Elephant king patting the table, "eldest brother! How happy I am to be the demon king? Do you have to work hard in heaven? At that time, many constraints will be uncomfortable! "

Mice and elephants are natural enemies, so the mouse king always likes to bicker with the elephant king. When the elephant king said this, Ma Na said treacherously, "You stupid elephant are brainless! People say that’ the head is long and the knowledge is short’. I think you are’ the nose is long and the knowledge is short’! "
The elephant king was furious and saw that his knees were high. The mouse king shouted, "Only you know that you are short-sighted!"
The mouse king laughed. "You have no culture, don’t you? You said it was an ordinary mouse. I’m the only golden retriever. My eyes are fine! "
"Ha ha ….." They listened to the bickering and laughed.
Laughing, the lonely man waved his hand and said, "Be quiet!" See the people look at their solitary born this way "who said I have to be bound by heaven? I’m waiting to kill Heaven’s prestige so that I won’t be controlled in the future! "
Sun Wu asked, "Big Brother said it was … if you don’t kill people, you can kill heaven?"
Bai Maoxian interjected, "Two generals, this is wrong! Don’t you hear that’ any soldier who says "Tu Zhong Dao" at the end of the road will confuse the enemy’s heart!’ If we don’t kill our opponent, it will make our opponent’s momentum decline, which will benefit us and harm us! "
Sun Wu heard the motioning with his hand, "don’t understand! I wish I had a fight! "
When everyone heard this, they laughed again. There was a solitary born and Sun Wu secretly gave a wink. Lonely born heart said, "This dead monkey is getting more and more pretentious!"
As the saying goes, "several families are happy and several are sad!"
In Huaguo Mountain, when all the demons celebrated with joy, Nezha in the Heavenly Camp looked at the generals with a sad face. On the left, he cried his eyes out, but he didn’t see a tear. The gods of the Ministry of Water! On the right is the God of the Fire Department who keeps cursing Huaguoshan for deceiving others but never goes to war! Looking around one by one, the Nine Obsidian Stars just don’t look at Nezha’s face, which means "We don’t have logistics with us!"
"Ah ….." Nezha now just know that the original excavate is not easy. Nezha wants to kill himself now, but how can he easily make moves unless he has to? Nai sighed and said, "Do you have a good plan to break the enemy?" This sentence is the ninety-ninth time that Nezha said it today!
It’s really infuriating to watch people pretend to be deaf-mute Nezha again! Who is Nezha? It’s not a good thing to come here. If you really talk about his deeds, Sun Wu can’t stand it. At this time, it’s considered that this gentleman is mature! But now … Clay figurines are still three-thirds!
"Shout …" The flame of the fire-pointed gun suddenly exploded more than three feet high, scaring everyone to do it directly with a cold sweat at the bottom of the table and not daring to look at Nezha’s heart. "How did you provoke him?" There is no exquisite tower in Nezha now, but he wouldn’t be handsome if he hadn’t eaten the heavenly rice for several years! None of these people doubted that Nezha dared to beat the daylights out of them!
Speaking of which, these generals are among the best in heaven, but …
Was the Four Seas Dragon King a cow? Is Empress Shijie a cow or not? Is it weird? Is Li Jingniu awesome? Haven’t you been ruined by Nezha? What are these people? According to Nezha’s own words, "What are people always afraid of if they die of old age once?"
"Day … king …" Fire Tianjun Liu Huan bit his teeth and brimmed with huge murderous look to bring discomfort to himself and said, "At the end of … that … there will be a plan to break the enemy at the end …"
"Niang! If you don’t fight, you won’t contribute! " Nezha secretly scolded his mouth and said coldly, "Then tell me about it!"
"Yes …" After receiving the fire, Tianjun felt that his physical pressure had been reduced a lot, and then he wiped his cold sweat. "The heavenly king makes friends with the Jade Emperor of the Four Seas, and the quasi-heavenly king is not as good as looking for someone … to help!"
Nezha’s eyes were clear but he still said coldly, "Who are you looking for?"
Knowing that Nezha had lost his temper, Tianjun said, "Xiansheng Zhenjun and Tianwang are sworn friends and have an old grudge with Sun Wu of Huaguoshan. It is better to find him!"
That Alnilam Sun Xiang also came to the spirit, and he didn’t want to let the fire-fighting Tianjun occupy the limelight. He was also busy. "There is also a natural divine power of the Ergong Huian walker, a magic shovel with poor power, and the Ergong master and the two kings of Huaguoshan ………….."
The Nine Obsidian Star King doesn’t care about his own logistics. Chong Yingbiao also said before, "And the king of the Three Mountains, the true god of the Three Mountains, can go to ask for his help!"
Nezha listen to this just laughed "good! Ok! Liu Huan and Sun Xiang listen to the order! "
Fire, water and Er Shen said, "The end will be there!"
Nezha threw out the token and said, "You two go and ask the sage to play around. You need to be kind, or the jade emperor won’t dare to avenge you if he dies!"
Fire and water Er Shen went to Nezha with an order and added, "General Chong, you and Brother Tianhua are relatives. It is best for you to invite Brother Tianhua!"
Chong Yingbiao also said, "Get the order!" Go with the token!
Nezha added, "My second brother, I will personally ask you to wait for the camp. If I come back, you can’t go to war!"
They naturally promised Nezha and repeatedly told that they could rest assured to step on hot wheels! It’s Nezha who hasn’t been flapping his wings from the top of his tent soon after he left the camp …
This Nezha ordered people and soldiers to ask for help in three ways. I can’t say that Nezha rushed all the way to the South China Sea Zizhulin. I was wondering how to tell Mubai that Li Jing’s death was not good at fighting, but I was quite proficient in the algorithm. I’m afraid I had already learned that Li Jing was killed. Nezha was afraid of Mubai’s madness. This just came in person!
What is the so-called fear? Nezha came all the way to Zizhulin and was about to go inside when he heard someone talking. Who was that if it wasn’t Mubai? Nezha busy hiding in the MuYi way "master said seriously? My dad he … "
Guanyin looked at MuYi kneeling in front of her eyes and gently leaned over the white jade onion-like hand and gently waved MuYi’s forehead. She shook her head and said, "Your dad has his own fate. It’s okay to have that person in your dad!"
The wooden coffin suddenly caught Guanyin’s little hand and looked at Guanyin with affectionate eyes but didn’t say anything. Finally, she let go of her hand and couldn’t say anything! Can you change the subject and say, "Who saved my dad after all?"
Nezha heart in a surprised heart way "what’s the matter?" So I listened attentively, but I heard the Guanyin saying, "You don’t know this person, but the secret can’t be revealed. When you see your father, I’m afraid it will be very different!"
Mu Shu was puzzled. He was just about to continue asking. Suddenly, his mind moved towards him and shouted, "Third brother, don’t come out yet!"
Nezha just laughed and dedicated himself. What he just heard in his mouth was teasing. "Oh, I just saw someone … Hey, hey … How dare you bother?" Said Nezha raised his hand in the face Ceng Ceng mouth still very comfortable and said "so tender … wow … so white …"
"plop, plop!" Two rings Nezha immediately pleasantly surprised to a suet jade neck bottle and an iron pestle to say everything!
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Chapter 30 Chaos, chaos ()
Guanyin listened to Nezha’s detailed story and spoke it again with a frown and silence. At that moment, the amorous feelings of Muyi and Nezha were suddenly absent. Who knows that these two thousand-year-old virgins are lonely in their hearts … The amount of Buddha …
"It’s no wonder that the Buddha’s gift to Linglong Tower can’t stop them … it turned out that the treasure money was born!" Although Guanyin’s algorithm is penetrating, it is not thorough. At this time, I realized that Excavate was defeated for another reason!
Nezha nodded and said, "Just like this, please ask my sister to help!"
MuYun a listen to say with smile, "Third brother don’t have to worry about these things, I’ll just solve them!"
Guanyin learns of Muyi’s words and shakes his head with a wry smile. "There are only a few people in Huian who can control them now! You and I are no match! And … I can’t help! "
"What?" Nezha doubt asked 1 suddenly suddenly enlighted laughed "ha ha ….. I know! Second brother! You have another rival in love! Wahaha … "
Guanyin has long been accustomed to Nezha’s nonsense. She gave Nezha a reddish look and said nothing! However, regardless of so many words, Muyi said, "I have a heart for Master. How can I be so nasty to you?"
This is really "three hundred and twenty silver here"! Don’t say that Nezha didn’t believe it, even Guanyin almost laughed. Then look at the side and take a nap. Jin Mao looked up and looked at Muyi, which means "I don’t believe it!"
Nezha touched the back of his head and changed the subject. "Sister Guanyin just said that someone can stop who they are?"
Guanyin calmed down and said, "My Buddha’s magic edge can naturally stop them both!" Say that finish looking at Nezha full of hope and affectionate Guanyin added, "It’s a pity that Master announced it was closed yesterday! Zhenyuan Daxian can also stop Er Nai from helping you! The ancient Buddha ancestors and Maitreya Buddha from the east are barely able to stay in Lingshan … "Guanyin said in one breath that several people were either closed or could not help Nezha, the Lord of Heaven, feel depressed after hearing it!
Nezha said, "Does that mean that my heaven will lose this time?"
Guanyin smiled and looked at Nezha. "Let you win the battle. Guanyin thinks that there is no such ability, but there is a plan to try! I just don’t know if you listen! "
"listen!" Nezha nodded at once. He is now a dead horse as a living horse doctor!
"make peace!" Guanyin closed her eyes with a smile!
Nezha seems to have some clues after hearing it, but he couldn’t help smiling bitterly. "I said that my good sister, don’t fool my younger brother with that set of incense money! If you have anything, just say it! "
Guanyin looked around at a half-dead picture of a golden retriever lying on the ground doing a dream of spring. These two idiots squinted at themselves from time to time, but there were no outsiders. This just jumped into the lotus platform and put a white dress on the spot to sit down and say, "Shit! You are fucking stupid! Don’t you know the personality of bodhi old zu? With his personality of justifying a fault, he can leave a treasure for his disciples, and money can leave all the treasures. Besides, the mysterious knowledge of Pu has changed greatly, and that cocoa-made treasure is in their own hands. Now there are so many demon kings to help! If you don’t say anything else, I’m afraid it’s worth talking and laughing! Those people in heaven will never come up with the truth until I say I can’t get to the key. How can you fight them? "
Nezha listened to Guanyin’s words and nodded, "It’s also the group of old things that really won’t step in! If there is a hand in it, it will not reach this point! "
Guanyin knocked on Nezha’s head and said, "I told you to make peace!"
Nezha nai laughed, "I said Guanyin sister Guanyin bodhisattva! How easy is it for you to make peace? Why do people make peace with us when they are now dominant? "