After that, Le Jin and others left the imperial sword and the monks who were left with refined gas naturally propped up on this platform and entered it to rest. No one dared to make a move here, and they didn’t have to be prepared again.

After more than half a month, I crossed the gate in a calm practice. On the day when the expiration of the period, more than 400 people came here to be monitored under the guidance of Lejin and others. After more than an hour, twelve monks directly joined the Five Elements Sect in Bidou.
At this time, Le Yue said, "Ladies and gentlemen, I belong to the five elements. There are 60 places for my younger brothers to recruit this time. Previously, there were 22 younger brothers who had to compete with each other because of their extraordinary qualifications. There are 30 places left."
Obviously, the number of people here is far beyond the number of 30. Let’s show our strength after a fight later! At this time, you have no reservations.
All right, now, everyone, follow me into the hall of struggle! "
As soon as the words fell, more than 700 monks who refined gas entered the temple of striving for the front seriously and silently.
The previous two halls of the Zhengfeng Temple were different. His dome was a brilliant galaxy, and when a ray of light came out, several Guanghua schools hung down and flew towards everyone.
Who avoid it received a look turned out to be a jade operator.
At this time, Lejin once again said, "Everyone, the platform lattice outside the jade symbol is inductive. You will know who your opponent is when you find your own lattice holding the jade symbol! Come back after each battle and return the jade charm to get a new jade charm.
Now you can fight! "
When the words are finished, Le Jin specially brushed his hand to signal that everyone can go out.
Without Godsworn Tsukiji to lead the way, all the people have no original order, and they have swarmed out of the contending temple. It is also a smile for others to see this.
Who avoid out of the struggle behind the temple will mana toward the hands of a jade operator immediately found himself a cell with induction, his feet kept rapidly came to this cell, almost at the same time, he also has a monk entered this cell.
As soon as the two men stepped in, two jade symbols flew out of their hands spontaneously and merged into a small groove in their respective centers. At the moment, four golden barriers rushed out of the sword marks and enveloped them inside.
Who avoid without hesitation took out the BiDiZhu is preparing to put out the fastest speed to solve the battle when the opposite monk once again hold up the three or four shields and shouted "wait a minute! I surrender! "
"Oh?" Who avoid smell this but also didn’t go to the whole attack but asked, "you decided to just give up? You know, this is your hard work for more than a month! "
"It doesn’t matter if you work hard for a year!" The monk said with a bitter face, "You are amazing. I have seen it as early as Tianjueshan. I have no hidden powerful means to know that I will lose. It is not courage but death!"
"You are quite reasonable. In that case, leave!" Said Wei Ji’s right hand stretched out Ling and took a picture toward the ground. The two jade operators immediately flew out of the groove and the golden barrier disappeared at that time.
The man didn’t hide his disappointment, and he flew out with a hand to Wei Ji. After he went out, he didn’t stay much. Just like this man, there are still many people who are obviously not strong enough to try their luck, but as a result, they are unlucky enough to leave.
However, compared with those who died, they are also a kind of luck.
Who gave Zheng Fan a look and saw that his ability to fight his opponent with a pestle will soon win the victory. Who also won’t delay entering the temple again and returning the jade symbol, waiting for the others to come.
In a short time, the winners gathered in the music to cast spells, and the second wave of jade, light and rain fell to fight again.
Maybe Wei Ji is really lucky. Although his second opponent is also a friar dzogchen who refined gas on the 12th floor, the multiplier is not bad and he won easily.
Wei Ji also won the third and fourth battles one after another, but these two battles took longer than the last.
When Wei Ji got the fifth round jade symbol, it was already noon. When he came to the corresponding box, he found that his opponent was actually the host who attacked Ling Juefeng. At that time, he smiled and said, "It seems that we really have a fate! But at this moment, you’d better throw in the towel. There’s still a chance to deny me. I’m afraid you’ll even lose your life. "
Ling Juefeng was also taken aback, but in the face of Wei Ji’s words, where could he stand it and replied at that time, "Don’t have a set of array, it’s still unknown who will win the battle!"
"I’m not relying on an array. Since you refuse to give up, I’m welcome!" Who avoid a voice down a thunder then boom in the past.
Followed by a violent detonation, Ling Juefeng was killed.
Chapter DiErSi Mother secret thunder outside the door younger brother
Chapter DiErSi Mother secret thunder outside the door younger brother
Ling Juefeng is by no means the kind of conceited person. Since he dares to face nature with the array, he has his own reliance.
For Wei Ji Ling Juefeng, the two men are in charge of taking the sword vein and building the foundation. They are very sure that they will lose the first world war. The man didn’t die on the spot, so it’s as sure as a gun to join the five elements Zongshanmen.
Le Jin and others have already decided that Wei Ji Ling’s off-peak struggle is the fiercest and will last the longest after scanning the platform. They sprinkled a light curtain through the dome galaxy in the temple of fighting for the front and looked at the two men’s ring from a middle perspective.
Who thought that the confrontation between the two men was actually such a way to end? Wei Ji put a god, Lei Ling Juefeng, and he died fast in a flash. At this time, the rest of the challenge was just a fight.
"It’s mother secret thunder!"
Lejin and others can be sent out to introduce the new brother. It is also a temporary choice for the younger brother of Zhuji. Through the galactic screen, they clearly saw that Weiji released the god Reagan and did not shake Ling Juefeng’s protective mask.
However, just as Weiji released the thunderbolt explosion, the mask ling Juefeng bag was also blown up in an instant, and the explosion force was even more horrible. Plus, it was a close-fitting blasting, so he was prepared to be blown to pieces, leaving seven pieces of high-quality implements to fall to the ground.
"How did that guy put the mother’s secret thunder in the bag of Ling Juefeng?" Then a sword vein foundation gave a question.
"This is not simple?" As soon as he spoke, another sword vein foundation immediately answered the words, "They have been fighting for a whole month in Tianjue Mountain, and they are trading with each other every day. Then Weiji must have cast a wide net to trade a large number of mother secrets Gaga and then wait for the key period to take effect."
This Ling Juefeng was just unlucky. One of the purchased divine thunder was spread by Wei Ji, and the mother thunder exploded with it. Then it triggered other divine thunder blasting in Ling Juefeng’s bag, so it was difficult to die!
Fortunately, I was nice to him earlier. I didn’t expect him to be so unlucky. It seems that I should not be out of the mountain in recent months! "
"All right, stop talking. He’s coming in!" Le Jin suddenly woke up and said, "always remember that Wei Ji is too scheming to be an enemy and a friend, otherwise we are afraid that we will not know when the time has been calculated!"
As soon as this remark appeared, the remaining six Zhu Jidi brothers could not help nodding their heads.
Just then, Wei Ji stepped into the temple of striving for the front and delivered the jade symbol to Lejin.
Yue Jin bowed his hand when he held the jade operator’s hand. "Congratulations, Brother Wei, who has officially become my cousin outside the five elements of Zongjian pulse."
Then the other six preconditions also bowed their hands in unison.
Wei Ji also returned the favor with a smile and said, "I am now the official brother of the Five Elements Sect. Shouldn’t I call you uncles and uncles?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"But that’s not absolute for most of the foreign brothers," Le Jin explained with a smile. "Most of the foreign brothers are refining gas on the tenth floor. They still have a long time to go before they want to advance the foundation, so they will choose to be apprentices when they meet the foundation brothers."
And some of them have gained more resources after completing the tenth floor of refining gas. For example, Zhujidan also chose to worship a certain Zhujidi, and they also had to pay homage to Zhujidi.
On the other hand, they are extremely confident in themselves and firmly believe that they need a foundation Dan, so they can break through the bottleneck and advance the foundation. Naturally, they will not give in to themselves and put a group of elders on their heads for nothing, so they will not learn from their teachers and treat our cousins with courtesy.
Judging from the tolerance and cultivation of my younger brother, I know that my younger brother will definitely not learn from the teacher outside the door! "
"Thank you so much for ordering it, Brother Le, or I’m afraid I’m still in the normal state!" Who avoid smell this thank you at that time
"It needs to be," Le Jin replied. "We all firmly believe that Brother Wei can break the bottleneck in the shortest time and advance the foundation. In the future, we will be truly in the same school. Ask us if you know anything. After all, we know more than you when we stay in the Five Elements Sect."
After a pause, I continued, "I live in the seventh peak of the highest plough in Taiyi Mountain!"
As soon as Le Jin finished, the other six people also reported their addresses.
"I live in the fifth peak of Taibai Mountain!"
"I live in Darifeng, Huoyuan Mountain!"
Wei Ji immediately realized the names of the peaks reported by seven Tsukiji, such as Le Jin, and said at that time, "Brother Le, the names of our sword-vein peaks are named after the sword tactic!"
"Not bad!" These are all based on common sense. Wei Ji will naturally know this when he stays in the five elements. He will naturally not hesitate to explain it. At that time, he replied, "Our sword-vein peaks are all named after the sword tactic. A mountain is a big kind of sword tactic, and a mountain is one of them.
Living in Taiyi Mountain refers to Taiyi sword tactic, which is a big category. Besides Taiyi plough sword, Taiyi Tianmen sword tactic, Taiyi split sword tactic, Taiyi triple sword tactic, Taiyi Xin Jin Jian Sha and so on, there are thirteen synthetic Taiyi fourteen swords.
The highest plough peak practice is the seventh peak of Taiyi highest plough sword tactic, which means that the tutor Luo Zhenren Xiu ranks seventh among all the real people who practice Taiyi highest plough sword tactic. "
It is not the seventh shame for Wei Ji to see the joy in his eyes. It is estimated that there are many real people who practice the sword tactic of Taiyi plough.
At this time, Yuan Hong, who presided over the Linggen test by Wei Ji, suddenly said, "If Brother Wei wants to have fun, I’m afraid he will go to the Sixth Peak in six days!"
"This is?" Who avoid heart roughly have the result, but this kind of thing he naturally won’t do it at that time, so the question asked.
"Brother Luo Zhenren has promised to challenge Li Zhenren, the sixth peak of the highest day in six days. Nine times out of ten, it will work? When the time comes, the name of the seventh peak and the sixth peak will definitely be changed. "Yuan Hong immediately said.
As soon as Yuan Hong finished talking about Lejin, he deliberately sank his face and said, "Don’t say carelessly, be careful that Uncle Li’s younger brother knows and challenges you!"
Wei Ji naturally knew that Lejin was in a reserved position and said directly, "In that case, I must prepare a gift to congratulate you!"
"Gifts are not gifts. Brother Wei is willing to come and talk to me. I am happy to come!" Le Jin speaks in a watertight way, leaving no words to others.