Lu Jinnai’s eyebrows and eyes crowded together in sorrow. "Yes!"

Hai Kuishen pointed out that although Liu Jinmei had fallen, he was still taller than Lu Jin to plant fairy seeds for Lu Jin.
This fairy is a soul-eating fairy. If you don’t obey him, you can eat his soul at any time!
As Haikui knows more and more about the celestial world, Haikui also knows the real cause of Qing Di’s death. One of the important reasons is that even if Qing Di is taller than Wu Zun Dao Zun, he will always be able to obey them. One of the important reasons is that Qing Di’s soul has been taken away and refined into fairy seeds in other bodies. Unless he dies or is higher than the owner of the fairy seeds, he will never be liberated!
The intrigue in the celestial world is beyond imagination!
Haikui planted fairy seeds for Lu Jin, so he is not afraid of this real villain. The real villain has a characteristic, which has always been a characteristic of fear of death!
Since you are afraid of death and know that your life is in the hands of others, of course, you dare not give birth to resistance!
It’s not easy for a man like him to fight his way out in the competition of thousands of horses and sail to cultivate immortality and reach the height of Yuan infant.
Haikui planted fairy seeds for Lu Jin in Zhang Hao. This little boy is also a real villain. His cultivation is much worse than Lu Jin’s. Many teachers have planted it. He is also a wise man and dare not make a fuss. There is no need to plant fairy seeds for him.
It’s not as fun as expected to finally make the little Xinghai Pie, and they don’t have a mountain gate to wait for Haikui to beat and stir it up, and find out several magic weapons and beasts of Dan medicine. In that case, it would be cool.
Now many sects are integrated into the secular world, perhaps a two-bedroom and one-living hall, where they meet, or a martial arts school.
Haikui yawned and said to everyone, "Let’s go home and find beds to sleep in. Grandma won’t let people sleep well in the middle of the night!"
"I’m sorry!" Lu Jin bowed and hurriedly apologized.
Haikui is satisfied. Pat the youngest on the shoulder. Both the youngest and his apprentice are superb. Listening to them often can boost their morale.
No wonder Ji, an old demon soul, likes to listen to others kiss his ass.
This Jinnan city is still a land-entering site, and Mu Donglin, after their business, has a land-entering cover. The problem should not be greater than giving Liu Jinfa a few salaries. I’m afraid Wu Yidan will not refuse.
Let Haikui, who went to Lingyan and their hotel, return home.
Don’t talk about demons. Unlike humans, Haikui is more at ease with demons than humans.
For human beings, it’s people like Lao Huang who don’t talk much now, and they can know from orders that people like Respect Division will like it even if they are incompetent. Besides, Lao Huang Xiu is so awesome that Hai Kui is very optimistic about what Lao Huang wants him to do. Rest assured!
So Lao Huang is the best person to protect his family for 24 hours.
More importantly, Lao Huang won’t spy on others. Although it is an indisputable fact that everything is clear when a master of this level sweeps away his knowledge, his wife must feel as uncomfortable as eating flies when she is peeked at by others. At this time, it is much more comfortable to have Lao Huang.
Haikui came home to see Han Wenxuan asleep. Although everyone knows that they are good at cultivating immortality, they must know that Haikui is back, but Haikui didn’t touch Han Wenxuan, but lay beside her and slept.
Three days later, Lingyan came back, and the speed of collecting materials was much faster than Haikui thought. She set out to make an alchemy, and Haikui was practicing at home at two o’clock and one line.
The main response to the temporary release of the avatar spell is to repair it. He should upgrade it to the late distracted stage as soon as possible, and then he will reach the Mahayana period after swallowing the nine-trick elixir, and then he will continue to use natural materials and treasures to help achieve Mahayana and wait for it to soar.
Just like ordinary people have to work to make money, Haikui Xiuxian has been doomed to practice since he accepted Qing Di’s acceptance, or he will be buried when Huanglong and Qing Di react to his opponents!
Therefore, he must practice. It seems that there is a knife standing on Haikui’s head, which will fall down at any moment and be repaired. It is a pair of armor. Only by wearing this armor can he resist the knife!
With a few senior immortals to guide Haikui to practice for thousands of miles a day, he constantly absorbs the aura of heaven and earth, and then listens to Lao Chang to tell him some feelings.
In a few days, Lingyan refined the medicine that can restore the elixir.
The color of the elixir is green, which makes Haikui feel familiar and slightly fragrant. "What elixir is this?"
"concentrate on Dan"
I’m familiar with the name. Haikui thought about it. Isn’t the name of this Dan medicine the name of the overseas monty refining Dan medicine?
Haikui took out Monty’s refining green Dan and white Dan from his bag and gave them to Lingyan.
Lingyan hit the bag and looked stunned. "Where did it come from?"
"Extraterritorial monty refining!"
Haikui has a strange expression. Is this thing difficult to handle? Lingyan, it’s not hard for them to get some of this stuff!
Haikui held the green Dan medicine in his hand and raised it. "Are you not a monty refining?"
"No, but you have better raw materials. How did you get these?"
Haikui told a story about his trip to the Far North.
Ling Yan laughed after listening to it. "It’s great that there is a connecting channel outside the territory. Monty outside the territory is a huge treasure basin. Are you afraid that there will be no elixir to upgrade? It’s an act of god. It’s an act of god to let you know that the connecting channel outside the territory is also an act of god. In this case, we can often go out and catch Monty’s alchemy, so that you can reach the late Mahayana just around the corner!"
Hai Kui had a thoughtful expression. "No wonder Xue Zhengxiu was promoted so quickly. He must have taken a lot of monty transforming pills."