This is a problem.

Zhang Lan took one look at frigga’s silence and looked around for a glove face.
That’s a pair of gloves taken from Thanos!
Even with Thanos a trace of blood!
Thought of a possibility. Zhang Lan thinks
If you can get this limited glove, then
It’s 110 thousand words. Hey, isn’t everyone coming to a wave of 666?
Chapter 41 Zhang Lanxiao move
If you can get a limit of glove.
Then it’s okay to return Thor’s hammer to Saul.
Zhang Lan needs something other than gloves.
So thinking about Zhang Lan took out the Thor hammer from the system.
Frigga saw Raytheon’s hammer, and his eyes couldn’t help but stay for a while before diverting his eyes. "What do you need, Blue?"
Said frigga a stroke around the treasure house.
Zhang Lan doesn’t hesitate to directly stretch out his hand and summon a sand flow to hold up the gloves on the left. He will tentatively shake hands and pick the bar at frigga.
Sure enough, frigga’s face showed reluctance, hesitated for a long time and finally squeezed out "Are you sure you want this?"
Zhang Lan didn’t answer, but threw the Thor hammer to the ground and said, "Bang!" With a loud noise, a small piece of wood separated from his body and then slowly changed his blue appearance.
[Mu Dun, Mu Duo]
Different from the wood doppelganger, the wood doppelganger and the shadow doppelganger can make the body-blood boundary almost the same as the body, while the shadow doppelganger can make some abilities relatively.
You must be able to rely on this ability, but the shadow avatar can’t, while the wooden avatar can be easily controlled.
This movement is not small. frigga’s line of sight is firmly trapped by the hand-held Raytheon hammer wood. He didn’t notice that a handful of gems holding gloves with limited sand flow slowly rubbed in the groove.
The slight friction is covered by the movement of Raytheon hammer.
When the wooden member bent down to hold Raytheon hammer, a handful of red sand had been carefully collected by Zhang Lan.
This is his purpose.
After doing this, Zhang Lan directed the sand flow to send the gloves back to the original place and began to draw a door without saying a word, directly stepping into the sight of frigga.
"Ah, blue you" frigga, this is the reaction to come over. Zhang Lan has returned to earth.
"After frigga, you can rest assured that you have sent me to send Raytheon Hammer to Sol. It must be hard, isn’t it?" Wooden doppelganger timely mouth
"Well, thank you very much, otherwise I will call Saul back, or no one can lift the Raytheon hammer, which is also a big trouble." frigga looked puzzled but didn’t ask.
For Zhang Lan, she suddenly left without taking anything away, which made her very unhappy.
Wood busy obviously saw frigga’s face wondering but not saying anything, but asking when to start with a smile.
After all, frigga seems to have taken nothing with him, but unconsciously, he has already got what he wants most.
The red sand will deal with the Thanos key in the future!
The Earth Dawn No.1 base was previously blue from the Earth.
Tony was also severely ridiculed by everyone and discussed several sets of "marriage proposal strategies" by the way, but everyone’s sight fell from time to time before Zhang Lan disappeared
It was the moment when the door was knocked, and everyone found it for the first time and greeted Zhang Lan’s return.
This is Zhang Lan quite caught off guard.
After all, I just did a little "small business" to make Zhang Lan a "scandal" for myself.
On second thought, even frigga didn’t know he was moving!
Therefore, he calmly asked, "Why is everyone still there? Tony, is everything all right? "
"Ah Lan, we just discussed six schemes. See which one is suitable!"
Katie jumped to Zhang Lan’s left and put her arm around him. Then she excitedly told Zhang Lan about the plan that everyone had just talked about.
Hill is bound to hold Zhang Lan’s right palm and occasionally add a few words with a light smile.
Others are also expressing their opinions in succession, regardless of Tony’s stinking black face.
At that time, no one asked what Zhang Lan did just now.
After all, there are many things that Zhang Lan [Dawn Empire] can’t let others know now.
They can know that Zhang Lan will naturally say