After eating and drinking, the banquet is over

After Yan Chen and Xiang Shaolong left, Zhao Mu’s face was completely gloomy, and his eyes revealed anger
A middle-aged man dressed as a teacher of the law said, "The duke Chen Yan is so unappreciative, then we will be as one as a lamb …"
The middle-aged scribes scratched their hands and made a "slaying" move.
Chen Yan is a "living immortal", but he is too far away from himself. Middle-aged scribes immediately expressed their loyalty to Zhao Mu and killed Chen Yan.
Zhao Mu nodded, "Yes, I have something to do, but I don’t believe that he is the real fairy. Since he can’t be Hou, he must be killed by Hou."
"Lian Jin, if you find a chance to test a man, he must have weaknesses, even if he is a man."
Lian Jin lamented a bitter face in his heart, "It’s the duke."
Chapter 36 Overcoming Fear The sword is finally drawn again
Walking back to Wujiabao Road by moonlight, Xiang Shaolong asked, "Mr. Chen, as soon as we didn’t intend to accept Zhao Mu’s recruitment, we didn’t come to the party. In front of so many people, Zhao Mu even hated us to death."
Chen Yanxiao said, "Zhao Mu is, after all, the duke and the most powerful minister of Zhao State. Whether he invited us to dinner or refused Zhao Mu’s solicitation is a matter of principle. We must stick to the bottom line and treat people respectfully and courteously. Your friendship is as light as water, but Zhao Mu sees that we are treated with utilitarian mentality after Zhao Mu. Then it is not that we can control the soldiers to block water and cover up Zhao Mu’s tricks."
Chen Yan and Zhao Mu have no interest, but Chen Yan also knows that he will not become friends with people like Zhao Mu.
Different ways do not agree.
Zhao Mu thought that it was impossible for the elite of heaven to be his lackeys like Lian Jin.
Not everyone is as greedy and willing to be driven by Zhao Mu as Lian Jin.
Xiang Shaolong carefully pondered over Chen Yan’s words and nodded, "Mr. Chen has a point."
In the next few days, Zhao Pan came to Wujiabao at dawn and followed Chen Yan to learn. Chen Yan personally taught Zhao Pan every day for more than half an hour and asked him to go back to his own "review the past and learn new things."
Zhao Pan’s body is relatively thin, and Chen Yan let Shan Rou teach him the skill of round piling.
Chen Yan will finish the class every day and will not say more nonsense with Zhao Pan.
Zhao Pan can leave Wujiabao and go back to Zhao Ya.
Did Chen Yan teach Zhao Pan in a free-range way, and Zhao Pan didn’t study hard and practice after returning home? After all, it’s impossible for him to stay with him for 12 hours every day even if he is master Zhao Pan. If he is really guarding Zhao Pan, then he is not master Zhao Pan but his servant nanny.
With the decrease of toxins in the body, Chen Yan’s health promotion is more rounded and smooth.
Every time he breathes, the artistic conception of swallowing the sky comes back to him.
The wind will blow in the small courtyard if you want to practice boxing.
Shan Rou likes to watch Chen Yan practice boxing besides practicing by herself.
Before, she always felt that Chen Yanquan was soft and had no power. Now Chen Yanquan still doesn’t have much power, but the masculine and feminine artistic conception keeps changing and oscillating, which makes good and soft really big eyes.
It was not until now that the power of Chen Yan’s boxing gradually emerged.
Chen Yan pays attention to the artistic conception of boxing rather than tricks.
The so-called lack of intention is such.
After a set of boxing, Chen Yan was sweating and carefree, as if breathing was more unobstructed than before.
Shan Rou took two steps forward.
Chen Yan immediately stopped, "Stop being kind and gentle, girl, don’t get too close to me. My sweat is very overbearing and poisonous. For ordinary people, this poison is on the verge of death. If you get this poison, even if I have medical skills, I may not be able to save it. If you have anything to say, just say it there."
Arihiko picked up a towel next to wipe the sweat on his forehead.
Shan Rou said, "Sir, I have something personal to do and I need to be away for a while."
Chen Yanxiao asked, "How do you want to kill people to get a reward? If you don’t worry about eating and drinking at Wujiabao and don’t spend money to kill people, I think it’s better to forget it. Even if you kill people who are damned, killing too much will still affect your mood. You are a girl and your heart should not be so dark and bloody. "
Good soft shook his head. "This time it’s not killing people."
"Is it dangerous?" Chen Yan asked
Good soft silence a said "I don’t know"
Chen Yanxiao said, "I don’t know? That is to say, there may be great trouble and peace. I’ll give you that set of boxing you’ve always wanted to learn now, and don’t wait to go to Xianyang. "
Shan Rou said with surprise, "What you said is true, Mr. Chen?"
Arihiko nods, "I really can’t lie."
Lying is against sincerity.
Chen Yan gave good and soft boxing, but he didn’t kill it. All moves and routines are to refine the body and qi and blood. Practicing this set of boxing can greatly enhance the strength, speed and sensitivity of the body.
Beat the enemy and kill him. Yan Yan thinks that Shan Rou and Cao Qiu Daoism are enough.
Two hours later.
Shanrou learned boxing and left with satisfaction.
Juluhou mansion
Lian Jin residence
Lian Jin sat cross-legged on the bed with his eyes closed. Although he did not exercise, sweat kept rolling down his cheeks and neck.
He frowned, his face changed constantly, saying that his mood fluctuated violently and his heart struggled constantly.
It’s not easy to test the depth of Yan Yan.
Sun Yat-sen, the "first strong man in Zhao", has buried an invincible image in Lian Jin’s heart. Sun Yat-sen and Lian Jin don’t even have the courage to draw their swords.
To make moves against Chen Yan.
Lian Jin’s first thing to do is to restrain his fears and get rid of the invincible thoughts in Chen Yan’s heart. Otherwise, going to Chen Yan is to die.
Qiang Qiang!
Lian Jin yelled with his eyes open and pulled out his sword on his knees.
"Chen Yan, I, Lian Jin, will definitely beat you!"