After leaving the Gangfeng layer, Luo Yin smiled, "We are here to take you back, but when we left, the master asked us to invite you to the office before inviting you here. After talking to the master here, you can have your exclusive magic weapon’ Yin and Yang Concentric Card’ here. It’s very convenient to go back. I wonder what the owner means?"

Song Chang Gung knew that she nodded correctly and was about to say when she suddenly heard a female voice in the distance laughing and shouting, "Aunt, why didn’t you come back at this time? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. This time it was as you said. When it was really cold sand, Leng Yun suffered from the aurora reaction, which was much worse than in previous years. Unfortunately, you didn’t see it. "
Luo Yin waved to the talking woman as soon as she saw it, and then introduced Song Changgeng that it was her apprentice and her niece’s name was Luo Jinchun. When she was near, Luo Yin smiled lovingly and replied, "In fact, this time it was almost the same as the second time. It was because the peasant sister borrowed a C-fire charm to borrow Razer’s sand and fire to force the seven-layer cloud belt to lead."
These two days, I have a headache due to my poor health, and I have written very slowly. Yesterday, I forgot to wait for the shift. Now it’s after midnight. Ok, today we have three chapters together.
The fifty-ninth volume Cirrus Chapter five hundred and fifteen Strange double girls
A girl named Luo Jinchun seemed to be around the age of 16 or 17. When she heard that there was something wrong with her, she wanted to continue asking Luo Yin, but then she said, "I’ll talk to you about this matter when it’s okay. Now I have something to see your grandmaster. What should you do? Be good. If it’s okay, don’t talk nonsense. Wait for me to talk to you later."
Song Chang-geng listened to her and coaxed the girl like a child, and she knew that their feelings were deep. The girl named Luo Jinchun nodded very cleverly, and then made a ceremony for Song Chang-geng and Punishment Man, and then followed Luo Yin behind the three men. After the two men continued to lead Song Chang-geng forward through several layers of law, Song Chang-geng estimated that Wufeng did not really follow, and he could not help but feel relieved.
Song Chang Gung saw the girl named Luo Jinchun awkward and said to Luo Yin with a smile, "What did you say just now? Can you also tell me that the place here is vast and we can’t fly all the way for a while? It’s too boring. Why don’t you tell me that it’s fun for all of us? "
Luo Yin said after a moment’s reflection, "It’s all right to fall far from here, and it’s not good to fly quickly. It’s all right to talk to the master, but it’s a bit of a hindrance. After listening to it, the master also has a vision, and when he meets these people, he also has a precaution. In fact, it’s very simple. The master also knows that our Lingjiao Fairy House is a sea god mountain in the East China Sea.
Coming from Middle-earth, not only in the sea area separated by thousands of miles, but also on the Tianpeng Mountain, there are seven layers of clouds taking off from the ground, and the wind is chilly, blowing people’s desire to turn black wind into tide and snow cover, and it is necessary to go through three or four ice, ice and wind fire areas to show life, so that they can see the beautiful scenery along the way.
Before we cross a cloud, we are almost at the top of Lingjiao Fairy House. It is also a matter of contention that we live here, but even if it is so long, we will eventually give birth to something, but everyone will not suppress it. We have also been keeping in harmony with scattered immortals around us. These things are suppressed rather than eliminated, and they will explode immediately.
This incident happened about last time. At that time, I went out to visit friends with my ninth junior sister. When I came back, my junior sister presided over the escape. We all flew together and people were hidden in the clouds. Our method of driving clouds is very special. When we ride a cloud, we can give our skills to the driver. This way, flying is naturally much faster.
Especially after the ninth division came out of autism, people made great efforts to put a colorful cloud with golden flowers and silver clouds in their cloud department to break through the waves and fly across the sea. I saw that my younger sister was too strong to hide from the light, for fear of showing off what details would make her hide from the light. Don’t be like this, but my younger sister was trying her best not to listen.
I can’t go on to say that if it blocks her head, it won’t fly well. Soon, even if there are two strong dodging lights flying in from the oblique thorn, one of them can’t tell whether it is evil or not. It seems that the air is in the distance. Now we are dodging light and tracking and flying in our way, and we are flying back several times.
It seems that we have the intention to look for the scenery and the other party’s skill seems to be not weak. It seems that it was in the early days of Yuanying. Although my school sister and I are both fairies, our skill is not so good, but we are so dazzling. Obviously, we show off and deliberately provoke.
At that time, when she saw it, she was angry and disturbed. She actually wanted to go back and ask her if the two sides had never met before.
I was afraid that there would be more complications. After a few days, my sister’s escape from the light was hidden and even broken, and I couldn’t recognize each other. Obviously, we have never been away from each other. So I said, don’t pay attention to them and repeatedly dissuade my sister. She was also born for a while and didn’t want to be troubled, so she still flew forward. We ended up here.
But who knew that the other party actually had the means to follow us, but we couldn’t fly now. At that time, we flew across the East China Sea to Luodi in one day, and we all felt relaxed. The Lord Song Door was also here. When we knew that our geographical location was in the center of the East China Sea, it was northerly. Ten Vandory was the place where the East Great Wilderness South Star ended in the mountains.
However, in Tianpeng Mountain, because there are tens of thousands of miles of black wind, hail, fire, cloud, hot sand, no matter fairy or fairy, everyone stays and lives here. Later, because of our practice, we collect a lot of black wind, hail, fire, cloud, hot sand, and the natural hazards here gradually converge. In recent hundreds of years, there have been ordinary humans.
Stay nearby
All the way home that day, we saw a lot of rocks when the flames were flying and the smoke was filled.
From Gaojiu waterfall, it seems to flow to the foot of the mountain, and the sea water is steaming and surging like the same. Looking up, the sky has been covered with fire clouds, and the volcanic vents have been covered by the smoke and fire clouds of thousands of feet.
There are dozens of feet near the sea, and I can see a little concave trough washed by molten juice and boiling slurry all the year round. I can also see the shape of the bottom of the mountain. Looking up at a dark red and thick black smoke, I can’t see the sky. The sea is boiling and deafening. Although the scenery here is not good, it is at home. After all, we feel a little kind every time we see it. "
Song Chang-geng listened to Luo Yin’s explanation here. Actually, his heart was not here. He was going to Lingjiao Palace Road. There were so many laws and regulations that he couldn’t fly quickly to avoid accidentally touching what the laws and regulations prohibited. Lingjiao Palace naturally had to fly for a while, so he listened to Luo Yin while thinking about his own worries, but he didn’t listen to anything.
After hearing that Luo Yin would come here and pause a little, I thought it would be a aftertaste of that kind of mood, so I said, "I knew that that’s where we came in at that time, and I felt too hot at that time. Later, I heard Ding Daoyou introduce that there were two fires in this area with more than 360 craters and five thousand feet, which contained yuan magnetic qi and too toxic flame."
You must be careful how high your mana is, or you will be injured if you don’t die, especially if the flying sword, a magic weapon refined by hardware, is refined by it as soon as it comes near or crosses. Fortunately, the outlets of the two big fires are small and scattered into hundreds of craters on the ground, and it is much better to hide away from Fiona Fang in every area.
I don’t want us to bump into it at that time and have a fight with a bird man. I felt very deeply at that time, not to mention that the cloud of fire caused by these hundreds of craters was thousands of feet thick and more than a thousand miles long. Fortunately, we were far away from it and didn’t feel much in it. Later, we received a rare’ Razer God Sand’ and we were deeply impressed by it. "
Luo Yin laughed. "That’s right. At that time, we had bypassed the mountain corner to see the gloomy clouds and the low curtain in front of us. The more intense the smoke was, the darker it seemed as if the sky was even with water and water. The scene was dark and abnormal, but in a thick shadow, there were two towering pillars, one big and one small, and the light color of those dark pillars was very fresh.
At that time, the sea waves were reflected as colorful glow patches in the shadow, and the sky was dazzling, but there was no mountain shape except the pillar of fire in the gloomy darkness.
The pillar of fire is as straight as two pillars that are deep red as blood and support the sky. It looks very beautiful, but we naturally know that the pillar of fire is Razer after being here for a long time. This is still a spectacle that appears as usual in the middle of the night every month. Razer’s sacred sand has emerged once in a hundred years, but it has been seen in the past. However, the accidental rise of the treasure light in Ze and the sacred sand was so fierce and amazing at that time.
Hugh, a person with less mana, said that he wouldn’t dare to stay nearby, but when we flew nearby, we suddenly caught a glimpse of two shiny green lights flying from the oblique thorn behind us and throwing them straight into those two pillars of fire. We couldn’t stand it if we didn’t have Bao Guang to defend ourselves more than 100 feet apart.
However, this strange visitor seems to be all right, and seeing that Guanghua actually provoked two people just now, we realized that the other party didn’t leave, but we didn’t know that the spell had followed all the way here and saw this treasure, so we abandoned us and rushed to collect it. At that time, we were very angry, mainly because we were angry that we were being followed and didn’t even know it.
At the same time, I also feel very strange what magic the two pillars of fire are standing quietly in the black smoke. As soon as the two green lights fly into the room, they reflect a light that is 100 times brighter than Mars. In the future, people will wrap around me. When I see that the green light is not evil, I think it is an overseas fairy who relies on the magical power to venture here and knows that Razer is powerful, so I want to help each other.
At that time, I was also eager to save people too fast. Before people got there, the magic weapon of opening and closing was already drawn out. My heart was the other side. Who knows, the bearer was deliberately like this. When I arrived, it was discovered that the two pillars of fire had wrapped people in a blue light and shadow, and the two young girls were also self-convergent. They ate the two sparks and hugged them as if they were in a hurry.
At that time, I felt that when the pillar of fire flashed strongly, people would be wrapped in green light, and most of them would be eliminated at once. I didn’t notice that people were in danger. My magic weapon was early, and my mind was in harmony, that is, my mind was moving faster than both sides. I didn’t see that the other side had deliberately done so until I covered the other side with my magic weapon.
The fifty-ninth volume Cirrus Chapter five hundred and sixteen Undercurrents emerge
It’s because I intervened in the two pillars to eat my magic weapon Guanghua, and the first gear still shrank back. When the two women saw it, they were angry. The two girls wanted to see our magic weapon, the flying sword, and it’s also not a fairy house treasure. Do you know if it’s easy to provoke one of the older women to look at her companion and make a gesture as if to fly away?
Another girl seemed angry but sneered at the older daughter. "They and I have just been flying in the sea for a long time, and now they are collecting treasures from us. Is it necessary to leave if we don’t talk?" This isn’t their home. Why should we leave? If you want to go, they will go. "
I heard that the living wind was not good, and the other party was obviously busy with anger. "Two Taoist friends don’t have to mind that I was angry because I saw Razer’s sand, for fear that Taoist friends would be in danger and help me urgently. I don’t know that friends want to borrow Shenhuo to escape from the roots and put it away for a while. Don’t take offense if you want to find a way later, just don’t know what you call them? Xianshan? "
The young girl sneered, "even if you can’t see through this, why do you come here from tens of thousands of miles away?" At this time, ask me to think of another way. Is it easy for you to get these natural treasures? My sister has been disappointed and won’t talk to you again, and we have something to do. It’s good to be angry with you for a while. I’ll find you myself in a year. "
I haven’t answered yet. The more you listen to me, the more angry you are. Do you want to ask questions? Even if you are a stalker, it’s a well-meaning thing to save people. The older woman has already preempted me by saying, "You two sisters don’t have to be angry. This is my Younger. Her first time as a mountain teacher was an overseas scattered fairy. She has been living in seclusion for a long time. Since people don’t know each other, it’s just a mistake."
I didn’t want the young girl beside me to be angry. The teacher elder sister said that she was not young, so she sneered, "What are you afraid of, teacher elder sister? You don’t even know our Baihua Island, and it’s not our peasant sister. What are you afraid of before we hide because we have to make low-key repairs and have the celestial backing? It is a great achievement to ask us to help the celestial world get the light realm.
The post-theory of Baihua Island is that in the celestial world, people want to be famous. What do you get to be polite to them? Hum, you provoked us, and when we are finished, we will naturally come back to get even with you. If you are good, you will tell us the name of the sect, or let us start work. That’s not at all. "
The older woman seems to be afraid that the girl will hold her more and then say to us, "At this time, we will find you when we have leisure time." After that, when the girl pulls the green light and flashes, she will fly away. Although it is a green light, the common conical light is not very strong, but it is very fast and penetrates into the black fireworks cloud.
At that time, I felt strange when I heard them talking about the light. I went back and told my teacher that after a calculation, the master told me to be more vigilant and that the two women would not stop there. We caused them to lose, and Razer Shensha naturally wanted revenge. Once they were connected with the celestial world, they left this matter alone, and finally there was a natural result.
So I’ve been forbidding and setting up a lot of bans. Sure enough, this peasant sister found out our origin and knew that we lived here, so she borrowed a C-fire charm from the celestial world. She wanted to use Razer’s sand fire to force the seven-layer cloud belt to rush us. Therefore, I will definitely punch a big hole in the fifth floor of the cold sand Leng Yun. Although we are not harmful, there will be drastic changes in Wan Li, Fiona Fang.
Although this place is a barren sea in the East Pole, the sea is full of smoke all the year round, and there are few creatures like boiling soup, but it is hard not to react to the extreme heat and cold disaster in the distant weather. That is our cause and effect.
In particular, the peasant sisters rely on their magical powers to make a joke that they want to use magic to find gas with us. They are so overbearing and close to the demonstration. I am really angry with her for not being able to use this magic to deal with them. I think they should be honest when they bounce back this time. Many Song door lords should be careful when they go back. People from all walks of life, such as immortals, have actually arranged it when you are not in the light. "
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help but frown. It turned out that there was still this thing. When you want to repair it yourself and get a light situation, all walks of life can know that you have stayed in it for two years. When you have enough time, you will arrange it for them. From what you just said, many hidden sects have been moved by them, and now it is the first time for the demon world to start work.
Talk to Lingjiao Palace Landlord Palace Although I have been to Lingjiao Palace once, Song Chang-geng still feels that the scenery here is still unspeakable. Looking at the large pavilions and platforms, I don’t know the end of the four people flying all the way, but I also met several waves of young men and women stepping on the fairy.
After Ranlai greeted each other and exchanged courtesies, these people all accompanied them to move forward.
Song Chang-geng, when he looks at this posture, knows that the naked man has given himself a high welcome. In fact, what is his master, apprentice and son-in-law? Everything is secondary. A light-hearted cave god can make the naked man so grand. It is also natural that the two horses will get married in-laws.
Moreover, Song Chang-geng also knows that he is now at the crossroads, and all kinds of troubles have found the door. Now many people are avoiding themselves, and few people are willing to take care of themselves. But at this time, the naked man puts on such courtesy, and the taste is not ordinary. Song Chang-geng can’t help but sigh that the old guy has used the means of giving timely help to the other party.
In his thoughts all the way, everyone flew close to the palace and saw a cloud with five colors scattered from time to time. The colors of the clouds were not strong, and the clouds reflected each other wonderfully. The clouds were beautiful and beautiful, and Luo Yin showed Song Changgeng the clouds. Everyone appreciated each other and the clouds had crossed.
Lin Yutian, a castle in the fairy mountain and a large piece of flowers in front of him, is already in sight. Song Changgeng thought that the naked man had given himself such a big ceremony and gave himself a face. So he said that he would stop here and walk over. Luo Yin laughed. "The door owner is not an outsider. There are still dozens of miles to go."
Song Chang-geng naturally wants to make a gesture, that is, to say that the real person is very old. From Gan Biwu’s point of view, he is also a junior. After the two men insisted on refusing to argue, Song Chang-geng barely flew to the ground for a dozen miles in front of the Fairy Palace. When Luo Yin and others saw that he meant it very sincerely, they no longer urged him to know that the master had put on such a big ceremonial ceremony. Song Chang-geng certainly wanted to make a gesture.
If he flies so carelessly, I’m afraid everyone will look down on him. Now it’s easier for both sides to talk and do things after being confronted, so everyone falls behind him and walks forward. More than ten guests and guests just walked to the jade steps of the Fairy Palace and suddenly saw two waitresses greet him, and then they greeted each other with incense burners at the door.
Song Chang-geng’s theory of bare-staff reality calculation is very profound, and he also knows a lot about himself. This time, he wants to do something. Judging from his attitude, he should be biased towards himself. He is busy, calm and respectful, and walks with Luo Yin and others along the way, with beautiful scenery and beautiful flowers.
However, he is also interested in seeing the truth and how to ask the cause and effect of this incident and how to deal with it. After all, he has never experienced such a big battle. It is good for someone to ask after all.
This time, Song Geng also knows that it’s a little big. Boy, all walks of life have come, and the demon world has forced him to crush himself directly. But until now, he has not understood what these people are. That’s right. Get a glimpse of the world? I’m afraid it’s not such a big battle, is it So this time, I also want to ask the real person if he can’t figure out why.
Along the way, every once in a while, there was a man and a woman who each held various ritual vessels and other things to welcome them into the main hall. However, there was no one in the back hall. One person was here to see Song Chang-geng. He quickly sat up to greet the two men and exchanged a few greetings. The naked man told him that his brother was either closed or out. Now Luo Yin and Xing Man are here.
He didn’t sit down with Song Changgeng, but laughed. "Song Daoyou can play here with the old man for a while if it’s urgent, and then go to Jiuchunting for a drink. It’s just that this time there is a heterogeneous lantian jade. Why don’t you taste it together?" Say and look at Song Changgeng with a smile. In fact, he is also a polite person. He knows that Song Changgeng will not refuse.
Song Chang Gung knew that he had something to say, and at the same time he had to pull his feelings. Naturally, it was not good for him. In such a serious place, Xie Nuobin and his four brothers went to play together. The Jiuchun Pavilion was the highest pavilion in Xianfu, and the tall Yudongzhu Lianghuali Pavilion was full of waves and beautiful scenery.
On the other three sides, the morning light is like the sea and the clouds are flowing, and the splendor is beautiful. However, Song Changgeng is also in the mood to watch and sit for a while. He gossiped and said a few words. When he saw that he was insane, he laughed. "I know that Taoist friends are worried, but before I say it, I still want to say a few words. Please don’t blame me for being talkative!"