignation.
"The two kings of Jiao Ren are too much. It’s time to cut pieces!"
After that, I suddenly realized that there was a woman next to me and apologized to her. "I’m sorry, I was so angry."
Mo Mo Rou barely smiled. "No, I think the second brother is too much, and I can’t save the housekeeper and I can’t save your brother."
"It’s not your fault. You’ve done well."
Soothing hug hug ink reporting soft shoulder Shen Qiqi comfort way
Ink reporting soft back to Shen Qiqi a grateful smile.
"Brother Jun, what shall we do now?" Shen Qiqi asked