After eating, Xi Fangping lay comfortably on the bluestone enjoying the earthy fragrance until the rest time. He just sat cross-legged and closed his eyes according to the formula taught by Hunyuan’s one-hearted method. After two hours, Xi Fangping opened his eyes. He was a little disappointed for two hours, and he didn’t feel anything at all. Master said that if there was a warm current flowing through the abdomen and flowing around along the meridians, it said that he had entered the air-entraining layer to become a real monk, but it was a pity that he didn’t realize that kind of monk.

Xi Fangping isn’t depressed. There’s a long way to go. He has a million years of Shou Yuan, but he can’t practice every day. He can’t practice for one hundred years, one thousand years and ten thousand years until his Shou Yuan is exhausted. He remembers that when he left, Master said that he was much less likely to be a monk with five spirits, but did other monks have Shou Yuan, a pervert like Xi Fangping? If the possibility is less, practice hard. Xi Fangping believes that one day he will succeed. He must become a monk and become a monk before he can find the axe in the mountains and rivers of the fix-true world. To achieve this goal, he can eat anything.
After a short rest, Xi Fangping got up and went to the Woods near the pool to find a small tree with thick arms and quite straight looks. He directly plucked up the roots and took off the branches and made it into a stick with a large root for self-defense. It was too light to hold it in his hand, just like holding a rush in his hand, but there was no way to find a root, but heavy trees all had the thickness of a bowl. It was even more inconvenient for Xi Fangping to hold it in his hand.
After making a wooden stick and picking a lot of tree leaves to surround my shyness, Xi Fangping walked towards the goal ahead. Master said that if Fa Cheng is a monk, he will go to the secular world to mix with splendor. Although Xi Fangping doesn’t care about splendor at all when he hangs out with Hunyuan real people every day, Master said that he has to do what it means to be prosperous and how to enjoy it. Xi Fangping doesn’t know that he knows to go forward and keep going forward.
I traveled during the day and practiced for four hours at night. Hunyuan was thirsty, drank some mountain springs, and ate a few mountain fruits. Half a year passed unconsciously.
This mountain is really big. I haven’t really walked out of the mountain for half a year. In the past six months, I haven’t even seen a single person. When the trees around me turned from green to yellow and from yellow to bald, Xi Fangping saw a rutted path.
Xi Fang’s mind was pounding. It’s been 17,000 years, and he’s finally about to meet a living person. Lonely life all the year round makes him very eager to meet the living person. He wants to go along the rut without thinking. Snowflakes are flying in the cold wind, but Xi Fang’s legs are wrapped with several tree leaves, but he hasn’t eaten enough of all kinds of exotic flowers and fruits. This little chill has no effect on Xi Fang’s mind at all.
After walking for twenty or thirty miles with one foot deep and one foot shallow, Xi Fangping stopped and looked warily at a corner of a mountain road not far away. There were waves of people and beasts screaming in the wind, and some people shouted and killed. Although it was subtle, Xi Fangping, the incarnation of the dragon, heard quite clearly that something must have happened ahead. Do you want to go any further? Xi Fangping hesitated there. According to Master, don’t go to dangerous places. But he really wants to meet and say hello to the living. For more than 10 thousand years, he can’t even remember what the living look like.
After hesitating for a while, Xi Fangping stepped forward to walk more than 200 feet before turning a corner. Xi Fangping’s eyes shone at the corner, and it turned out to be a small valley surrounded by mountains. In the middle of the valley, there were hundreds of green perverts who were about four feet long. Xi Fangping was constantly howling, and he couldn’t help but relax. He knew everything about the fix-up world like the back of his hand. That is to say, this wolf is not a monster beast, but just an ordinary wolf, which does not pose a threat to him at all. Even a low-level monster beast will not pose a great threat to Xi Fangping
While howling, the green wolf kept rushing towards the middle. Xi Fangping saw that in the middle of the green wolf, there were ten people in a circle, holding all kinds of weapons and desperately resisting the attack of the green wolf. About twenty wolf corpses had been lying beside them, but the green wolves were still motionless, regardless of taking turns to jump on the ten people. There was a cart not far from the ten people with a strange yellow flag, but the green wolf was not interested in the cart at all.
Humans! Xi Fangping involuntarily cried for more than 10,000 years. He finally saw the living human again instead of the hundreds of images in Hunyuan Cave, and it was not one but ten. For 17,000 years, he had never seen a living creature except Master, giving people a feeling of not eating people and fireworks. In the subconscious, Xi Fangping did not treat Master as a human being, but as an immortal. Therefore, this time, he suddenly saw ten people. Xi Fangping was not excited.
Without thinking about it, Xi Fangping grabbed a wooden stick and rushed at the wolves. Ten people were trapped in the wolves. When he had to go to the rescue, Xi Fangping screamed with excitement. After years of calming down, life made him curious about everything. Even the fight between the green wolves seemed to him to be nothing more than excitement. Forgetting Master’s instructions before leaving and sometimes being too curious would pay a considerable price.
Xi Fangping’s call attracted the attention of some green wolves. When more than 20 green wolves left the group and rushed towards Xi Fangping, there were still ten feet away from Xi Fangping. For a long time, a green wolf suddenly jumped high and jumped towards Xi Fangping’s head. Xi Fangping wanted to or didn’t want to wave a wooden stick in his hand. The huge root brought by the wooden stick hit the green wolf in the past. In the middle of the youth, the wolf’s root came and didn’t hide. I heard that it hit the green wolf’s head and the green wolf’s head flashed flowers. A wolf’s body fell to the feet of Xi Fang
Xi Fangping is one leng. Why does this green wolf look so aggressive without being beaten? That head is just like tofu, and it is broken with a light touch. I haven’t come to think about it yet. Where the key is, there are three green wolves pouncing on it. Xi Fangping roared, and a round of wooden sticks swept across the past. I heard several screams. The three green wolves were actually swept directly to more than ten feet away. When they were still in the middle, the blood gushed from their mouths like spring water. When they fell, they were already dead.
Killing four green wolves with two strikes greatly boosted Xi Fangping’s confidence. Now he finally knows the reason. His strength is simply the enemy among mortals. These green wolves can easily eat a mortal without martial arts, but they are no different from ants in his hands.
Xi Fangping roared and flew as if he had rushed into the hands of wolves. The stick wheel screamed like a flywheel. A green wolf was either swept away or its head was smashed directly. There was not a green wolf to hold on to in his hand for a while. Only after a while, the green wolf died in Xi Fangping’s hands. It was about 100, and Xi Fangping’s eyes were covered in blood. He also chased those green wolves with a latosolic red stride, which made the green wolves afraid of murderous look. When more than a dozen green wolves died in Xi Fangping’s hands, the green wolf finally could not support the cry.
When Xi Fangping chased a green wolf and smashed it into two parts, he didn’t have any green wolves around him now. There were ten people covered in blood who were staring at themselves strangely. Look at those people, one by one, they were tall and big, and they looked much stronger than Xi Fangping, but they were all big guys in their hands, but they died in their hands for a long time. Even so, they were all injured, pale and panting, and several of them were even a little shaky. Obviously, the fierce fighting just now had made them physically strong.
Xi Fangping walked to the front of the ten men with a stick and silently looked at them as human beings. It was indeed human beings with noses, eyes and panting. The real meaning of the living mortal is estimated to be 25 years old. He is strong and belongs to the kind of person who can sail with his arms. Xi Fangping has not seen a mortal since the back of the mountain for more than 10,000 years. This time, he saw a satisfied smile on his face and finally returned to the world.
The ten men are also looking at Xi Fangping’s eyes with a little bit of horror. At present, this man is not tall, even shorter than the shortest of the ten people. He is naked and barefoot, and some hay covers his hands. He is holding an arm and a thick stick with a large root. The stick is bloody everywhere, and even his head is covered with flesh and blood. But at present, this man ignores it and stares at them straight, and he doesn’t know whether it is good or bad.
Chapter Brother Escort Agency
For a long time, a seemingly leader bowed his hand toward Xi Fang and asked with a slight trembling voice, "Where did the strong man come from?"
Xi Fangping smiled and pointed to the back and said "mountain, mountain" in a friendly way.
Listen to the friendly man in XiFangPing tone showed a sigh of relief and gradually returned to normal. "May I have your name, strong man? Where are you going? "
"Xi, Xi and Fang Ping" haven’t spoken for a long time. Xi Fangping really feels a little unaccustomed to "I, I don’t know where to go."
Ten men looked at each other and knew that this man should have just come out of the mountains, or maybe he was a strange man’s apprentice, but it was because of some changes that people like Shan were generally pregnant with abilities, either outstanding martial arts or poor strength, or they would have been eaten by wild animals. From the fierce fighting just now, we can see that this man should be the latter.
The young man once again made a ceremony toward Xi Fang Ping and said, "In Wang Lei, the brothers are pushing the leaders to meet the green wolves this time. If it weren’t for the help of Xi Brothers, our ten brothers would have been buried in the wolf’s belly. I don’t know if Xi Brothers has been grateful and unforgettable. If so, please come with us to a small town 30 miles ahead, where several hotels are still good. We also invite Xi Brothers to attend and let us have a little token of our gratitude."
Xi Fangping smiled and nodded stupidly. Intuitively, he told him that these ten people were good people, and their eyes were very clear, which was not evil. Master told him to see if a person was a good person. Just look at his eyes, and evil people’s eyes would make people uncomfortable. Of course, the accuracy of this judgment method would not be too high, otherwise Master would not be cheated by his disciples, but anyway, it is good to follow these people now.
Wang Lei exultation hurriedly called the other nine people to push the cart to the outside of the valley. This cart looks quite heavy, and it is quite difficult for ten people to push it. There are three horse bones next to the cart, and now it has become a green wolf’s meal. Tired, these ten people pushed it themselves.
Seeing that the ten men had a hard time pushing the car, Xi Fangping wanted to think about putting the stick in his hand into Wang Lei’s hand and walked to the front of the cart. He pulled up the rope and stopped the cart and walked away. The cart weighing several thousand kilograms was like a thing in his hand, and Wang Lei and others looked straight.
After taking the stick, Wang Lei’s face changed. Don’t look at this stick. It’s just that the arm is thick and a pair of inconspicuous samples, but it’s very heavy to start with. It is estimated that there are at least two or three hundred pounds. He Wang Lei feels quite hard to hold it in his hands. Wang Lei couldn’t help but cry, "Brother Xi, is the stick in your hand an iron wood?"
Xi Fangping, who was pulling the cart, turned his head and shook his head and said softly, "No, I don’t know if I’m following the road. It’s too light to dial casually."
"Just dial?" Wang Lei’s eyes are wide open. Tiemu is a small number of specialty products in the nearby area. It is not only ten times heavier than ordinary trees, but also as hard as steel. No wonder the head and roots of the green wolf can’t hold it. This is to make high-end weapons in Wu. The roots of ordinary people are not too heavy, but this thing is just a small sapling randomly dialed by the roadside in Xi Fangping’s mouth, and it is also considered too light. How big is Xi Fangping’s strength?
Xi Fangping chatted with Wang Lei while pulling the cart. From Wang Lei’s words, he learned that all ten of them were veterans who helped each other in a bloody sea of knives and mountains. Later, after the war ended, they simply joined forces to form a small escort agency named Brother Escort Agency, which earned a little hard money for business bodyguards and made a good life.
Wang Lei and others are constantly asking about the details of Xi Fangping. Xi Fangping has long thought of a set of stories about this. He told Wang Lei that he was an orphan and was rescued by the master when he was six years old. He has been following the master for 12 years. Later, the master died and he couldn’t stay in the mountain. He had to find a way to live in the mountain. Xi Fangping also lied that when he was a teenager, he picked a scarlet fruit on the cliff and ate it, so he was poor. Anyway, Wang Lei and others wouldn’t be full to prove it.
It took three miles to arrive in an hour and a half. If it weren’t for Wang Lei and others who were injured and walked fast, it would be less than half an hour.
Wang Lei immediately asked the bartender to send hot water to Xi Fangping’s room and went out to buy several sets of clothes that fit him. When Xi Fangping took a shower and got dressed, he left the room, including Wang Lei. Everyone froze with thin eyebrows, small mouth and high nose, and his eyes were like stars. This is a face that can make a woman jealous and jump into the sea, but this face grows in a man’s body, which made Wang Lei sigh and make people feel lucky. If Xi Fangping hadn’t seen the scene of killing a green wolf naked in the snow with a stick, he would have been killed.
I haven’t taken a hot bath for more than 10,000 years, and I’m covered in blood. Xi Fangping has been taking this bath for half an hour, so I’m comfortable thinking about singing. When he comes out, Wang Lei and others have prepared a banquet and waited there for a long time. There are not many things on the table, but the amount is very large. Twenty pounds of beef and five roast chickens are piled up on the table, and there are eleven big bowls and several jars of wine next to them.
Seeing beef and roast chicken, Xi Fangping’s eyes have been straight for more than 10,000 years, let alone eating it. He has never smelled it. Xi Fangping didn’t expect to be polite. He sat down in a chair with his hands stretched out, grabbed a handful of beef and stuffed it into his mouth. Xi Fangping’s eyes were a little red. He has been eating that colorful lotus fruit every day in his life. I didn’t expect him to sit in an inn and stuff beef into his mouth in batches.
Wang Lei and others looked at Xi Fangping strangely with their eyes wide open, and saw that Xi Fangping’s hands were dancing wildly, and his mouth was bulging like a frog’s belly, regardless of whether he swallowed it in his belly. The hungry bastard would feel that he was sven-bi. Only after a while, 20 kilograms of beef had disappeared and five roast chickens had left the skeleton. You know, it is quite good for a man like Wang Lei to find a life at the tip of a knife and be able to eat two kilograms of beef at a big belly.
Other guests in the store also put chopsticks and stared blankly at Xi Fangping, a guy who is more beautiful than a woman, but he ate so horribly. His hands were covered with oil, and his head was almost buried in the beef pile. He ate 20 kilograms of beef and five roast chickens. It is estimated that these people have never seen such a pot-bellied man in their generation.
After eating everything on the table, Xi Fangping raised his head with two oily hands hanging in the middle. A pair of wonderful eyes watched piteously as Wang Lei Wang Lei smiled and waved a hand to call the bartender to ask him to send another 20 kilograms of beef and five roast chickens back and forth, and sent 60 kilograms of beef and fifteen roast chickens back and forth. Xi Fangping just stopped and was full of oil stains. His hands just wiped his face in his new clothes and smiled with satisfaction.
Wang Lei and other ten people saw a table with nothing left except two roast chickens. Ten people gave a relatively wry smile. As soon as they could hold these two roast chickens, they would have a careless meal.
Wang Lei, who was sitting contentedly in the chair, asked softly, "Brother, what are you going to do next?"
"What’s the plan?" Xi Fangping froze. Yeah, what’s he going to do next? The important thing is, of course, to find the heavenly axe, but the heavenly axe was a celestial thing that disappeared 100,000 years ago. Whether it is in this fix-up world or not is a question. How can he find it? And even if he wants to find it, he must at least make himself repaired. Otherwise, with a mortal, even if he has a million years, how many mountains and lakes can Shou Yuan search?
The best way is to mix in some repair schools and see if you can get some information from these schools’ classics. Although there is little hope, it is always stronger than yourself. It is not easy to get into the repair school. Even the smallest repair school will have to bleed five floors. At the very least, the repair threshold is a little higher. They will not pay attention to it without bleeding ten floors. That is to say, it is impossible to mix in the repair school roots now. What can they do? Do you want to find another place to practice Hunyuan’s one-mind method to see if you can fix the truth? But he really doesn’t want to do this after enduring loneliness for more than 10 thousand years. Forget it. Just walk around for decades and let yourself experience more in the secular world for decades. It shouldn’t delay things. For Master, decades is a blink of an eye. Now it’s the middle of virtual reality. Just closing it casually is a matter of hundreds of years.
After thinking about it, Xi Fangping shook his head and said stupidly, "Brother, I don’t know what to do. The master has died. I have no home. I can walk there and get there."
After a conversation with Wang Lei and others just now, Xi Fangping has recovered his speech function and will never stutter as he did when he first came out. It is very smooth to say.
After hearing what Xi Fangping said, Wang Lei asked carefully with a smile, "Brother Xi, if you don’t mind, come to our brother’s escort agency. Although the temple is small, our escort agency is also a place to make a living."
Xi Fangping’s heart is moving well. Escort is also a good choice. For Xi Fangping, the biggest advantage of being an escort is that there are many times in a year when you have to go out and escort darts, and you have to go to many places to meet one or two practitioners or find a way to enter the field of repairing the truth to make money. Xi Fangping really doesn’t pay much attention to it. People like Xi Fangping can find a place to eat there casually.
From Wang Lei’s talk just now, Xi Fangping has some understanding of the earthly world. This is the place under the jurisdiction of the State of Wu. The mountain is called Qinglang Mountain, the valley is called Qinglang Valley, and the town where he is now is called Qinglang Town.
There are seven countries in this field, Wu is the smallest, but Fiona Fang also has Wan Li’s neighboring country, Chu, which has always been a bitter rival. For hundreds of years, wars broke out again in Wu Chu ten years ago, and a large number of young and middle-aged people were drafted into the army. Just five years ago, the war ended, and both sides lost both sides and fought hard to mediate a truce in other countries.
After the end of the war, Wu laid off a large number of soldiers on a large scale and had to disarm and return to the fields. These soldiers who had been rolling in the blood have not adapted to the normal life of ordinary people. After retiring, they will either become robbers or Jianghu people or become escort agencies. Although Wu is a big country, it is impossible for dozens of escort agencies to accept hundreds of thousands of veterans. Therefore, many soldiers have organized themselves to set up small escort agencies, just like brother escort agencies.
In small escort agencies, the escort is always eating youth, and wants to earn more money when he is young and has the strength, and then go home to get a wife and enjoy his old age. Therefore, it is difficult for some bad people to take advantage of the idea of leaving for the escort they protect, which leads to the bad name of small escort agencies, and the competition among small escort agencies is very fierce. This bowl of rice is getting worse and worse.
Take the Brother Escort Agency as an example. Because there are few people and the strength is not enough, the Brother Escort Agency can generally take short darts, that is, hundreds of miles of darts are not expensive. However, the Brother Escort Agency is still somewhat famous in the nearby area. The Brother Escort Agency has always been aboveboard and never done anything unnatural, and it has always been very popular with local businesses.
Brother Escort Agency’s main routes for escorting are Qinglang Town and Qingshan Town, which are both relatively prosperous towns, and both towns are quite popular. However, these two towns have managed to communicate smoothly. The reason is quite simple. Those Qinglang Brothers Escort Agency just seized this business opportunity, and it is considered a unique business day to escort back and forth between Qinglang Town and Qingshan Town, but this is a real life in the hands of a god of death.
In Xi Fangping’s eyes, the green wolf is the root of tofu, so it won’t be smashed. But in ordinary people’s eyes, the green wolf is a real demon. If a general escort fights alone, at most, one green wolf will be tied. Ten people, such as Wang Lei, have been fighting in a bloody sea, and they can barely be tied with two green wolves. If they join hands to discharge some simple forms of cooperation, they should be able to tie with forty or fifty green wolves.
However, the green wolves are usually sent out in groups, ranging from 20 to 30, and more than 100. However, the blue wolves are rare, and there are usually 30 to 50 at most. Therefore, Wang Lei and others have not had a big accident in the past five years. This time, they have to stay in the valley of green wolves when they touched more than 200 lives. I didn’t expect that Xi Fangping would die halfway and forcefully pull ten of them from the mouth of death.
After thinking it over, Xi Fangping nodded and agreed to join the Brothers Escort Agency. He was very satisfied with Wang Lei and other people. These people looked like brothers and sisters, and their personalities were straightforward. If they had something to say, they would be very agreeable to Xi Fangping. Just now, Shan Xiping became an escort.
Chapter 9 Robbery
After more than 200 green wolves attacked the brother escort agency, they were able to walk away and killed more than 100 green wolves, which caused a sensation in the town of green wolves. You know, before that, you could walk away from the attack of a hundred green wolves, and only a large escort agency with well-equipped equipment and a large number of people could do it. Therefore, the business of the brother escort agency was booming for two or three months, and now it is good to go two or three times a month, which makes Wang Lei and others happy to death.
The green wolf, who has always held grudges, did not stop there. He attacked the brother escort agency three times, and the scale was bigger every time. At most, it reached more than 400. But the green wolf suffered heavy losses. Even the first wolf was killed by Xi Fangping, but even the hair of the brother escort agency was not hurt.
Those green wolves are also quite spiritual. At first glance, they couldn’t beat Xi Fangping and gave up the attack. From then on, they hid under the banner of Brother Escort, which saved considerable effort and made the business of Brother Escort more and more prosperous.
A year later, the facade of the Brother Escort Company in Qingshan Town changed from a shabby little shop to a small shop, but the number of the Brother Escort Company has never increased. It is also because ten of them have never been an escort for life. They plan to go home and enjoy their old age after earning enough money for another 20 or 30 years, and there is no plan to expand the Escort Company.
For Xi Fangping, Wang Lei and others, it is simply love to the bone. Without Xi Fangping, the brothers’ escort agency would not be able to mix up the present situation. Moreover, Xi Fangping’s escort agency has made great contributions, but it has never thought of giving more money to eat enough. It is really a bit sorry that Wang Lei and other ten people have collected enough money, which is equivalent to the annual income of 2,200 silver for Xi Fangping.
It’s a mace made of wrought iron, weighing more than 100 kilograms. It is estimated that it is the heaviest weapon in the Jianghu now. The mace is sharp and hard, with a terrible glow. Xi Fangping likes this weapon very much. He threw away the iron stick for nearly a year and tried to dance lightly or too lightly. If it weighs more than 100 kilograms, it would be even more advantageous. But this is the heaviest weapon that Wang Lei and others have been able to get. You know, wrought iron is a rare thing, and you can add dozens of kilograms to general weapons.
Not only that, Wang Lei and others specially invited several famous martial artists to teach Xi Fangping some martial arts, but now he has learned martial arts with brute force, which is simply even more powerful. Xi Fangping is quite enthusiastic about learning martial arts. He knows very well that these are life-saving money. Didn’t master say that in this world, it is the first to stay alive without fear of firewood? Therefore, Xi Fangping not only learned a mace trick, but also learned a set of footwork and archery, but that archery is also useless. No bow can withstand Xi Fangping.
When the snow was falling again, Xi Fangping sat in the courtyard of the brothers’ escort agency and watched the sky stay straight. A few days ago, I just came back with the escort, and my brothers went everywhere for fun. But Xi Fangping had not learned to spend time in the joy field, and he had also seen the top monks’ performances. After that, Xi Fangping was no longer interested in what these mortals liked.
This year has been very full. Fighting with darts is tense and exciting. For Xi Fangping, who has been in Hunyuan Cave for more than 10,000 years, this is an ideal life. In the past year, Xi Fangping’s technical and tactical level has improved significantly. He is not the one who knows how to hit people with a big stick. He is a clever man. Life with a knife tip is more likely to arouse his potential. In the past year, he has learned not only brains, but also intrigues and tricks. He has learned to judge the situation, such as minimum cost, and his brother’s escort agency seeks the maximum benefit.
Wang Lei and others also make Xi Fangping quite satisfied. This is a group of warm-blooded young people who have something to say. They never hold back in their hearts. They drink in a big bowl and eat meat. When they fight, their friends can block the knife for their comrades without care. Therefore, although ten people add up, it is not enough for Xi Fangping to fight. Although ten of them are even more flattering and can’t catch up with Xi Fangping in terms of age, Xi Fangping still respects them. Brother has always said that Wang Lei is the boss.