I made several excuses and delayed it successfully. I was looking forward to my son’s coming home. Mother Zheng was perfect.

Chapter 44 A broken dream
Mother Zheng’s face is red these days.
Now she especially likes going out, going in and out, which makes her more satisfied.
The fifth time I received a message from the county, when they even moved out the old people in the Zheng clan, Zheng’s mother let go and promised to help, but the result was not guaranteed.
She hummed a tune proudly and didn’t rush to leave.
When she was a widow, it was not so difficult for those people in her family to covet their family’s things. She also came over, but for her family’s ability and a stable job, she might not have survived.
But she remembered all those people.
Now that she’s over it, the old people in the clan have to talk softly to themselves. Mother Zheng thinks she must stay for two more days when she goes back later!
Let’s get rid of all the former cowardly departments.
After a while, she chatted with the old man who kept the words. Listening to her daughter’s marriage, she just patted her head. "Look, my memory almost forgot your things! I am really sorry to be confused! "
I’m sorry in my mouth. Where is the slightest regret in my face?
I go in and out every day and watch his eyes get warmer and warmer, so I have to do it.
In her opinion, this is not too difficult.
The old man laughed and complimented, "It’s very kind of you to forget things more. I’m so worried about this little thing. Listen, it’s all about building a school."
Enough praise. Mother Zheng smiled and waved to a middle-aged man passing by, "Small holes-"
This surname Kong visited Zheng’s mother’s house, and now she stops people when she appears here smoothly.
"Oh, you always have something to take care of me!"
Mother Zheng coughed, "See if you said you didn’t disturb your class?"
"Teacher, look, you said that the usual class is the top priority. When you come, nothing matters!" Small pore channel
Tell mother Zheng to be elated.
She just kicked out the request. "It’s not a big deal. You see how great it is for brother’s daughter to get married, right? It’s rare to live in a place. Since it’s a mouth, that is, some gift boxes, can you bring them back on the way? "
Xiao Kong has been listening with a smile and frowning. "I’ll tell you the truth. It’s not a big deal in your opinion, but I really can’t get it if I go to get it, otherwise everyone will say so and there will be no rules."
Zheng’s mother’s face was about to fall. This is not even for her face.
"Otherwise you have to? I’m sure there will be no problem if you go here. Just stop by and instruct the workers, and then such things will be done properly! " Xiao Kong said
The old man listened to the trouble and waved his hand quickly. "If it is really troublesome, forget it. That’s what I said. Look, you are so busy or the school is important."
It’s the first time for others to beg for something. In Zheng’s opinion, it’s not a matter of size, but a matter of her face. How can she live here after going out?
"Brother, don’t worry, I’ll take a trip. There’s nothing to be sure of. I’ll give you a good return." Zheng’s mother-in-law really guaranteed it.
So Xiao Kong launched a 20-inch bicycle, and it was a little difficult for Zheng Mu to sit in the back seat of a strange man’s bicycle.
Stalemate Qiuping and Xiufang just came over to send her vegetables and earth eggs to see this scene without saying, "Auntie, I’ll take you on a two-legged trip!"
Zheng mother just got off the bus and arrived at the factory in ten minutes.
It’s easy to carry it in with a small hole.
QiuPing they looked at all the way is feeling "I darling this factory is so big! If someone hadn’t led me in, I would have got lost! "
"Come on, you don’t have anyone to lead you in?"
Two people ha ha laugh.
It’s really satisfying to be seen by others when it’s glorious.
Mother Zheng is at this time.
Xiao Kong took their seven Catharine to a place.