Although they are vaguely aware that no one can guarantee that they can get this thing intact except the great avatar.

"a billion lingshi!"
First of all, Dianji’s nominal teacher, Tantra, presided over the elder’s Tibetan J and jīng.
As soon as he spoke, he directly raised the price by 300 million, which discouraged many monks.
And Lin Yuanxi smiled and continued to raise the price "1.3 billion"
Their eyes are opposite, and their fighting spirit is alive.
Just as everyone will have a fight from the deity, Chen Shaobai suddenly spoke … to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Billion credibility!
Chapter three hundred and twelve Billion credibility!
"two billion"
Chen Shaobai sounds indifferent like a picture in a trance, as if the previous offer was not from him.
But when I heard this price, there was another uproar in the market.
"A raised seven hundred million? This guy is my father’s child care? "
"He didn’t have any family background for a few years. Where did he get so much money?"
"Or … which immortal legacy did he really get?"
At one time ago, the attitude of looking at mountain guns and looking at Chen Shaobai people couldn’t help changing.
I used to be able to find superiority in wealth, but now I look like a buffoon compared with others. The only good thing is that I didn’t have a conflict with each other on the spot.
Otherwise, the madman’s name Chen Shaobai will definitely make them prostrate.
Hearing this price, Qing Xuanmen Zhangjiao frowned.
Lin Yuanxi is thin and handsome, so that people can’t tell whether he is a man or a woman. If his eyes are white and his lips are red and his temperament is deep and distant, this frown is even more fascinating.
Not only the quenching gas secret realm, but also the great fairies who transformed the gods into fairyland had a moment to return to God, and they were blushing with shame.
It’s good for a girl who is absolutely Se, but it’s disgusting if she is both male and female and has a dragon-yang addiction, like the old man on Jueqing Cliff.
"Little white do you want this device?"
Although my heart is slightly uncomfortable, Lin Yuanxi still said in a questioning tone.
Even if he asks, his meaning is already very accurate.
However, Chen Shaobai’s classmate smiled and looked around. He said, "It will be a great surprise for you to get this quasi-Taoist device if you teach it in vain. Perhaps this is the base of Qing Xuanmen’s takeoff."
Know that although Chen Shaobai act to ri some crazy if crazy don’t play by common sense, but to the promise is bound to do Lin Yuanxi thought for a moment and nodded with interest.
"Then I expect your surprise."
In one word, a great avatar who turned the gods into fairyland withdrew from the bidding.
In a word, if the degenerate god can be like a madman, this life is not worth living.
At this moment, I don’t know how many monks have such a desire to worship Chen Shaobai. The worship has reached its peak and it is almost bursting out. However, the hierarchical status of both sides has decided that they can no longer get close to each other and can worship and look up at it from a distance.
Maybe until one day, they will lose the qualification of reverence and hope, and they can see Chen Shaobai from a distance in fairy tales.
Chen Shaobai’s words made many monks feel dejected and the scorching atmosphere in the field eased a lot.
"This tattered little thing can make the qing xuan door take off? Interesting, interesting! Then I should fight for it … "
"2.1 billion!"
Cangdonglong laughed for fun and reported a number to raise the price a little.
"Brother, although there is a gluttonous temple support, I know a little about Dan Fa Dao, so …"
Just as Chen Shaobai was about to speak, a cold voice suddenly sounded around him, "2.5 billion!"
Chen Shaobai looked back and saw a big monk who was nine feet tall and muscular lying beside him.
This man is ridiculous, and his muscles are tangled like snakes. He is dressed in a neon robe, holding a stave for cleaning diamonds, and wearing a huge bald head with a 36-point scar. It is the Buddha who has achieved great success.
Buddhism has fallen, and there is a hanging mountain. Now there is also a fairyland figure. Besides the tantric abbot, who is hiding J and jīng?
His tone is cold and tough, as if he is determined to win this thing, and there is no room to look back on everything.
The most powerful vein 10,000 years ago, even though it was declining, was several times deeper than other emerging clans that were less than 10,000 years old. It was because he was afraid of raising the price because he was afraid of the roots.
"The magic weapon of winning omega supreme Buddha should belong to my Buddhist benefactor Chen, so you can recognize it."
Hearing this, Chen Shaobai felt a little uncomfortable and his eyes narrowed slightly.
According to common sense, Hanging Mountain has a deep relationship with him. Is it because he has a half-teacher’s friendship, hiding the mysterious old monk, or knowing the wisdom stick master through adversity, and going to Ri Dianji, he should have some respect for Hanging Mountain, but this guy is trying to make him feel a little close.
On the surface, this person looks like a noble monk with lofty ideals and glorious greatness, but in private, he has made great efforts to deceive men and bully women in secular Buddhism. I don’t know how many pure women have been defiled. Even if we don’t talk about this layer, it is enough to imprison Dianji and suppress Tibetan Xuan, which will make him have poor and evil thoughts.
Chen Shaobai’s eyebrows gently provoked a indifferent smile on her mouth. "3.3 billion!"
This is his department’s existing fortune smashed to a picture of a deal or no deal. He is determined to win the breath and make people breathless. Even the strong in the fairyland can’t help but feel short in front of him.
"Chen Shaobai! You! " The old monk was furious and his eyebrows were beating slightly. It seemed that his heart was extremely unhappy. See, Chen Shaobai’s eyes also brought a little bit of ShaQi.
Fortunately, he still has a little reason to think of Du Kang’s lesson. He couldn’t help saying half a word and being swallowed back by himself.
Seeing his funny appearance, Chen Shaobai burst out laughing with great grace. "Sanqing is here because I am destined to be an old monk, so don’t rob me."
His quotation is too sharp and overbearing, and it has jumped to the price of 100 million yuan. Even if the ordinary clan masters and the elders want to spend 3 billion Lingdao, the whole clan will be tight. After all, it will take many years to cultivate the younger clan’s alchemy and alchemy array, which is widely used by disciples, teach Taoism and spread Taoism, and communicate with Taoism.
There are naturally more things to consider when you are in a high position. The two great fairies thought twice and chose silence to quit the competition.
Beautiful host female xiu slightly wiped her forehead with cold sweat in Chen Shaobai and looked at hidden J: ng body for fear that they would fight on the spot until their name was rushed to repeatedly stop "but there is a higher price? If there is no higher offer, it is returned to Chen … "
Under normal circumstances, the presiding monks do their best to delay things, for fear that the auction results are not good, and their position in the palm of their hands will be greatly damaged. However, hūn Qiu and the sunrise left her a psychological price, which is just a friend of 2.5 billion. It is far beyond the prescribed scope to shoot 3.3 billion. It is better to do more than less. She has this word.
However, just in the middle of the conversation, the woman suddenly found that her throat seemed to be blocked by something. Generally, she could not speak, and a charming face seemed to die of suffocation at any time.
At this time, the hidden j and jīng sounds floated slowly. "Fair competition in the auction, the two sides will have contacts with each other in such a hurry? You added 100 million yuan last time? Good. I’ll add 100 million to 4.1 billion now? "
Such a move is obviously a slap in the face.
But ignoring his words, Chen Shaobai simply turned the world around and lifted the shackles of Tibetan monk J: ng on the hostess’s self-cultivation mana with a flick of cutting.
I feel that my throat is not smooth and comfortable. Many people have gained the right to speak again. The beautiful face finally returned to normal. Seze presided over the female repair and looked at Chen Shaobai with gratitude. Although she didn’t say anything, she wanted to express her gratitude in a pair of beautiful eyes.
Chen Shaobai did what he thought was right, but he didn’t talk to the woman. He looked back and hid the old monk J and jīng not far away. "In fact, I have 3.3 billion lingshi, but your practice really makes me sick."
"I can continue to carry the overdraft letter with you."