The Empress Dowager was so angry that she wanted to beat the Emperor Phoenix Night without stamping her feet. "I didn’t realize you were so fond of my concubine. You should apologize to that girl Ruan Ruan."

Emperor phoenix night full of apologies tunnel "Huang grandmother you are not ignorant of the grandchild’s body cough and I don’t know if you can hold on until then to delay Ruan Ruan’s sister’s life, which is not what I want or what Huang grandmother wants to cough and cough me-"
"Oh, my darling, stop it, Grandmother. No matter what, okay?" The queen mother couldn’t say anything harsh when she saw that the emperor was sick at night.
It was not until the queen mother stopped coughing and sighed that her eyes became cold again.
Everyone seems to be very worried that when he really has a conflict of interest, they will still calmly analyze the pros and cons. This is the royal family, hehe
A few days later, Liu Sunseeker saw Liu Zhengyu coming to see her with Benben.
This time, Liu Zheng was completely changed in front of him. When they met, they saluted and said with a smile, "I have seen the imperial concubine empress."
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Chapter 271 Good deal
Liu Sunseeker felt that she and her mother were in danger before the night. This man wanted to let them die more than once and listened to the handmaiden ridicule them as idlers.
Now that she is going to marry Emperor Feng Ye, the father will be kind to them and call her empress if he wants anything from her.
I saw two sugar people in my eyes. This is probably why Liu Zheng was stupid before buying. He scolded him for being a little beast when he didn’t even hug each other. Now he even brought him to see himself and bought delicious food. Although he was only four years old, he already knew how to tell the difference between a loyal traitor and a candy man, but he didn’t eat at all. Stupid is a snack, so that snack goods don’t eat sugar. I don’t know how hard this little guy endured.
I couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief when I looked at Liu Xixi’s help. It seems that my daily teaching is not white.
Liu Sunseeker nodded at Liu Zhengyu at night but looked at Benben Soft Tunnel "Come and hug my sister"
In a word, I pretended to be a grown-up stupid enough to cry, and I couldn’t help it.
Liu Zheng is a little impatient. "Come and take the young master out. I have something to say with the empress."
Don’t talk about the ladies-in-waiting in the imperial palace. Even Mo Xi stared at the sky and pretended not to hear anything.
This makes Liu Zheng blush with embarrassment, and secretly scolds Liu Xixi for being unfilial late, but can her father have her without him?
However, when I thought of the person I mentioned to princess royal yesterday, Liu Zhengyu, the expression of princess royal, keenly found that Liu Xiyu’s late method was promising.
So he looked at Liu Sunseeker with strong self-patience, patting his stupid back and gently coaxing him.
It was not until Benben stopped crying that Liu Xixi said, "Father and Empress have something to say to let them leave first."
Liu Xixi raised his eyebrows slightly at his father last night, and there was no taboo at all, but you fell into the pit when you promised to carry out this plan, my dear father! !
Liu Xi’s late lip angle evoked a sarcastic smile. "It’s not necessary for my father to know that everything is in this kit."
Liu Sunseeker took her kit out of her arms at night, and she said, Liu Zheng, the greedy wolf, should come to her.
Liu Zheng is looking at the tip of the eye. Greed is like a tongue licking at the tip.
Liu Xi took the kit into his arms again in front of him at night. "So what did my father promise to do later?"
Liu Zheng is in a rigid shape. In fact, if he doesn’t want to promise to cut off Liu Xi’s late condition, if he really writes it, it will be difficult to control Liu Xi’s late and stupid.
"Or dad hasn’t thought about it yet, so come back when you think about it." Liu Sunseeker didn’t worry at all, so he was ready to pull Benben to play for a while.
"live! !” Liu Zheng stopped Liu Sunseeker late in Shirley’s speech, but he hesitated after shouting.
Look at Liu Xixi and look at Benben later. These are his children, but they have been separated from him, that is, it is not bad that they can leave some soup for him when they eat noodles.
But if he’s got princess royal ―― then he’s one man and ten thousand people! !
He still remembers Liu Xixi’s deep words in the evening. After all, he is their biological father. What if he wrote a letter of severance?
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Chapter 272 Finally not sour
So he gritted his teeth and took it out of his sleeve. He had already written a good article and slapped it on the table. "Here you are! ! Don’t cheat your father in the evening! !”
Liu Sunseeker smiled at night and picked up the article. After careful examination, she saw that it was written without any problems. She also left Liu Zheng in private printing and fingerprinting, so she nodded with satisfaction and took out the kit from her arms again.
LiuZhengYu hands holding the tips are trembling, carefully read the tips, the more I see him, the more I feel scared. "Are you serious? Did you learn that? ! !”
Liu Zheng stared at the daughter with wide eyes and felt sorry. Unfortunately, it is a girl, and no matter how clever she is, she can’t succeed. If she is a daughter, she really can’t bear to be so cheap to others.
Liu Xi nodded later. "Nature is true. What’s the good of me lying to you?"
LiuZhengYu smell speech face a happy also can’t consider stupid turn round and then walk.
Next to the maid-in-waiting can’t stand the sight of "Lord Liu, you are male"
Liu Zheng waved impatiently. "He will add himself when he is not young."
Words haven’t finished yet, people have already gone. The shadow of Liu Sunseeker’s screen retreated at night, leaving Benben and Moxi behind.
People are all gone. Liu Sunseeker breathed a sigh of relief and sat down in the chair without shape.
In fact, she is also nervous. Liu Zheng is not easy to fool. If he hadn’t been castrated and insulted badly by princess royal, he wouldn’t have been fooled.
Benben also breathed a sigh of relief. At this time, the little one they called bean just held his head high and held out his belly. The little hand held the elder sister’s hand with attachment and carefully asked, "After the elder sister, did I not call that person Dad?" Is he no longer qualified to bully his mother and can’t sell us? "
Liu Sunseeker couldn’t help smiling at night, hugging Benben and kissing him hard. "It’s baby, we’re free! !”
"Wow, that’s great, that’s great." Benben didn’t wriggle this time. He also held Liu Xixi’s neck in her face and took a big bite. "Elder sister, I will soon grow up. When I grow up, I will raise you and my mother. No one can bully you and protect you! !”
"Yeah, I’ll wait for my baby brother to protect me. You’re so cute." Liu Xixi kissed Benbenbenben again last night and kissed her sister again …
When Sodi Phoenix came in at night, I saw that these two goods were there, and you kissed me and I kissed you, which was so sweet.
His eyes flashed, and he deliberately coughed "Ahem-"
Damn it, we have to amend the empress code to prohibit men from being intimate, not even at the age of four! !
"Brother-in-law Benben has seen his brother-in-law." The one they called bean is very, very painful today. After saluting the Emperor Phoenix Night in a polite way, he looked at the Emperor Phoenix Night with his head back and big eyes adoringly.
So the emperor phoenix night suddenly felt comfortable all over, and there was no "good" acidity.
Take the waist Yu Pei and give it to my little brother. "Brother-in-law is in a hurry today. This gadget is for you to play with."
"Thank you, brother-in-law." Benben held Yu Pei, but he walked away and wanted to think. Suddenly he stretched out his fat paws and caught the night sleeves of Emperor Feng.
Liu Sunseeker’s silly brother pinched the staff at night and didn’t know whether Emperor Phoenix liked children or not. Anyway, I didn’t see him interacting with children on weekdays. Stupid hands just caught the sugar man.
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Chapter 273 You’re not a woman.
Sticky, this phoenix night won’t hit him, will it?