The original sky circled in chaos and the stars gradually faded away.

Everyone in the battlefield was stuck.
Even the original six overlords, the sex Taoist, the snow fairy and others who had been killed in a tight battle all stopped for a while and looked stunned.
Sex and rain, Daojun and Piaoxue Xian both looked at Xianjian Daojun consciously.
After all, in the end, it was Xianjian Daojun who cut the ball with a sword and then the ball disappeared.
Is xianjian daojun already successful?
But at this time, Xianjian Daojun’s face is already gloomy to the extreme!
Of course he knew that the ball of light disappeared and he cut out that sword!
There is a possibility that the light ball will disappear.
Someone has taken away the heavenly sword tactic and the firm but gentle ball will disappear with it!
There are many methods in front of him. Someone took away the heavenly sword tactic under the eyes of the strong!
Is that the man who controls the bronze tripod?
But how is that possible?
Even if this person can find the magic sword tactic in the boundless ocean, how can he suddenly disappear?
Concealment method!
A flash of light flashed through your mind.
This person must have practiced some kind of concealment method!
Some clansmen in the fix true realm have special concealment methods, and the one who is best at it belongs to the magic door, seven cases and one hidden killing door!
Even if these concealment methods are cultivated to the limit, they can be cultivated into magical powers-invisibility!
It is said that invisibility and great invisibility are peerless magical powers that can hide from Mahayana bodhi old zu to explore ghosts and gods!
There are also some demons in the demon world who are good at hiding their tracks.
Some high-level demons are talented, and the avatar is hidden!
Although the concealment method is strange and unpredictable, it also has a disadvantage that it can’t move too fast, otherwise it will expose its flaws and expose its tracks!
That is to say, the man who took the heavenly sword tactic is still around here!
On second thought, xianjian daojun scattered his vast knowledge and constantly patrolled around to find any clues.
At this time, the change suddenly rises!
Suddenly there is a dark crack in the sky, which exudes horror and intimidation. When all is silent, the demons are silent!
The look of the six overlords has changed greatly, and the body is trembling slightly with this breath.
Three Avenue Jun is already a white and bloodless complexion.
This is the smell of big demon!
The big demon is equivalent to the Terran fit!
After all, the movement here has alarmed the Great Demon in the Valley of Demons!
The big demon can shake the earth. What are the six overlords and what are the three avenues in front of the big demon? They are ants and can be easily erased!
Two lights suddenly flashed out of the crack in the sky to illuminate this area like a pair of cold eyes patrolling back and forth!
There’s a big demon exploring this place with this heavenly means!
On the other side of the sky, there is a crack again, and the light flashes inside.
Another big demon appeared!
Another great horror came at this time.
This god knows the field, and the strong man is like a baby. It seems that there are no secrets!
Another big demon!
Three big demons appeared one after another!
Not only the immortal sword Dao Jun, but also the three great demons thought of the same person who might take the heavenly sword tactic. He should have used some kind of concealment method to get around.
But after a little, the last three big demons got one!
Xianjian Daojun frowned secretly.
He, that person, has met that person, and the realm of cultivation is at most the realm of law.
It is impossible for the strong to cultivate the concealment method from the demon to explore!
That is to say, this person is not hiding around here by stealth, but may have left!
Xianjian Daojun once again thought of a speculation in his heart.
He suddenly remembered that just before the ball disappeared, the virtual space seemed to crack a gap and soon closed.
"That gap …"
Xianjian Daojun whispered a "Don’t …"
Just then, there was a deep roar in the sky, cold and bitter, with all my anger.
Xian Jian Dao jun thinks the same.
This big demon also got the same conclusion!
The big demon is angry and the world shakes!
San Dao Jun shook his head with a gloomy look at each other.
I’m afraid the three of them are the first to suffer when the big demon’s anger overturns!
In the jungle outside Wan Li, two demons are fighting and getting black and blue.