But Jinyang stared at the palace intensely, and the inexplicable uneasiness in twelve people’s hearts not only did not eliminate the sense of urgency, but also turned to look at the still color Zilanxian Zilanxian, and it was just as tight as frowning and looking around quickly. The forehead was full of police color.

In violet orchid fairy, this didn’t get the answer. Jinyang hurriedly turned to look at the dust. The latter didn’t nod slightly, and it was obviously a force defense.
There is still something strange in Jinyang Bai’s hall. If we can find out the anxiety in our hearts, it will not disappear, and it will always be a shadow. If we don’t eliminate it, it will be extremely unfavorable for future practice.
Jinyang’s face was full of doubts, but he didn’t dare to be careless. The scene was weird and abnormal. Everyone’s heart seemed to be depressed by something.
Suddenly, the purple light flew out from the palace of twelve people to the celestial spirit, and with a burst of strange laughter, it quickly condensed into one place and turned into an oval energy egg, the size of a basketball, suspended in a hundred meters high and radiant.
Before Jinyang could react, a strong breath of the universe erupted from the energy egg like skyfire and purple flame, and Jinyang’s expression was suddenly urgent. Zhu Rong old ghost left a broken memory in his heart. Can you be sure that the owner of this breath is a person?
The peacock king is the fierce and famous peacock king of Honghuang Town. Although he is the ninth king of Dapeng Golden Wings, he was born to a Asura woman. The Asura family is extremely ugly in men and beautiful in women. This peacock king has inherited the nature of Asura family.
Born with a strange appearance and extremely shadowy personality, it is good to kill his claws and ghosts. Even than Vulcan Zhu Rong, it is absolutely not rich to let the means be extremely cruel, unlike Garuda gens.
Jinyang was in a great hurry. Purple orchid fairy was covered with colorful glow, and colorful Xiangyun was slowly rising with a full face of vigilance and holding a colorful treasure light. I don’t know that it was the first time that Jinyang saw it.
See purple orchid fairy is so nervous, Jinyang hurriedly sound The Hunger old ghost let him keep Ouyang Jian six behind him, although he is a cheap brother, but after all, he swore an oath that if Ouyang Jian six was attacked, Jinyang must also try to save it, or he must be punished by that oath. If the rescue is bound to be distracted, it will naturally be magical.
Watching skyfire purple flame evolve into a dark purple peacock, Jinyang dust, both of them are nervous, and they dare not neglect the Vulcan body in the extreme. After all, it is the strength of the heads of the flood clan that will not be weak.
Soon all over the sky, the purple flame turned into a peacock’s virtual shadow, which was a hundred feet high, while the basketball ball was suspended in the purple peacock’s chest and spun endlessly, and several purple flames flowed over the peacock’s body to maintain this huge peacock shape.
Powerful coercion is full of the whole number, which is slightly distorted. Jinyang and his wife have Vulcan’s true fire to protect nature. Purple orchid wears colorful treasure clothes and shoots several colorful treasures, which are full of the whole body. This twisted nature can’t hurt her.
However, the strength is far from Ouyang Jian-liu’s, and he can stand the pressure all over the sky. At the moment, his face turns pale and bloody, and his mouth slowly overflows with filar silk and bright color.
The Hunger old ghost was in a hurry to know that the coercion was not just to protect him behind him, but to resist the coercion. He quickly used the blood-dissolving solution again, and the whole body turned into a thick blood fog again, thick and sticky as a blood clot, crystal clear.
Wow, a bloody mass wrapped Ouyang Jian’s six holes without drilling and coercion was also squeezed out, so Ouyang Jian’s six pale face was better.
The horrified viewer hates to wipe off the blood on the corners of his mouth, but he doesn’t regret that the scene is so huge and shocking. It is absolutely beneficial and harmless for him to see the battle scene with his own eyes and increase his knowledge in the future.
The sky is condensed into a huge peacock by energy. The peacock has already settled down and had a big tumor on its head. It exudes a burst of dark purple color light, and it looks like a pearl. It is extremely harsh and screaming, staring at Jinyang with its eyes wide open, and its eyes are full of cold light.
Those two big eyes with a diameter of ten feet can’t live in Jinyang and others, and there is a faint surprise, especially when he sees the Vulcan armor worn by Jinyang and the Vulcan war in his hand.
Jinyang stared at the peacock’s virtual shadow in front of him with a cold stare, and then said, "It took tens of thousands of years for the peacock doll to meet us in this way. It’s really sad for the wild family."
Jinyang sound is different from usual, with a kind of majesty like a bolt from the blue, which rings in the purple peacock’s ear. The word "peacock doll" is a surprise, and several people dare to call it that and stare at Jinyang fiercely for a while.
If Jinyang is just a bearer, he will never know this name, but if it is Vulcan Zhu Rong, twelve people are lying on their feet, I’m afraid it has already become a stomach meal in Zhu Rong, where it will only stop thinking about this peacock king’s expression and become more confused.
However, Jinyang said to Yichen regardless of these sounds, "This guy’s physical body is destroyed, and his strength is no longer the same as before, but Dan Zhong Dan Huo is a great supplement for you and me. You don’t have to worry about destroying his brand of Yuan Shen. Dan Huo I, are you seven or three points?"
A dust expression in my heart, although a little upset, Jinyang took the lead, but there is no way to argue with Jinyang. Besides, thirty percent is better than ten percent, and I secretly nodded in agreement.
Chapter 2 Peacock King
Chapter 2 Peacock King
Although Peacock King’s heart is full of doubts, his eyes are always staring at Jinyang’s hand, and his body is shining with armor. The greedy color in his eyes is still a little hesitant to determine Jinyang’s true identity.
Jinyang sneer at repeatedly know that this guy is coming to these two magic weapons today, and he will never flinch because of his one or two words. Greed can be a snake swallowing like this. It seems that World War I is difficult today.
I don’t want to take chances at the thought of Jinyang, so I quickly give a dust a color to tell the other party that I am ready to start work at any time, and I also secretly adjust every cell of my body to prepare to make moves. At this moment, Zilanxian has been completely wrapped in a colorful glow, so I can’t see her face and leave her alone.
Strike first, strike second, strike second, strike second, strike second, strike second, strike first, strike second, strike second, strike second, strike first, strike second, strike second, strike second, strike second, strike second, strike first, strike second, strike second, strike second, strike first, strike second, strike second, strike first, strike second, strike second, strike second.
There is no sign of Jinyang’s hands, and the sky is full of blue flames. Among them, the stars are flashing with light blue spots. After many times devouring others, Jinyang’s "The True Solution of Vulcan" has already reached the peak of the first layer, and it will consume more energy to advance to the second layer in one fell swoop.
"Zhu Rong is breaking the sky"
The Vulcan War’ first shot a real fire wrapped in cyan inflammation and stabbed the peacock king’s chest, that is, the point where Dan was located, and shot dozens of feet of mans with a sharp roar, which shocked people’s hearts and pierced the sky.
Zhu Rong’s potential Jinyang learned from Zhu Rong’s mutilated god that Zhu Rong, the god of war before the Great Flood War, killed the enemy at one stroke. From this, he realized that this extremely deadly trick was to kill all the extinct thousands of creatures.
Although the moves are too murderous, the power is really super strong. It is realized in the battlefield that there is a trick to destroy the enemy. There is a trick to kill the top leader of the other side. In an attack force that is extremely destructive, tens of thousands of years ago, I don’t know how many leaders in the first army of Asura people died of this trick.
After all, it’s the ninth Jinyang of King Jinpeng with big wings, knowing that Peacock King is powerful and knows how to attack like Jiulian fencing, he won’t make a move and try his best to use his killer weapon without asking for a move, but he will also mess with each other’s condition and look for an attack opportunity.
Sure enough, the Peacock King really caught his heart, but after being intimidated by Jinyang’s words, he also had some doubts in his heart. He was thinking about the cause and effect before and after, and he saw Jinyang make a big surprise in his heart. This is the unique skill of Vulcan Zhu Rong to become famous and kill people
Dark call in my heart is not good, I’m afraid I won’t really touch Vulcan Zhu Rong. Don’t say that he has lost his body now. Even in his heyday, he is definitely not Vulcan Zhu Rong’s opponent. Among the four auxiliary gods, Vulcan Zhu Rong is the one who killed the name Megatron. It’s hard to count. A word that doesn’t match the sword to kill is the best reflection of Vulcan Zhu Rong.