Three-legged sun and two-footed grasp at the left and right doors, and the wings are also propped at the doors, as if to push the doors again. When the patriarch sees something bad, he immediately throws something out and mumbles!

Chapter 319 Enjoy this life well
A piece of Yu Pei appeared in front of the three-legged sun, conjured a giant axe from the Yu Pei and cut it off toward the three-legged sun.
"chirp! It’s actually a fairy! " The three-legged sun spits people’s words, but he has to return it. As soon as he loosens the giant door, the patriarch and the old man work together to knock the door shut with a loud noise.
But before the door disappeared, there was another loud bang that shook the whole world!
But fortunately, the door slowly disappeared for a moment, and then it resumed and flashed. This is out of bounds, which means that the door completely disappeared!
The patriarch took a long breath, "What a powerful demon!"
Haikui is also frowning. The three-legged sun is so powerful!
The old man went to see the faint four heads of families and came to Haikui. "Since you came back, the agreement came into effect three years ago!" "
Haikui threw his fist. "The patriarch really believes people!"
The patriarch ha ha smiled, "Don’t fool me with this sentence when you are young!"
Haikui embarrassed smile.
"But that Xu Daoyou came to wait for you early!" The patriarch’s face disappeared with laughter.
"Xu Daoyou?" Haikui can’t remember who it is at the moment!
"You’d better be careful if that friend Xu Daoyou doesn’t come well!" The patriarch wakes up
Haikui thought for a long time and suddenly sounded if he was chasing his old man!
More think more feel is made to seal fairy expression of eyes, seal fairy nodded and disappeared a black smoke.
The patriarch glanced at Li Fengxian and said to Haikui, "Let’s go and I’ll help you resurrect your parents!" "
Haikui primly said, "Thank you, my Lord!"
"Let’s go. You deserve a reward!" The heads of the fathers said, turning around and carrying their hands in front to lead the way slowly.
Haikui waited for this day, and he felt that he had waited for a long time. But at this moment, he had nothing to be excited about, and he was calm and calm, so that he thought slowly and slowly in his mind!
The patriarch took Haikui all the way to the tallest igloo in the family. "This is it. Come in!" Say through the door and push in!
At the moment Haikui stepped into the door, he suddenly felt a little scared. What should be the first sentence he said to his parents?
"Put your parents’ bodies on this ice!" The heads of the families entered the room and said to Haikui
Haikui did so and took out two freezers in the bag. The ice in the freezers was originally three meters thick, and now there are only a few centimeters left. Fortunately, it was taken out at this time.
Put the hard flesh on the plane, take out two jade bottles, and put them on the ice!
Then he took two steps back and looked at the patriarch!
"You go out. I’ll call you later!" The patriarch waved his hand.
Haikui’s lips moved and the patriarch’s eyebrows stood up and said, "This is my secret!"
Haikui Fahao walked out of the igloo.
After coming out and waiting for a while, Feng Xian turned back and whispered behind Hai Kui, "You are the old man who chased you after taking the leafy meat outside the Life Wheel clan!"
"It was him!" Haikui frowned slightly. "He’s here to avenge the Hao family. We must get rid of him first!"
"Now that you have stabilized, I have also concentrated on the physical body. It is not difficult for me to beat him!" Seal fairy corners of the mouth hung sneer at and said
Haikui glanced at the igloo. "Go!" Two people a flicker disappear.
When he appeared, he came to the entrance of the life wheel family, where two huge icicles still stood. Xu Gaoyuan waited for him outside with a black face. He was a little impatient!
He doesn’t know if Xue Zhengxiu killed Haikui. He has been waiting here for five days.
Suddenly, two figures appeared in front of my eyes. When I saw them clearly, Xu Gaoyuan frowned.
I didn’t expect Xue Zhengxiu didn’t kill Haikui. I’m afraid Xue Zhengxiu was run, and he was a little surprised to see Haikui’s small body breath become stronger!
I didn’t expect to be good at this three-year course!
Curse Xue Zhengxiu in a low voice. Xu Gaoyuanlang said, "Hai Kui!"
"The old man doesn’t know what you and the Hao family have been pushing me hard?" Haikui coldly looking at Xu Gaoyuan said
"The Hao family was kind to me, and the bodhi old zu of the Hao family begged me to do anything. I had to kill you and let you breathe for three years. Today, you will die honestly!"
Xu Gaoyuan said slowly that he didn’t recognize that Haikui Xiu could be taller than him for three years, so it was too short to break through.
"I see. It’s really rare for people like you to be affectionate and righteous now, but I don’t like people pestering me. If I don’t kill people, I’ll kill them, so I’ll get rid of the roots and save trouble!" Haikui said step by step from the wheel clan enchantment.
This enchantment prevents people from entering but not from coming out!
Xu Gaoyuan Haikui came out without talking nonsense. Take the gourd from the waist and pat it gently. The car is so big that it falls at Xu Gaoyuan’s feet!
Haikui looked at Xu Gaoyuan coldly. When there is no need to lang with him, I will go to see my parents later.
Haikui pinched the formula with one hand and pointed to the sky to drink a "thunder for nine days!"
This far northern Haiti has an amazing amount of Haikui in Lei Yun all the year round. This mobilization has brought Lei Yun to Fiona Fang for dozens of miles.
Xu Gaoyuan looked up and cast a glance somberly!
He gently stepped on the gourd and pinched it. He pointed a finger at Haikui’s foot gourd plug and automatically hit it inside to reveal a piece of red fire. Then several filariasis were ejected from the gourd and shot at Haikui.
Feng Xian’s hand in charge of Feng Xian’s flag is also a step forward from the enchantment. With a wave of his hand, Feng Xian’s flag stands in front of Hai Kui and sucks away all those filariasis.
It’s getting darker and darker as if it’s brewing emotions!
Cherry hail fell from the sky and hit a pit on the ground ice!
But for them, nothing is bounced by the protective qi.
There was a flash through the sky, and suddenly there was a boom and a loud noise.