Juan carlos Garrido naturally doesn’t want him to think that such a bad foul must be severely punished.

The referee also saw all this and gave Wuyi Farusi a yellow card to appease the players of both sides, and then went to the sidelines to warn juan carlos Garrido.
Garrido also met with people who winked and immediately shut up at the sight of the referee’s expression. It is not a good thing for the team to be sent to the stands in this final.
The referee saw that garrido was honest and then warned him to continue to host the game
Only after the referee turned around did garrido show a contemptuous expression.
Sun Yao was also taken to the field for simple treatment and then returned to the field.
The game is still on!
Sun Yao competed with Wuyi Farusi after the game and made a flicker breakthrough, then he was ready to shoot!
Uyghur Farusi was annoyed by Sun Yao this time, and kicked down Sun Yao directly from behind again!
Sun Yao hugged his legs and lay on the ground again.
Whether it was juan carlos Garrido or Villarreal, the players rushed to surround the butcher and had a good fight with him.
Especially Karp Devilla, a veteran of the team, took the lead. He didn’t mean to appease his teammates’ emotions at all, but he wanted to start the first shot of the uprising for fear of chaos!
This marcos senna also rushed over. At least there was a cool guy, marcos senna, who calmed his teammates.
Wuyi Farusi Karp Devilla couldn’t stop muttering and still didn’t mean to stop.
Even Wuyi Farusi showed no remorse for his tackle. Instead, he provoked the players of Villarreal in Sun Yao to make a Sun Yao diving gesture at the referee with a disdainful expression.
The referee is also angry at this time. He just let you go, and now you’re messing with me. Show me a second yellow card and a total of two yellows, and directly send Wu Yi Farusi off the court!
The smell of gunpowder in the game has also become extremely strong
The referee also gave a yellow card to Karp Devilla, who was just emotional. Karp Devilla saw that Wuyi Farusi had already played, and he was honest and didn’t resist.
At this time, who knows if the referee will try to find a balance?
Take it when it’s too good. Karp Devilla is an old hand.
Who knows whether the excitement just now was an expression of true feelings or pressure on the referee?
Is the unpredictable trend of the game.
At this time, it is a good thing for Villarreal to play one more player, and the other team still fined a defender!
Wuyi Farusi walked off the court and rushed to the player’s channel with a depressed face. He was also depressed when he played the ball. Sun Yao rushed to the road several times to find his position.
Continuous breakthroughs for him can really make him feel bad. If Degea hadn’t been high-handed and low-handed, he would have become a’ sinner’ of the team.
But if the team doesn’t win this red card, he will still be a’ sinner’.
"Will 11-1 Villarreal play one more person and this red card become a turning point?" Su Dong guessed
Indeed, this really makes Atletico Madrid need to let other players run more to make up for the vacancy left by Wuyi Farusi after the game.
This is extremely unfavorable to them.
Sun Yao was shoveled by Wuyi Farusi twice in a row, but he was still unaffected, which made him have to admire his physique.
He was injured during the season, but none of them were particularly serious!
His football style is also one that is easily fouled by opponents.
We are very lucky not to suffer from serious illness.
The game is more and more favorable to Villarreal, and Degea has a big uncontrollable posture.
It was at this time that Giuseppe Rossi finally regretted hitting the post with an offside shot!
That ball Degea has the ability to ask the ball to be suspicious when it approaches the post.
The situation of the game seems to be very advantageous to Villarreal, and it seems that it is time to decide the winner.
But Atletico Madrid still has a game to play. Aguero is very excited!