This conversation lasted more than two hours.

By noon
Zhu Xi asked, "Mr. Chen’s mood of reconciliation is really daunting. At present, Mr. Chen is not affiliated with the organization and has not established power. I wonder if you would like to join the Chinese government?"
Chapter 43 Laboratory macro and micro are all Tao.
Ulrich nods "can"
Zhu Xi and the mayor are all one leng.
The mayor said excitedly, "Mr. Chen, what did you say?"
Chen Yan said quietly, "I said I can join the Chinese government and play for the Chinese nation."
Chen Yan’s foundation is Confucianism’s "sincerity" and "unity of knowledge and action". Confucianism is an outstanding scholar who can’t achieve the goal of improving his mood in the deep mountains and forests.
Cultivate one’s morality, govern the country and level the sky.
Only by having a big picture and a big mind can we truly feel the life’s rising mood and cultivation.
Zhu Xi said happily, "Great, Mr. Chen, you can make such a decision. I believe all Chinese people will appreciate you."
Zhu Xi and the mayor didn’t talk about the treatment with Yan Chen.
Martial arts has reached the level of Yan Yan, and it is meaningless to treat and handle anything.
Yan Chen promised Zhu Xi and the mayor not to ask for benefits from the government, and even less to ask for benefits. Only the weak will care about those benefits, and only then will they think about asking for them.
Chen Yan is a strong man. He should pay attention to dedication after practice. For Chen Yan, dedication is also a kind of practice.
Chen Yan said, "Mr. Zhu, mayor, I joined the Chinese government and hope to do experiments in the best biological laboratory in the country. Of course, the experimental data I obtained can be shared with the government and the military."
Zhu Xi said without hesitation, "There is no problem after Mr. Chen’s request. The top biochemical laboratories in the six bases of China can be opened to you by Mr. Chen."
Ulrich said, "There’s one last question. I haven’t got any popular words yet. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been unable to get into the base city and lived in a deserted county town with monsters."
Zhu Xi and the mayor looked at each other. Is a super strong man like Mr. Chen a black man?
It’s incredible.
The mayor said, "Most of the information of the household registration was lost before the earth disaster. Mr. Chen has no household registration. We can understand asking Mr. Chen to give out his identity information, and I will arrange the household registration for you as soon as I get back."
It’s impossible for ordinary people to help black people arrange their membership. Even General Liu will spend a lot of time on a horse because the military doesn’t manage civil affairs, but it’s a matter of words for Zhu Xi and the mayor.
Ulrich smiled and nodded. "Thank you very much, Mayor Zhu. It’s already noon. Go back. I’ll cook now."
Chen Yan’s cooking has reached a new level, and he cooked the food in less than twenty minutes.
Two meats, two vegetables and one soup, a total of five dishes, are very heavy.
There are not many dishes, but the dishes are exquisite, colorful and delicious.
Zhu Xi, the mayor, and Yang Wu are all eating a mouthful.
Ate lunch and did send Zhu Xi and the mayor away.
Yan Chen and Yang Wu watched Zhu Xi and the mayor go away from the balcony.
Yang Wu said, "Teacher, the problem of your nationality has finally been solved."
Sun Yan’s eyes are clear and his face has no mood swings. He said quietly, "It’s a big thing for ordinary people, but it seems to me and Mr. Zhu that it’s a small problem. It’s important to enhance the strength and speed of fighters now, but the most important thing is to be able to control this force carefully. Let me try your fist …"
Yang Wu said happily, "It’s a teacher."
Zhu Xi and the mayor walked back to the base city road.
It’s not normal for the mayor to blush. He is too happy, too excited and too excited.
The mayor said, "Mr. Zhu didn’t expect Mr. Chen to agree to join our Chinese government. It’s great that our government department has another peerless strong man beyond the level of God of War."