"He wants to break the sky to deal with tornadoes!" Looking at the figure without a trace of movement, Zhang Chongxuan, the equal king, already knows that Zhang Chongxuan intends to keep Zhang Chongxuan still, so the power of attacking the whole conan the destroyer will be reduced by 60% when he loses the ground, and Zhang Chongxuan will succeed in his wishful thinking and reach out and grasp it. An iron net has already appeared in his hand.

This iron net has a slap in the face, and all its wire parts are very hot. It is the equal king, Abishura. The equal king is in charge of Fengdu City, and the iron net, Abishura Hell, has another 16 small prisons. Anyone who kills, sets fire and beheads the Dharma will find his hall, not only his heart and copper piles, but also his brothers and sisters embrace each other, fanning the fire, burning his heart and burning his heart. Abishura is the most powerful torture device in Abishura Hell.
As soon as the snuff out, the temperature of the snub-nosed shura net immediately became hot, and it emanated from the snub-nosed shura net. When the king reached out and lifted the snub-nosed shura net, he flew to the side of the snub-nosed shura net, which was quite standing on the stone pillar, Zhang Zhongxuan’s cover, and the place where the snub-nosed shura net flew over was even more full of hellish flames, which filled the whole root mountain with flames.
Looking at the king who is still losing the truth in the skyshatter column, Zhang Chongxuan sneers, "If you don’t move, even if you are a big pick, even if you are covered by my ABI Shura net, you will go back to ABI Hell with me. I think you can’t move!"
"I can’t believe that even the A-bi-shura network is out. It seems that it is really necessary to kill them all!" Zhang Chongxuan sighed in his heart and didn’t stop inputting the true yuan into the skyshatter column. At this moment, he read in his mouth that there was a virtual crack in front of him again, and a colorful light flashed and a five-color star sand broke out. It was Zhang Chongxuan’s heavenly sand.
"It was the heavenly sand refined by Master Nobita." The equal king Yi frowned and said, "This heavenly sand was originally a terrarium, but now it is a celestial multiplier. It seems that it has been refined. This person is really not simple."
Boom two loud noises came out respectively, and the skyshatter column had already destroyed the sky and destroyed the earth, and a tornado collided with Zhang Chongxuan’s offering of God’s sand, and the king also collided with him when he pulled out the Abbasishura net.
The whole mountain was filled with deafening sound when the skyshatter tornado collided, and a bottom hole was directly cracked in the collision zone. You know, the underground soil is more and more limited to the density and hardness, which is natural. However, when two objects collided, a bottomless black hole appeared, which is shocking. The whole underground actually shook in the crash of the skyshatter tornado, and the yin around the local government became extremely unstable. From a distance, it is more obvious that several corpses and souls escaped from the guards because of this flash.
Compared with the sky-breaking column and the tornado, the collision between the celestial sand and the Abbasishura net is relatively pale, but the scene produced by the collision between the celestial sand and the Abbasishura net is very spectacular. First, there are sparks all over the sky in generate, which make the whole place as beautiful as the setting sun. It is incredible that in that firelight, Guanghua circulates the celestial sand, but it splits and falls on the Abbasishura net. Those sparks scoff at the celestial sand and raise several white smoke, which makes the whole place as ethereal as a fairyland.
Seeing the collision between the divine sand and the Abbasishura net, the equal king’s face became ugly. He actually knew that Zhang Zhongxuan was the divine sand, but forgot the characteristics of the divine sand. The divine sand was made up of the divine mud in the Buddhist merit pool, and it grew up several hundred feet. A five-color star sand body had the water property in the merit pool. The Abbasishura net was born more severely than Samadhi’s true fire. When the water property was used together, it put out the Abbasishura net’s hellfire.
Equal Wang Yuan’s idea is that the inferno is in his mind. Even if God’s sand can block the Abishura net, the inferno emitted by the collision of the Abishura net will still attack Zhang Chongxuan. It should be noted that this inferno is stronger than Samadhi’s true fire. If Zhang Chongxuan doesn’t hide, it will naturally make the flesh burn down. The equal king will feel at ease and watch the play, calling for wishful thinking. He naturally knows that he missed the best opportunity to clean up Zhang Chongxuan, but he still occupies an absolutely favorable situation. After knowing that he is wrong, the equal king will make up for it.
Boom! A bolt from the blue sounded, and the figure just rose. The equal king stood there and looked up, only to see that the tornado born in conan the destroyer had been punctured. The heavy rain started to rain from the landing house for the first time. Of course, it was limited to hundreds of miles in Genshan Fiona Fang.
"Actually … actually … it’s broken." The equal king stared at the tornado with glassy eyes. I really didn’t want the skyshatter column to have this power
Creaking up like a mountain, the skyscraper suddenly swelled with cracks, and the whole surface fell off like bark, and the skyscraper was destroyed.
Zhang Chongxuan opened his mouth and spat out one mouthful blood. The tornado that conan the destroyer was able to penetrate the skyshatter column really consumed his mind. He knew that the skyshatter column was powerful enough to resist the wind generated by the celestial forbidden law. That was impossible. When he made the skyshatter column powerful, Yuan Shen released his knowledge and sneaked into the skyshatter column, which made the skyshatter column inflated and exerted the power of the skyshatter column to the utmost extent. However, although the tornado penetrated the Nai tornado, the power contained in the skyshatter column was too strong, which actually destroyed the skyshatter column and hurt Zhang Chongxuan Yuan Shen.
"disease!" Injured to injured Zhang Zhongxuan didn’t stop, so he read an idea and handed it out through the Yuan God. He immediately fell on the nose-fixing net, and the sand was condensed to form a water curtain, which slammed into the king who was in a daze.
God’s sand and dust make the peer king finally return to absolute being in amazement. He looked at God’s sand and pointed to a method of drawing. Together, he saw a flash of light and flew back to the peer king’s side. The peer king reached out and grabbed the nose shura net and immediately opened it to the sky to cover the sand.
"I can’t spend any more time with him. The afterglow generated by the skyshatter column and the tornado will definitely make other Yan Luowang come here, then it will really be impossible to be super-living." Zhang Chongxuan’s mind turned sharply and he was exhausted. Yuan Shen mourned and sacrificed the apricot yellow flag after his back.
Dancing out the divine sand, this time, it didn’t collide with the Ashura net, but at the moment when it was about to collide, the divine sand turned into several star stones, which actually went from the enlarged Ashura net mesh to the equal Wang Fei.
The equal king finally knew that when he saw Zhang Zhongxuan, his intuition told him that if he didn’t deal with Zhang Zhongxuan at the shortest time, he would be killed. Now it has been proved that he was already in the wind, but the equal king didn’t lose his confidence because of this. He took his time to start the method when the divine sand arrived, but he secretly cried, "Damn it, it’s the former refining device that makes Yamaraja leave a quarter of the aura inside, otherwise it wouldn’t be so passive now."
Just then, I flew to the equal king Tianxuan Shensha, but suddenly I turned around and drew a beautiful arc in the middle, and flew back to Zhang Zhongxuan.
"What’s the matter?" The equal king looked puzzled and even stopped to scold a yellow smoke that exploded in front of the equal king. The equal king changed his face and shouted, "No!" As soon as his words were exported, the yellow smoke from blasting spread in front of him. When Wang Jue’s eyes floated around, he immediately fell into a sea of fire.
Hearts, copper piles, chains, hellfire, watching the familiar scenes around him, panicked. Instead, the equal king calmed down, because where he is now is not elsewhere, but A-nose hell. Therefore, the equal king knows that he has fallen into Zhang Zhongxuan’s disposal method. He knows that this method must have the function similar to psychedelic array. If his heart is more chaotic, he will eventually get himself into a desperate situation.
Take a long breath and wait for the king to gradually recover his state of mind and gradually ease his state of mind.
"The Phantom Array of the Apricot Flag is always a psychedelic array, and it won’t be much." Zhang Zhongxuan looked at the apricot flag floating in the middle of the stone column and his head was running at a high speed. He didn’t intend to rely on the apricot flag to bring down the equal king. He wanted to fight for the apricot flag array for himself. Now his situation is that he can’t move, so he must be tired of coping with the endless pursuit of the stone vertebrae made of spiritualized concrete on the ground
The road is full of red light, from which Zhang Zhongxuan’s eyes are swaying. Zhang Zhongxuan’s consciousness raised his head and saw that the eyes of the A-nose Shura net floating in the middle were bright, and there was already a way in his heart.
Once again, God’s sand flew out across a dazzling brilliance and flew toward China. God’s sand turned around in the middle pocket for a while, and suddenly its body leaned over and flew toward the stone vertebra. God’s sand was covered in blood and the fox was lying there softly.
The radiant brilliance of the divine sand turns into a colorful divine light. Huo Ran, a diamond-like water flow, rises in the body of Mei Hu and spins up. At the moment, Mei Hu’s original riddled body heals, while a radiant brilliance flows in the body of Mei Hu. Her original bloodless face has become ruddy at this time, but it is Zhang Chongxuan’s divine knowledge and the divine sand that cast a cure on Mei Hu.
Well, in a coma, Mei Hu let out a lazy groan, and turned his body wearily to one side. This turn touched the edge of Lin Lishi’s vertebra and a pain made Mei Hu open his eyes. "Where is this?" Mei fox looked at the dark stone vertebra, and her mind was not clear. Suddenly, she remembered that she was stabbed by the stone vertebra and flew. Her face changed, and she sat up and looked around to search for Zhang Zhongxuan’s figure, but she appeared in front of her and stood one by one.
"Mei Hu, get up quickly!" In the panic of Mei Hu, Zhang Zhongxuan sounded calmly. Mei Hu’s flustered mind must have looked up and inquired about the sound, only to find that in front of her, it was a stone vertebra with a confused head. Huo Ran saw Zhang Zhongxuan’s elegant figure. Mei Hu cried with joy and said, "Master!"
Zhang Zhongxuan almost didn’t make Mei Hu angry. At this time of competition, Mei Hu didn’t get up quickly and shouted, "Come here!"
Mei fox heard Zhang Zhongxuan’s harsh voice and got up and flew to Zhang Zhongxuan’s side.
"Listen, it’s a moment of life and death. You can’t make a mistake. I’ll teach you a formula. You keep it in your mind." Zhang Chongxuan, who is not charming, has already said the formula. This formula is actually a partial magic to help others Du Jie soar.
Thousands of years ago, there was a master who became immortal in Du Jie and cultivated in Daikin Wonderland, but instead of soaring, he lived on an island with his wife. No one thought that the master was familiar with divination and measured his wife’s doom. He knew that her wife’s repair would definitely be a disaster, so he painstakingly thought about it. As a result, in a limited time, he created a wake-up tactic, and when his mind was United, he helped himself to enter his wife’s body and finally helped her through the disaster.
At that time, there happened to be a leader who was a guest in the master’s house. When the leader saw that he could help others, Du Jie thought about everbright lintel in his heart, so he finally asked for the dharma tactic that could make his Yuan God enter other people’s Yuan God. Later, the leader returned to China to remember the dharma tactic and named it, so the wake-up tactic came to the world from now on. In order to make the wake-up tactic not only more limited, but also to make the wake-up tactic people practice advanced and natural wake-up tactic, it finally became a piece of paper.
Zhang Zhongxuan once saw the awakening tactic during his travels. Now he must not be motivated to move the stone vertebrae and attack him, but the charm fox is different. conan the destroyer is not natural to her. Those stone vertebrae will not be dangerous to her. If Zhang Zhongxuan can help the awakening tactic to make his yuan god enter the charm fox body, then he can freely display it. Before the World War I against the evil trader, Zhang Zhongxuan was forced to possess himself, but now the possession of the awakening tactic will naturally lead to the unity of body, mind and spirit. There is no limit.
After Zhang Zhongxuan said it twice, Mei Hu finally remembered the awakening tactic and understood it according to Zhang Zhongxuan’s guidance. Fortunately, Zhang Zhongxuan made it very clear that Mei Hu would remember the awakening tactic.
"Are you ready?" The wrong novel network does not jump words. After confirming that Mei Hu is already clear, Zhang Zhongxuan carefully confirmed that
Mei Hu breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Master is ready." With his eyes closed and his hands displayed, his whole body floated freely in the middle of the sudden white light, and a bright spot emerged between the eyebrows of Mei Hu, which was like a glance, and gradually became the third eye of Mei Hu.
Seeing this Zhang Zhongxuan already knows that Mei Hu hit her mind and eyes, and let out her powerful Yuan Shen. When Zhang Zhongxuan Yuan Shen came out, he turned into a clear water flow and flew directly into Mei Hu’s third eye.
When Zhang Chongxuan flew into Mei Hu’s brain, the third eye of Mei Hu was twisted. For a moment, Mei Hu’s face was restored to its original white jade face. A mysterious green light came out of Mei Hu’s body generate and called Mei Hu. After exhaled a polluted air, her eyes opened and a sharp eye flashed.
At this time, Mei Hu has been possessed by Zhang Zhongxuan’s powerful Yuan Shen!
Zhang Chongxuan stretched out his right hand, and a mysterious blue light was floating in the middle. The nasal shura net let out a moan and flew towards Zhang Chongxuan’s hand. Zhang Chongxuan looked at the nasal shura net in his hand and said coldly, "I didn’t expect this nasal shura net to be general, but it’s a pity that your master took you as a torture device and forgot that you are also a severe abnormal instrument!"
The original wailing ABI Shura network trembled when hearing this passage from Zhang Zhongxuan, and actually sent out a jumping sound. Obviously, Zhang Zhongxuan said it to his heart.
Zhang Zhongxuan sneered at a tunnel in his heart when he saw this reaction. "This nasal shura network is a good multiplier, but the equal king has ignored its body value and has been using it to punish ghosts. If you can occasionally use it as a multiplier, maybe even if the equal king doesn’t indicate the multiplier, it will attack me at this moment."
Like waves, flames came out from the Abyssula net and scattered around, listening to the heavy rain caused by the collision of the skyscraper column and the tornado, and the heavy rain dissolved in the front of the flame of the Abyssula net, and the whole area was filled with smoke in an instant.
Zhang Zhongxuan, who was thinking about it, looked up, but it was the apricot yellow flag that was floating in the middle. Obviously, the formation of the apricot yellow flag against the equal king was about to collapse. Zhang Zhongxuan knew that he was running out of time. If he couldn’t make Abishura net wait for him, the result would be that he would never be born in it. Just fight now.
Determined Zhang Zhongxuan Huo Ran lifted the Abishura net, and it was a bolt from the blue. When I heard it, I saw that the whole net was frozen in the middle, and even the fire of the whole net gradually faded away, and it suddenly became dim and light. Ordinary iron net.
"What happened just now! ?” In the depths, the formation of the apricot yellow flag is equal to that of the king. He stopped manually and his face was suspicious. He heard the bolt from the blue just now. He subconsciously felt that he had ignored it, but he couldn’t say "No!" The equal king suddenly cried, and he finally came in vain. Just now, the bolt from the blue was sent by the ABI Shura network. Now Zhang Zhongxuan must be trying to manipulate the ABI Shura network.
Looking around, the Phantom King sighed with a sigh. Now he is trapped in the array. He can’t do anything except get out of the array quickly. Only hope that the ABI Shura network can’t be manipulated by Zhang Zhongxuan. "How to say ABI Shura network is also a special instrument of torture in hell? It’s ridiculous if it is manipulated by an outsider!" The equal king shook his head and cheered himself up to break the array.
Indeed, it is impossible for people in the underworld to make exceptions to everything.
After the Abyssula net lost its luster, Zhang Zhongxuan’s right hand touched it and listened to his mouth. There was a blazing white light rising from his fingers. The white light rose slowly and seemed to appear like a figure. It turned out to be a Buddhist Vatican pattern.
"Ma Li Ma Li Bang!" Zhang Chongxuan’s right hand read the Brahma-shaped pattern and ran to the floating Abbasishura net, which fell on it like catkins.
Zhang Zhongxuan’s right hand caught the burning pattern of the nose-shura net, and immediately the Vatican pattern melted into the nose-shura net for a moment, and then the Vatican pattern melted into the nose-shura net. At this time, it was dim and the nose-shura net in generate shone brightly, and in that light, the nose-shura net burned.
The fire burned more and more brightly, and from time to time it made a crackling sound, but the blazing white light from the nose shura net was finally replaced by the fire. When it was still, the nose shura net made a sweet dragon rhyme and actually rotated.