Our town suppressed the vicious old forces, but what happened? I have read a sentence called’ can’t a monk touch me?’ I can’t touch any monks in this new society! I believe many people can understand this way. "

Many people have an oriental education background, and naturally they can understand the phrase "Monk Touched", but some people are not white, so they ask each other one after another, and some people make small explanations.
Hua Zhen stopped for a few seconds before going on to say, "For example, I just talked about education issues and emphasized the training of industrial workers."
But what I want to emphasize more is that we are not a capitalist or a group of capitalists who can better exploit the labor force. The goal is to improve everyone’s own quality, and they can create many beautiful abilities to enjoy the world.
I am the representative of Feng Zibin, and Feng Zibin is undoubtedly a big capitalist, but I still have to say this.
Another question is what kind of organization or government is the new alliance?
I don’t think it’s necessary to answer the new alliance in the existing context, but it’s an organization that hasn’t appeared before. We can’t define it as a political D, especially in the western social context
Who stipulates that a few miles of China must engage in their D-Party politics, and there is no other way out? We are now using the Eastern script, and the D dispute has never been a good word in the cultural context of the Eastern unification.
For example, the Niu Party and the Li Party, the Cai Party and the Yuan You Party, the Yan Party and the Qingliu Party, the Yan Party and the Donglin Party … It seems that the fight is very lively. Most of the time, it is a balancing tool for competing for small interests in their respective circles.
Many countries in modern times have lost the high emperor in the past, but there is still another will behind this tool, that is, to control the state-owned assets and interests, and the new country cannot fall into this mode!
When I was a child living in Porto de Somalia, I saw people fighting in groups. The onlookers would not ask them what fights they had, but which gangs fought with and then chose to join them.
I think a lot of people laughed. This is your personal experience, right?
We can’t do this in many countries, otherwise there will be a number of "big head D", "magic gun D" and "gold D" to replace the original "big head gang", "magic gun gang" and "gold gang". The principle that there is no right or wrong represents a fragmented force
We are close to the foundation of tribal alliance, and the country will soon fall apart again. If we have an enemy who wants to bring down this new country, they should first think of this means.
If that’s the case, the real contradiction in society is covered up, attracting attention is that the big head gang fights for the magic gun gang and tries to solve it, which oppresses the people and destroys the fair order.
If a person goes to the big head to help the site and let the people in that block vote to decide whether he should be robbed, nine times out of ten, the result is that he should hand over all his belongings … I think many people laugh again. It’s easy to imagine that scene, right?
Anyway, the new alliance has eliminated all gangs, and it is necessary to unite all the people in this country and ask everyone if they want to be robbed. So as to formulate the order of no robbery rules, and then implement and maintain it.
I heard that the conditions for joining the new alliance are very simple. You can register as a member of the new alliance if you can recite the 12 speeches of President Charles in Eastern Chinese and explain the meaning clearly.
However, after joining the new alliance, the requirements are not simple, and its purpose must be maintained. Perhaps one day all citizens of Guinea will become members of the new alliance, which is also worth looking forward to. It does not represent one person but everyone.
The new alliance is the forerunner of this country’s awakening and will be the supervisor in the future. Our goal is to create a fairer, more reasonable and better world for ourselves … "
Hua Zhenxing spoke for a long time, from lunch break to dinner. He didn’t have a draft in advance, but compared it with the outline of the draft five-year plan.
Hua Zhenxing talked a lot about his vision of a happy country in the future, but he didn’t say it and chose some parts that might be suitable for the current country.
Many details and measures were almost understood by everyone, but later some people in the macro part were still a little confused. When he finally ended his speech, the Sports Committee members habitually applauded warmly.
When Charles announced the adjournment of the dinner and entered the group discussion, the topic of discussion was that General Manager Hua would give a speech this afternoon, and an hour and a half later, the meeting staff would distribute the finishing draft of the speech to each Committee member.
After Charles finished, Shen Si suddenly inserted a sentence, "Is it necessary for Mr. Hua to guide you to study in the East at this level?"
That’s true. Hua Zhen can’t mix a diploma like that, even a diploma from Chunhua University. It’s necessary for him. It’s a stepping stone for others to get the diploma. It’s a trip to Hua Zhen!
Hua Zhen said with a smile, "I don’t want to study in the East for this purpose. I have to be like a student visiting a teacher and he has a lot of things to do."
At about 12 o’clock that night, a small desktop with a long small oven was placed on the corner in front of a three-year-old barbecue shop on the street in Kelin District, Somalia.
Charles sat with his back to the street, and his figure was just blocked by a big tree. There was a case of beer next to him. In addition to Hua Zhen, there were Xia Yading, Xia Changqing, Gushuimen and Langxiaomin.
It’s rare to have such a chance to relax. Charles shook his cup and said, "I didn’t expect the local cassava beer to taste and get used to it. It feels quite good!"
Xia Yading explained, "Is this a key research and development project of Huanxiang Industry, cassava brewing beer hops real estate, processing of a kind of regular grass plant or is it found by General Manager Hua himself?"
The harvest in Shire just gave me a good news. He got 10 million toothpaste, 20 million toothbrushes, 20 million bars of soap, 30 million rigid plastic pots and 50 million towels.