"If you don’t treat an asshole like you, you can’t!"

"Yueer!" Jiuzhong tried to ask Shen Yue for some support again, but Shen Yue completely made him honest \
Shen Yue said profoundly, "I agree with Sister Feng Wu!"
"Ahem …!" Now that this problem has reached a dead end, it’s too heavy to change the subject and make another living. "Let’s go back to the question just now!" Yueer, you haven’t answered me yet. My sisters aren’t playing the game Era. How can they be the first group to enter Guanyin Gate for further study? !”
"Since I will come out, things will naturally not be as you think!" Shen Yue said, "Just a while ago, your sisters were idle in Longyu, so they found me and asked me to arrange something for them to do! So I just let them play the game Era. When will I be able to help you? I didn’t expect the opportunity to come so soon! "
"But even so …!" Jiuzhong is still wondering, "When they entered the game, their level should not be much higher. If the level is too low, even if they go to the South China Sea, they will not meet the standards of vocational education!"
"If they are graded, they should have a grade of more than ten and a grade of almost ninety. It’s not too low!"
"ha? How long did they enter the game and how did they get such a high level? " Nine heavy surprise way "when level became so worthless? !”
"It’s not that the level is worthless, but that some of them take them and take them to upgrade. It’s your two ace teams, the Dragon Magic Team and the Crazy Magic Team! Do you think the upgrade speed can be slowed down with them? !”
"I depend …!" Nine surprises are not the upgrade speed of Dragon Magic Team and Crazy Magic Team, but "My sisters came into the game to play this help, and no one told Lao! Are they trying to rebel? !”
"They don’t want to rebel!" Phoenix Dance heard, "But I know you too well! Once I tell you this, what else can they do? "
"Ahem, don’t talk about it. Let’s talk about business!" Nine heavy found himself now must proceed with caution, or seize the opportunity to daughters will dig at him, especially phoenix dance this dead girl "well since their level is already so high, there is nothing to say that the first batch of trainees who entered Guanyin Gate is them! Yueer, please arrange this as soon as possible! "
"I know!" Shen Yue’s voice just fell and the hall door suddenly came into four people from the outside.
Two of them are Iron King Kong and Pit Little Sister. The other two players, one white and one black, don’t know each other, but judging from their temperament, they must be some people.
"You’re back!" I didn’t see Jiuchong Iron King Kong say hello to Jiuzhong once before. "You just asked me to contact you and I brought it to you!"
"I’ll introduce you to one!" Iron Blood King Kong first introduced him to the two players. "This little white face with filial piety is the president of the candlestick society, and this black-toed fierce brother is the president of Ziqi Donglai, Zixue!"
After introducing Jiuzhong to the two people, I introduced Jiuzhong to the two people. "Calm down and don’t get excited. This is the Huaxia District that has been implicated in our suffering by challenging the soldier king!"
"… it’s you!" Gone with the candlestick and purple blood eyes transient sharp expression also pulled up.
"The sacred you know not to know that you give us a pit bitter! !” In troubled times, he was a little excited. Obviously, in the Freedom League, he suffered a lot in suppressing and persecuting the Chinese players in the United States this time.
"Of course I know that I am coming!" I’m more calm if I haven’t eaten their hardships.
"I don’t have so much nonsense to kill people and pay back debts!" Purple blood slowly pulled out a pair of dragon blood Jinga swords with an ice face. "Since you are here today, you can either compensate me for all the losses I suffered when I came to the East this time or save my life!"
"… I don’t care if you want to hit me! But before that, can you hear the end of Iron King Kong? !”
"Huh?" Iron king kong was nine heavy say one leng "what do you want me to say? !”
"That’s what I told you before. Tell them again for me!"
"Why should I say it for you? You don’t have a long mouth? !”
"Hum ~!" Jiuchong Iron Blood King Kong compared the "V" gesture "Don’t forget you promised me two conditions! You don’t want to go back on your word so soon, do you? !”
"… I bear it!" Iron King Kong turned to face the truth and purple blood in troubled times, and repeated what the former Jiuzhong told him with two people. When it comes to Jiuzhong’s two conditions, he turned around and asked Jiuzhong, "Do they also need to promise you those two conditions? !”
"Of course!" Nine key nod
Iron King Kong turned around again and said to the candlestick and purple blood in troubled times, "If you two promise him this condition, he will promise to make up for all the losses you two have suffered this time! Such as? !”
"Iron king kong, are you now a sacred dogleg? !” Iron King Kong did not answer the rhetorical question when he finished telling the truth in troubled times and purple blood.
"Obviously not!" Iron king kong shook his head. "I have promised him those two conditions and now I have to listen to him temporarily!" Everything is the loss suffered these days! "
"… you are really humiliated!"
"If you want to get back the loss compensation, you have to be like me!"
"How to answer or not? !” Look, it’s almost time for three people to chat. Jiuzhong interjected at the right time.
"Why should we believe you? !” Gone with the world and purple blood or concerns about the nine centers of gravity
"Then how can you believe me? !”
"Don’t say one first!" In troubled times, I made an international gesture of rubbing money. "Give us some compensation first and let us have a little bottom!"
Iron King Kong heard this and shook his head, saying, "Don’t waste your energy, brothers. I have already tried, but this sacred party is a miser. It is impossible to get money from him."
"No way!" Sure enough, as Iron King Kong expected, the nine-fold answer was as crisp and neat as ever.
"Then what is there to say!" In the purple blood dance, the dragon blood Jinga sword pulls the posture. "If we lose it, we will kill you!"
Yesterday, Gigi’s draft was suddenly broken, and as a result, the quick draft was gone … It seems that I need to order it later, otherwise it will be embarrassing to encounter this situation again.
Chapter five hundred and ninety-seven Another dead pervert
"What’s your opinion? !” Looking at the troubled times and asking for heaven [
In troubled times, I fished out my weapon from my backpack, and the sword was burning fiercely. "I also want to ask for advice. I dare to talk to the pervert of the soldier king!"
"Very good!" Nine heavy and twist a head to stare at jump jump y try iron diamond road "around is to play then lively iron diamond pit little sister you also come together! Aren’t you one who wants to give me a lollipop? !”
Iron Blood King Kong and Pit Little Sister looked at each other. "Since you said so, let’s be respectful and join in!"
"Don’t display it here!" Iron Blood King Kong made a gesture of invitation, "Let’s invite outside!"
"no!" Nine heavy one motioning with his hand, "there was one outside because there were many people outside, and if I were here, you would be more than one bargained for;" Do you think it’s good to let your hands see your defeat here? !”
"Kazakhstan sacred you also a little crazy? Can you really defeat the four of us in a row? !” Gone with the candlestick and laughed
"Wrong!" Jiuchong shook his fingers and corrected, "I’m not going to lose you in a row, but I’m going to hit you four once!" "