Fan Yiweng is the owner of the valley with a weapon.

Lu Shuang cold way "fuck! You’re lucky that the old guy didn’t shock you to death just now. "
Lu Shuanghua attacked Fan Yiweng with a ghosting image.
Fan Yiweng’s weapon is very heavy, not 200 Jin, and the attack power is as strong as the mord.
Lu Shuang has reached the state of "lifting the light as heavy", and a long sword hand can also hit nearly 20 thousand Jin of strength, plus dark strength to bless the attack power and return Fan Yiweng.
Fan Yiweng felt that his hands were numb and he seemed to have lost consciousness.
"This little girl is so strong that I am no match." Fan Yiweng was horrified.
This time, he finally knew that Lu Shuang was not something he could handle.
Lu Shuang sneered at a sword, shook Fan Yiweng’s weapon and punched him in the chest.
Dark explosive hair Fan Yiweng’s true qi was scattered by the earthquake and the dirt was shifted by the shock.
"Snow …" Fan Yiweng flew out and spit out one mouthful blood and lost his fighting capacity.
Lu Shuang cold hum a "old guy overreached".
Gongsun Zhi was livid. He didn’t expect Lu Shuang’s martial arts to be so strong. Few people are her opponents.
"Sister Liu, you know how much I love you, and I won’t let you leave me." Gongsun Zhi said to the little dragon girl, "This little girl is your junior, but she is too arrogant. Today I will teach her a lesson for you."
Lu Shuang sneered, "Old things, your hair is white for a long time, and it’s wishful thinking to want to marry my uncle. I’m not afraid to tell your uncle, but I’m going to take her away today."
Gongsun Zhi took out his weapon and sneered, "If you want to take Liu Mei away, even you are not qualified enough. I will let you see the blade method of Yin and Yang in Gongsun’s house today."
Gongsun Zhi weapon qi emerged Lu Shuang heart in a surprised "congenital qi? This old thing is a master warrior! "
Chapter 15 Crimson Lotus fairy is coming.
"Trouble didn’t think this old thing turned out to be a master fighter" Lu Shuang was nervous.
The great master Lu Shuang is clear, but even if he has just stepped into the master realm, the fighters are not first-class fighters who can compete with the master fighters. However, the innate qi is much stronger than the acquired qi, which is not a level of strength.
Lu Shuang figured, "Well, I’ve reached the level of family boxing’s dark strength, and my endurance is very strong. I’ll have the opportunity to take away Martial Uncle when the old things such as his dogfight are exhausted."
There is no way to do this. The first condition is that Gongsun Zhi can’t be too fast, otherwise Lu Shuang’s endurance will be nowhere.
One move is killed by seconds, and all means are empty.
Lu Shuang’s eyes became sharp with a long sword. "Come on!"
Lu Shuang made a defensive posture.
Gongsun Zhi sneered, "I’ll let you see a great master fighter today."
Gongsun Zhi’s weapons are knives and swords.
The combination of these two weapons makes it quite overbearing to use the Yin-Yang chaotic blade method.
Gongsun Zhi turned into a ghosting image and attacked Lu Shuang.
"so fast!"
Lu Shuang’s pupil hole shrank slightly, and his flying skill was put to the extreme, avoiding the knife gas attack again and again.
Lu Shuang retreated to avoid the knife gas and turned into a ghosting image to kill Gongsun Zhi to Gongsun Zhi. He didn’t expect that a first-class fighter in Lu Shuang could avoid his attack. You know that you are a master fighter.
"This little girl can’t leave martial arts at an early age so get it in the future? Kill her and get rid of this scourge! " Gongsun Zhi’ s heart is full of dangers, and he is already a murderer