General Pan hated Wang Yue in his heart. "This Wang Yue had better die in the Liao army!"

Li Qiushui, Wang Yuyan, A Bi, Xuzhu, Duan Yu, and Wang He did not leave but arrived at the city wall.
"It’s easy for Lord Liu to kill Mu Fu with your martial arts and Wang Yue. Why don’t you do it?"
Li Qiushui asked Liu Qing.
Li Qiushui and Liu Qing are about the same age. Although Liu Qing is the master of the six doors of DaSong and a great master, Li Qiushui is also the imperial concubine of Xixia. There is no need to talk to him politely. What’s more, Liu Qing did very badly this time. If Wang Yueshi hadn’t arrived at them, these people would have died.
At Li Qiushui, Liu Qing said with displeasure, "Li Qiushui, you want to be white. I am a government middleman. All actions must be obeyed by the emperor. If Mu Fu enters the official, he will not be polite to him. He will kill him. If Mu Fu does not enter the official, no matter whether the gate can let you in, it is already to see Wang Yue’s face. Don’t importune again."
Li Qiushui cold hum a no longer speak.
"Stop it! Brother Wang Yue, you have killed more than 40,000 people. How many more people will you kill willingly? " Xiao Fengda said that his voice was hoarse and his eyes were full of blood.
Yeluhongji clenched his fist, and his nails were cut in his palm, but he didn’t feel any pain at all.
Too many dead people!
"If they don’t come to die, they won’t die!" Wang Yue said, "They want to die themselves. Can I let them go if they want to kill me?"
Xiao Feng roared, "They were poisoned by Mufu’s method and had to listen to Mufu’s orders."
Wang Yue can kill hundreds of people every time he fires a flame.
"They were poisoned and listened to Mufu’s orders to kill me, but they also died and died in different ways." Wang Yue said coldly, "Since they are all dying, why do they have to listen to Mufu’s orders? Maybe they just want to die in my hands! "
Wang Yue roared one or six Dao Qi and drew the whole battlefield within 300 meters. All the soldiers were killed and even the weapons were cut in half by Dao Qi.
In a flame knife gas to MuFu chop.
Mufu cold hum a finger with a flick of a finger to crush this overbearing knife gas.
The earth has accumulated a thick layer of corpse blood, and the earth is dyed red. The breeze blows through a thick bloody smell.
The surrounding armies surrounded Wang Yue, but no horses attacked them. They looked at Wang Yue with fear and horror in their eyes, as if they were facing demons instead of people.
"What should I do? This guy is not a person, we can’t kill him. "
A soldier asked little.
"I don’t know, I don’t know," another soldier shook his head.
Wang Yue has gone beyond their knowledge of fighters.
How can fighters be so powerful?
Wang Yue smiled and said, "Why don’t you attack?"? It seems that you have finally calmed down. It’s incredible that 50,000 people died in my hands to calm you down. Hehe, you may not be cured after being poisoned by Mufu method, and Mufu may not have an antidote for everyone. If you don’t attack me, there may be a way to kill me. You will die! Moreover, Mufu’s scourge, Da Liao, wants to kill people like you, even if you fight the country, he will kill you. Think about it. "
Wang Yueyin can be heard by the whole battlefield.
All the poisoned generals and soldiers looked at Mu Fu’s eyes filled with resentment.
"Yes, we can’t be controlled by Mu Fu any more. We can’t work for him any more," said a big Liao general.
Mufu’s face was gloomy, and a sword mans flashed. The talking general was killed.
"I don’t know if Wang Yue can kill you, but I can’t kill you?" Mufu glanced at the soldiers around him and shouted, "If you don’t attack the seat again, you will be killed, not only you but also your family!"