Immediately, I saw Le Jin sigh and said, "Although I am not tall, my objects are by no means inferior. I have never seen anything worse than me for so many years, but I have seen someone behind my master’s back who knows that there is a world behind me!"

Li She proudly looked at her objects, which was as scary as a baby’s arm. In fact, Li She didn’t come like this, but after getting the dragon spirit, it seemed that she came to the second development, which became like this. Bian Shi has not buried Li She less.
"Hey hey, of course, otherwise how to be your master!" Li said with a wretched smile, "Your mistress can’t put it down!"
"Ha ha ha ha!" Two people immediately burst out laughing.
Fortunately, after a month’s training, Li’s resilience is also very strong, and his arm bones are slowly healing and he can move at will, but he can’t exercise too much, but these don’t matter.
Chapter one hundred and nine Ridiculous Palace
Luoyang is located in Henan county, and the chill is still very strong in this October season. The people have already put on thick clothes.
Although the earth has just been swept by the yellow turban insurrectionary, Luoyang’s imperial city has not been swept by the waves, and it is still a prosperous scene.
The palace is even more ridiculous than the Han Emperor in the West Garden of the Han Palace, where a woman is naked and naked in her arms, sitting in the arms of the Han Emperor and wantonly teasing the Han Emperor, hoping to become a phoenix in one step.
There are also a group of people sitting around Emperor Han Ling, who are also clean and clean without a piece of cloth to cover their arms. Although the women are also smiling, there is always a strong sense of joy. If you look closely, you will know that they don’t belong to men. It turns out that they are a group of eunuchs. They just want the literati to chew their bones and spit their flesh.
In front of the ten attendants of Emperor Han Ling, there is a big wine pool. In the wine pool, a large number of ladies-in-waiting are playing, and there is a small round table in the center of the pool. At this time, a woman is dancing on the surface, and her wet clothes are close to her charming body, which is more beautiful.
Emperor Han Ling couldn’t stand throwing the woman in his arms at the frustum of a cone and shouting, "Beauty! Come to me! "
Female upon slightly "yes" set foot in the wine pool and swam slowly towards the Han Emperor.
Emperor Han Ling and others are thirsty, so they can’t bear to go to the beauty. They jump into the wine pool and throw their arms around the beauty who is swimming to them. The beauty in her hand smiles happily and adds to the flame in Emperor Ling’s heart.
"Come to beauty! Drink some wine! " Emperor Han Ling put his finger into the beauty’s mouth, and the beauty’s sweet tongue licked the finger of Emperor Ling around the circle. This beautiful scenery made Emperor Han Ling couldn’t help it any longer, and it was in this wine pool that the beauty was born.
"Ha ha ha! Really amazing! " Previously, the eunuch sitting on the left side of Emperor Han Ling said
"Yes! This is the sixth time! " Previously, the eunuch sitting on the right side of Emperor Han Ling said
These two men were none other than Zhang Rang and Zhong Zhao, the first of the ten regular attendants. Emperor Han Ling addressed them as father and mother, which showed that they were powerful.
The ten constant attendants are not Zhang Rang, Zhong Zhao, Feng Luan, Duan Gui, Cao Jie, Hou Lan, Jian Shuo, Cheng Kuang, Xia Yun and Guo Sheng in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. They are a eunuch group, including Zhang Rang, Zhong Zhao, Xia Yun, Guo Sheng, Sun Zhang, Bi Lan, Li Song, Duan Gui, Gao Wang and Zhang Gong.
"You are really possessed by a man of God!" More than eunuchs have also chimed in.
Zhang rang immediately put a face on the board. "How do you talk?"
The eunuchs are all in a daze. What’s the problem? Even Emperor Han Ling is puzzled when he is in motion. Looking at Zhang Rang, he seems to be eager to prove himself and speeds up.
Zhang Rang looked at Emperor Han Ling and immediately changed his face and said obsequiously, "You are a living god!"
"Ha ha ha! Yes! Yes! " The eunuch suddenly realized and laughed.
Emperor Han Ling also laughed wildly. "Father is Father! Every time you talk, you can make me feel happy! " Still moving, the beauty breathed heavily. In less than a moment, Emperor Han Ling was finished. It seems to be a day trader.
Emperor Han Ling’s body and mind relaxed and returned to the position. The woman who had just been left aside by herself waved her hand and immediately smiled and collapsed in the arms of Emperor Han Ling, and another woman was dancing in the frustum of a cone in the wine pool.
"How do you feel?" Zhang rang stroked the bosom female breast and said
The Emperor of Han Ling, sprawled in his seat, was still teased by the woman in his arms and said, "It’s so cool. This is still much more. Thank you, Father. If it wasn’t for Father’s idea, I wouldn’t have come up with the idea of building this kind of naked swimming hall like in fairyland."
Historical records: Emperor Ling visited the West Park in the third year of Chu Ping, and went naked to visit the museum for thousands of years … The imperial secretary has been dressed in makeup for three or six years, but she has been naked or bathed together. "
"This is a slave should be positions to share" Zhang Rang laughed.
Emperor Han Ling’s hands wandered freely in his arms, and the woman sighed slightly, "It would be refreshing if I could live like this every day!" What a pity! There are always people who claim to be loyal to me and advise me not to indulge myself. They say that the people are in trouble and want me to take care of the overall situation. What’s more, they want me to destroy father, mother and others and clear up the country. "
"Jian Jian!" Zhang Rang Zhong Zhao was so scared that he quickly knelt on the ground with tears tilted and looked at it.
Other eunuchs also knelt down and exclaimed, "Slave loyalty is comparable to the sun and the moon!"
For a while, I sobbed one after another, and Emperor Han Ling was very sorry. "Father, mother, get up quickly. How can I harm you!"
Zhang Rang Zhong Zhao still knelt on the ground and sobbed as if he had suffered a great injustice. Generally, Emperor Han Ling said to other eunuchs, "Why don’t you still kneel and help me up?"
When the eunuchs helped Zhang Rang, Zhao Zhongcai said with a face of reluctance that Zhang Rang was even more miserable from the ground, "Don’t believe those slanders. For example, today, the Taiping people live and work in peace and contentment, and the people are miserable. It must be that the general has been cheating, and he knows that it is not a day or two for the general to see us unhappy."